Three day strike from 18-02-2019.

The AUAB meeting held today, has decided to organise a three day strike from 18.02.2019. The decisions of the AUAB meeting, and also the charter of demands are as below:-


  1. Considering various ground realities, the meeting decided to call on all the Executives and Non-Executives of BSNL to go on a three day strike from 18.02.2019.
  2. Street corner meetings are to be organised throughout the country for 5 days from 11.02.2019, and mobilise the support of the general public for the strike demands.
  3. Press meetings are to be organised at circle and district levels on 12 or 13 February.       
  4. To meet all political parties, for mobilising their support for the demands especially, the revival of BSNL.


  1. Implementation of 3rd Pay Revision with 15% fitment.
  2. Allotment of 4G spectrum to BSNL, as per the proposals submitted by the BSNL Management.
  3. Revision of pension to BSNL retirees w.e.f. 01.01.2017.
  4. Payment of pension contribution by BSNL as per the government rule.
  5. Settlement of the left out issues of the 2nd Pay Revision Committee.
  6. a) Approval for BSNL’s Land Management Policy without any delay.

b) Expeditiously complete the mutation and the process of transferring of all assets to BSNL, as per the Cabinet decision taken on the eve of the formation of BSNL.

  1. Extend financial support to BSNL, to ensure financial viability, as per the decision taken by the Group of Ministers, at the time of formation of BSNL. Issue letter of comfort for BSNL’s proposals for taking bank loans.
  2. Scrap the proposal for outsourcing for the maintenance of BSNL’s mobile towers.<<<<<View AUAB Circular>>>>>

Joint DEC of all unions and Association held at Patiala SSA under the Banner of AUAB

As per the decision taken in the AUAB, Punjab meeting held at Ludhiana on 05-02-2019 the joint DEC meeting of AUAB, Patiala, was held at Leela Bhawan on 07-02-2019. Apart from the following representative of unions and Associations DEC members of all unions and associations participated in the meeting.

  1. Com. Balbir Singh, CS BSNLEU/Convener, AUAB, Punjab
  2. Com. Gurpreet Singh, CS SNEA
  3. Com. Narinder Pal Sharma, DS BSNLEU,
  4. Com. Ashok Kumar, Ahluwalia, DP BSNLEU,
  5. Prem Chand Sharma, ACS, NFTE
  6. Harinder Singh, CWC member, SNEA
  7. Rajinder Nath, DS, NFTE
  8. Harjot Singh, DS AIBSNLEA
  9. Parneet,Singh,DS,SNATTA
    Com. Charanjiv Lal, of SNEA conducted the proceeding of the meeting. Com. Gurpreet Singh, CS, SNEA, Prem Chand Sharma, ACS, NFTE, Harjot Singh, DS, AIBSNLEA and Com. Balbir Singh, CS, BSNLEU, Punjab addressed the meeting. The leaders explained in details the present status of wage revision, other demands, assurances given in the meetings held with the Secretary, DOT and Shri Manoj Sinha (MOS), financial position of BSNL, anti public sector policies of Modi government, and necessity of organising the three-day strike from February 18, 2019. Reasons for deferment of indefinite strike from December 3rd, 2018 were also explained to the participants. It was clarified that workers going to retire soon and direct recruited staff who are on probation can also join the strike as there is no any punishment except “No work no pay rule) as per the decision of honorable Supreme court. The meeting concluded with the decision that the AUAB, Patiala will approach every worker to make the strike call a grand success in Patiala.

Our heartfelt Homage to Late. Com Jagjit Singh on his Bhog and Antim Ardass Today

What moves through us is a silence, a quiet sadness, a longing for one more day, one more word, one more touch. We may not understand why you left this earth so soon, or why you left before we were ready to say good-bye, but little by little, we begin to remember not just that you died, but that you lived. And that your life gave us memories too beautiful to forget”

Forever Remembered, Forever Missed

JTO(T) LICE under 50% quota for the vacancy year 2017 – 18 notified.

with the consistent efforts of SNEA BSNL Management issued notification to hold the JTO LICE under 50% quota. The Management has already notified to hold the exam for the vacancy year 2016–17 on 20.01.2019. Now, the Recruitment Branch of the Corporate Office has issued letter (letter no.12-04/2018-Rectt. dated 18.01.2019) to hold the JTO LICE under 50% quota for the vacancy year 2017–18. The online registration of application for this exam will start on 18.02.2019. The last date for registration is 18.03.2019 and the date of online examination is 28.04.2019.<<<Click Here to View Notification 

BSNL Punjab Telecom Circle launched 4G services from Sri. Anandpur Sahib

Today, on 23rd January, 2019, 4G services of BSNL Punjab was inaugurated by Rana K.P.Singh Ji, Hon’ble speaker Punjab Vidhan Sabha, at Sri Anandpur Sahib. This service will benefit customers of Sri Anandpur Sahib and Nangal towns and surrounding areas. Chief General Manager Telecom, BSNL Punjab Circle Sh. J.C. Menaria, told that with the launch of 4G service, BSNL customers will get maximum data speed up to 35 Mbps ,They will be able to use multimedia and all the services of the Government of India launched under Digital India initiative, on their mobiles. Subsequently 4G Services will be launched in other cities of Punjab.
He told that to use the 4G service, the customers will have to get their existing SIM cards replaced with 4G SIMs, free of cost, from BSNL customer service centres, franchisee outlets and BSNL retailers. New 4G connections and MNP are also available at these places.
GM Mobile Sh. Ajay Kararha intimated that customers can check the compatibility of their handsets by sending text message KYM IMEI No. to 14422. If the customers receive LTE FDD BAND 1 in reply, then the handset is compatible.
At this occasion, GMTD Roopnagar Sh. Jaspal Singh & other senior officers of Punjab circle and SSA’s were present.

Inauguration of 4G Services by Sh.Rana K.P.Singh  Hon’ble speaker Punjab Vidhan Sabha, at Sri Anandpur Sahib.

We are very thankful to worthy CGMT Punjab Sri JC Menaria ,GM Mobile Sh.Ajay Karara and whole CMTS team for making  concerted efforts for launching of  4G service in Punjab Circle and hopeful that seamless 4G data services will be provided throughout Punjab Circle   .Our heartiest  Congratulations to  GMTD Ropar and all the comrades of Ropar SSA  .

CHQ News ;

GS writes to Smt Aruna Sundararajan, Secretary, DoT on E2, E3 scales: DoT approval for the BSNL proposal for standard pay scales of E2 and E3, replacing the intermediary pay scales of E1A and E2A w.e.f 01.01.2007. Request for immediate action as per the assurances given in the meeting with Hon MoSC on 03.12.2018              GS letter to Secretary, DoT

Comrades of Ropar SSA on Agitation Path:


DS   writes to GMTD Ropar  serving Notice for Organisational Actions 

<<<<<View Copy of Organizational Action>>>>>

Kindly recall the  discussion held at your Chamber on dated 15.01.2019 After the unsuccessful talks and walk over by the Executives of SNEA Ropar during formal association meeting with GMT Ropar as per the agenda submitted vide letter no SNEA/Ropar/2018-19/02 dated 14/01/2019, because of the autocratic attitude of the  GMT Ropar (even after the repeated attempts made by DS/DP to make the meeting peaceful and harmonious ) the members had unanimously decided to launch the following organizational  agitation programs against the negative attitude of the Circle Administration to the genuine issues of Executives of Ropar SSA despite   of inadequate  infrastructure facilities our Comrades of Ropar SSA are running the telecom services efficiently and making concerted efforts to attain the assigned targets as Ropar SSA is one of the leading SSA of Punjab Circle in all parameters.It is worth mentioning   that Comrades of Ropar SSA are very peace loving and working with minimum staff as comared to other SSAs of Punjab Circle

Agitation Program:

  • Lunch hour demonstration on 16/01/2019 at GMTD office.
  • Work According to rules w.e.f from 17/01/2019.

It is further retreated that If issues are not settled on or before 23/01/2019 ,we will be  compelled  to intensify our agitation including non-cooperation movement with GMTD Ropar which can seriously affect the Industrial Harmony 

Monthly Subscription Enhanced:

As per the decision of AIC at Ludhiana, Membership Subscription (Monthly deduction of Quota from Salary)  enhanced from Rs.70/- to Rs.100/-  with effect from January 2019 as detailed below.CHQ: Rs.50/-
(CHQ Quota: Rs. 15/- + Welfare Scheme Rs 21/- + AIC Fund – Rs.14/-)                          Circle: Rs.25/-(Circle Quota – Rs 15/- + Circle conference Fund – Rs.10/-)     Division / District Quota: Rs.15/-.    Branch: Rs 10/-View  Corporate office  letter.

Meeting between CMD BSNL and the AUAB on 3rd Pay Revision issue.


In the meeting held on 10.01.2019, the Additional Secretary, Telecom, directed the AUAB to hold a discussion with the BSNL Management on the 3rd Pay Revision issue, and to come back to him for a meeting in the following week. Accordingly, a meeting took place between the AUAB and the CMD BSNL today. The Director (HR) was also present in the meeting. From the AUAB, Com P. Abhimanyu, GS, BSNLEU & Convenor, Com Chandeshwar Singh, GS/NFTE & Chairman, Com K.Sebastin, GS/SNEA, Com Prahlad Rai, GS/AIBSNLEA, Com Ravi Shil Verma, GS/AIGETOA, Com. Suresh Kumar, GS/BSNL MS, Com. Rewati Prasad, AGS/ATM and Com H. P. Singh, Dy.GS/BSNL OA were present. Discussion took place on the issue of 3rd Pay Revision. The AUAB representatives categorically demanded that 3rd Pay Revision should be settled with 15% fitment. The CMD BSNL also stated that the BSNL Management sticks on to its earlier position that 3rd Pay Revision should be settled with 15% fitment. The AUAB pointed out that the notification for Parliament election would be issued any time in the month of March, and that the available time for the settlement of 3rd Pay Revision was very less. The representatives also pointed out that the AUAB would be constrained to restart the agitation, if no favourable settlement comes on time.

AUAB reminded about the issuing the minutes of the meeting with CMD in which 3% hike in Superannuation benefits assured, which DIR(HR) agreed to issue immediately.

CHQ News:

AUAB meeting with the Secretary, Telecom.

Representatives of the AUAB met Ms. Aruna Sundararajan, Secretary, Telecom, on 09.01.2019. Shri Anshu Prakash, Additional Secretary, Telecom, was also present. From AUAB, Com.P. Abhimanyu, GS/BSNLEU & Convenor/AUAB, Com. Chandeshwar Singh, GS/NFTE and Chairman/AUAB, Com. K. Sebastin, GS/SNEA and Com.Prahlad Rai, GS/AIBSNLEA took part. AUAB expressed their concern to the Secretary, Telecom, over the slow implementation of the assurances given by the Hon MoS(C). In reply, the Secretary, Telecom, told that a status report on all the issues would be given to the AUAB, by the DoT, in the Committee (Institutional Mechanism) meeting to be held on 10.01.2019. The Secretary, Telecom, suggested that the AUAB could meet her thereafter, and apprise her of the actions needed to be taken. In the discussion, AUAB demanded the inclusion of four representatives from AUAB in the Committee (Institutional Mechanism). This was accepted by the Secretary, Telecom.<<<AUAB Circular>>>

The revision of nomenclature for tariff plans of landline and broadband:
The Nomenclature for tariff plans of Landline and Broad band currently being followed is is not effectively communicating the Key benefits of the plan to the customer. Hence Corporate office has decided to revise the Nomenclature for recently restructured tariff plan….View  tariff plan.

Implementation of Group Term Insurance:

GS, CHQ Treasurer Com R Rajan, AGS Com Dilip Saha, AGS Com Sanjeev Sharma, AGS Com Pandurang Nayak, Jt.Sec (South) Com Chandrasekhar, Jt.Sec (East) Com I H Mandol and AGS Com Jagdish Rout met Sr GM(Estt), GM(Trg) and GM(CA) on 08.01.2019 and held discussions on implementation of GTI w.e.f 01.02.2019.

The Estt section is nominated as the nodal section for the implementation of GTI. Estt section issued direction to ERP cell to take action to deduct the amount from the salary of January, 2019 onwards. CA section will implement the premium deduction and accounting.

SNEA requested for some mechanism for the Executives on deputation to other Depts like TERM Cell for exercising the option for GTI. In principle it is agreed and modalities will be worked out. Further monthly or quarterly premium payment for the Executives above 50 years as the premium amount is higher. This also will be discussed with LIC. Next meeting with LIC will be held on 11.01.2019 for finalizing the MoU and the policy document.

We requested for a mechanism to monitor the contribution towards the Pension fund (5%). For this necessary modifications are under process in ERP to monitor the contribution from BSNL. The fund status in LIC also can be monitored for that LIC will extend a link for the BSNL employees. This is already under testing for individual cases and will be implemented at the earliest. pension fund, GM

Increasing the Gratuity from 10 lakh to 20 lakhs for BSNL direct rects: We requested to issue a separate order in this regard. GM(CA) informed that BSNL Board approved the gratuity at par with Central Govt employees for the future also and any change for Central Govt employees will be automatically implemented for BSNL Direct rects. For notifying the enhancement of Gratuity from 10 lakhs to 20 lakhs, the intimation is already given to Income Tax Dept and on their clearance, separate orders will be issued to all the field units, it is assured. 

                                  Beware of the mal-propaganda by the so called saviours of DRs and BRs, just for the sake of luring membership.

It has come to the notice of CHQ that lot of mal-propaganda unleashed by the sections about JTO to SDE promotions, who are directly responsible for the mess in JTO to SDE promotions, creating innumerable obstacles from 2007 onwards in the form of court cases. When they miserably failed in other fronts, they resorted to court cases which ultimately hit the career of thousands of seniors, juniors, young and old JTOs. Thousands lost their lifetime dream of a promotion as SDE before their retirement and thousands lost their precious service as SDE which will delay all their future promotions.

They attribute each and everything which is not settled so far like E2/E3 scales, pay parity, 3rd PRC, promotion for the remaining Executives, —- etc as failure of SNEA, without doing anything.

Conveniently, they will not even mention about the issues settled by SNEA like a) contribution towards growth related issues of BSNL, b) E1A and E2A pay scales for all in 2002 without discrimination, c) EPF full pension without the ceiling of Rs 6500, d) EPP 2007, d) BSNLMS RR 2009, e) SCF and LDCE promotions in various cadres, f) LDCE Exam for JTO to SDE promotion made objective type and very transparent, g) settlement of pay anomaly of 2005 batch, h) no MT, i) amendment in BSNLMS RR for changing the quota from 50% to 75%, j) JTO RR amendment, k) E2/E3 scales approval by BSNL, l) 5% contribution on SAB, m) CPSU Cadre Hierarchy approval, n) more than 13,500 promotions this year, o) GTI, etc. Rather, they will try to take credit for everything settled.

Their ideology is very simple: “DO NOTHING, TAKE CREDIT FOR EVERYTHING”.

This is compelling SNEA to explain the Executives about the negative role played by the so called well wishers of DRs and BRs for the last few years, especially in JTO to SDE promotion. The present mal-propaganda is simply to confuse the JTOs for the sake of membership.

How they intentionally stopped the promotions through court cases?

Let us see what the so called saviors of DRs done for the JTO cadre? (changed DRs to BRs sometime back and now again changed to all Executives. After 17 years, they realized that all the Executives in BSNL are BRs and they are not untouchables)

I. In 2007, LDCE from JTO to SDE notified for the vacancies upto 2004-05. Due to the efforts of SNEA, 2005-06 vacancy year also got included for which 2001 rect JTOs are eligible.The same section filed court cases in different CATs for stalling the LDCE but could not succeed fully due to the efforts of SNEA.After some delay, SNEA ensured conduction of LDCE and promotion orders issued in November, 2008 and about 900 JTOs of 2001 rect itself passed the LDCE.

II. In 2010, two court cases filed at CAT, Chennai with the following prayers:

a) 1:1 interpolation between Dept promote JTOs of 1995 batch and DR JTOs of 2001 batch and so on.

b) Instead of training centre marks, date of joining should be the criteria to decide the inter-se seniority.

c) Reservation roster is not followed.

Both the cases dismissed by the Hon CAT after 3 years, a big ACHIEVEMENT!

During the interim period, promotion orders issued on 30.03.2011 for the vacancies upto 2008-09 and part of 1995 rect JTOs got promotion. After few weeks, the promotion orders stayed which continued till July, 2013.

III. Immediately after that, cases filed at CAT, Ernakulam with the same prayers (first two prayers) which are dismissed by the Chennai CAT. Meantime, EKM CAT stayed operation of the AIEL for the promotion.

Subsequent AIEL could not prepare due to court cases. However by 2014, the AIEL for the JTOs upto 2001 recruitment year prepared and published for the vacancies of 2009-10, 2010-11, 2011-12, 2012-13 and 2013-14.

If the stay orders are not issued by Ernakulam CAT, all the vacancies upto 2013-14 would have filled and promotions orders would have issued in 2014 itself for the JTOs upto 2001 year.

The LDCE also could have conducted parallally for all the vacancy years.

Hon CAT dismissed the petitions on both grounds!

IV. Another court case filed challenging the excess promotion of the JTOs working in supernumerary posts. All the three court cases at CAT and High Court continued till the judgment on 05.06.2018.

All the three prayers rejected by Hon HC, inter-se seniority quashed for DRs and excess promotes and directed to fix the inter-se seniority of Direct rect and excess promotes by date of appointment/promotion. Hon HC did not disturb the inter-se seniority of the promotees recruited within their quota.

In the meantime more than 3,000 JTOs in the AIEL retired without getting a single promotion, another achievement for them!

The promotion order for the remaining JTOs upto 1999 rect year (part) issued on 15.06.2018 for the 2009-10 and 2010-11 vacancy year. The promotion for the JTOs of remaining rect years from 2001 onwards held up due to quashing of seniority on the Direct Rect JTOs by the High Court.

If there was no court cases, all JTOs including 2008 and part of 2012 rect year would have become SDEs from the years 2014 onwards through SCF or LDCE, in the years 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

They did not played the same game of court cases in the case of JAO to AO promotion. So, all the JAOs upto 2012 rect also got the promotion as AO. See the difference!

Now also they are trying to delay the JTO to SDE promotions by fighting with the management in the court, in the name of contempt petition. All these are done mainly by some SDEs through remote control who are not going to lose anything as they got the promotion and seniority.Beware of the mal-propaganda and read How they intentionally stopped the promotions through court cases?

XXX All India Conference of SNEA:

  • XXX All India Conference of SNEA is scheduled to be held at Dr. Manmohan Singh Auditorium ,Punjab Agriculture university Ludhiana from 28.11.2018 to 30.11.2018 and the pre AIC-CWC Meeting will be held at the same venue on 27.11.2018..<<<<View Notice for XXX All India Confrence at Ludhiana >>>>

  • View the  sanction letter of special casual leave for attending the AIC at Ludhiana issued by SR Section of BSNLCO .

  • View the  sanction letter of special casual leave for attending the AIC at Ludhiana  Endorsed by Punjab Circle .

  • The number of delegates should be elected as per the provisions of the constitution. [One(01) delegate for every 30 members or part thereof being not less than 20, subject to a minimum of one per Branch/Division/District/SSA

  • Dr.Manmohan Singh
    Auditorium Punjab Agriculture University Ludhiana
  • CHQ Office Bearers, CSs and CWC members shall be ex-officio delegates, in addition to the eligible delegates.

  • Observers are not allowed as accommodation arrangements  has been made only to the eligible delegates the observers if any reaching the AIC venue should make their own arrangements for the Accommodation.  

  • The Accommodation for the CWC Members /Circle Secretaries /CHQ office bearers will be available from 26.11.2018 evening to 01.12.2018 Morning.

  • The Accommodation for Delegates will be available from 27.11.2018 evening 01.12.2018 Morning .


  • we had received the journey detail from all the circles and we are very thankful to all the circle Secretaries for providing the required information the details will be shared with all the circle shortly further Contact details of Accommodation and Transportation Committee will be provided on the website.  

Glimpses of Rally held throughout Punjab Circle on 14.11.2018 by All Unions & Associations demanding implementation of the assurances given by the Hon MoSC in the meeting held with the AUAB on 24.02.2018

Rally at all levels on 14.11.2018 by All Unions & Associations in BSNL demanding implementation of the assurances given by the Hon MoSC in the meeting held with the AUAB on 24.02.2018


Charter of Demands:

(a) 3rd Pay Revision to BSNL employees.

(b) Implementation of Government Rules in payment of Pension

contribution by BSNL.

(c) Allotment of 4G spectrum to BSNL as per the proposal submitted by the BSNL Management.

(d) Pension revision for the BSNL pensioners.

e) Settlement of left out issues of the 2nd PRC.

<<<<<View Letter to Secretary / DoT and CMD / BSNL>>>>

All the district secretaries ,office bearers of of SNEA Punjab Circle are requested to make the programme a grand success in coordination with other unions and Associations

Dharna at all levels on 30.10.2018 by All Unions & Associations in BSNL (AUAB) demanding implementation of the assurances given by the Hon MoSC in the meeting held with the AUAB on 24.02.2018. Make all out preparations for the success of the day long Dharna with massive participation.


(a) 3rd Pay Revision to BSNL employees.

(b) Implementation of Government Rules in payment of Pension

Contribution by BSNL.

(c) Allotment of 4G spectrum to BSNL as per the proposal submitted by the BSNL Management.

(d) Pension revision for the BSNL pensioners.

e) Settlement of left out issues of the 2nd PRC.

All the district secretaries of SNEA Punjab circle are requested to make the programme a grand success in coordination with other unions and Associations. 

CEC meeting of SNEA Punjab Circle:

In pursuance of the relevant provision of constitution of SNEA  CS SNEA Punjab Circle  issued notice for Special  CEC meeting of SNEA Punjab Circle at circuit House Ludhiana  on dated 25/10/2018 at 11AM Sharp. All the  District Secretaries/District Presidents ,CWC members,Circle/CHQ  office bearers of SNEA Punjab Circle   are requested to attended the meeting well in time<<<Click here to view copy of sanction memo for grant of special casual leave for attending CEC at Ludhiana >>>

Kerala High Court sets aside PF pension changes:

Hon Ernakulam High Court Verdict on EPF Full Pension Case will Pave way for All Beneficiaries to get a chance of giving New Options for full pension. Highlight is that Calculation of Pension Basic on the Basis of Last 60 months of Service also cancelled and last 12 months average restored.The Hon. High Court has announced the verdict on EPF Full Pension Case given by a Large Number of Employees from different PSUs and other Sectors. In the verdict, Hon. High Court of Kerala Cancelled the anti employee clauses like 1) Cut Off Date for exercising Full Pension option, 2) calculation of Pension Basic on the Basis of Last 60 Months and 3) service charge of 1.6% where the employees are paying additional contribution. Our Co-Members in NCOA from different CPSUs were conducting this case and as per their advises we were waiting for this order from Hon. High Court before going for any case to Supreme Court or any other Courts in India.  We are now waiting for the Modified direction from EPFO. If it is limited to the parties of the Petitions for which the Judgement was pronounced, then we will also move to Court as declared by CHQ in line with this favorable order from Hon High Court of Kerala. SNEA CHQ has already decided in the Bhubaneswar CWC to file the Petition with all interested beneficiaries as parties for Full Pension Option. So all Members are advised to wait for some more time for the direction from CHQ for further movement. Kerala High Court sets aside PF pension changes
Meanwhile, We have noticed that very massive Fund Collections were made by Leaders of some Other Association for Filing the Case for EPF Full Pension by creating a Panic Situation among all BSNL DR Executives that opportunity for exercising Full Pension Option will be given only for those who can file a petition before a Particular Date. Since SNEA is fully aware of the developments through our NCOA Leaders from other PSUs having EPF Pension Option issues for both Retired and Serving Employees, We were advising the Members of SNEA to stay calm for further direction from High Court of Kerala. Here once again, it is informing that, SNEA CHQ will initiate the Case with the Legal Fund if any Directions issued against the Employees from EPFO on the basis of this Order from Hon High Court of Kerala and if any further requirement from the members for our Legal Fight, it will be informed to all Members through Association Platforms.
Further the judgement not addressed the issue of exempted and non-exempted trust but it is not applicable for BSNL.<<<View Media Report>>>

DoP&T has issued instructions reiterating its earlier guidelines for handling anonymous/pseudonymous complaints

The undersigned is directed to say that instructions regarding
dealing with anonymous and pseudonymous complaints were issued vide
this Department’s Office Memorandum of even number dated 18.10,2013
prescribing that no action is required to be taken on anonymous
complaints, irrespective of the nature of the allegations and that such
complaints need to be simply filed. Subsequently, the said Office
Memorandum has been clarified vide Office Memorandums of even
number dated 18.06.2014 and 31.03.2015. In this regard, the Central
Vigilance Commission’s Circular No.07/11/2014 dated 25.11,2014 may
also be referred to. A copy each of the DOP&T’s aforesaid Office
Memorandums and CVC’s Circular are enclosed herewith.

<<<<<View DOPT Orders>>>>>


All India Conference at Ludhiana, Punjab, from 28th to 30th November, 2018.

CHQ News:

The delegate election should be done by the remaining Branches/Divisions/Districts/SSAs immediately by convening the General Body meetings, after notifying it. The number of delegates should be elected as per the provisions of the constitution. [One(01) delegate for every 30 members or part thereof being not less than 20, subject to a minimum of one per Branch/Division/District/SSA]. CHQ Office Bearers, CSs and CWC members shall be ex-officio delegates, in addition to the eligible delegates.

Considering the huge expenditure, the delegate fee is retained as Rs 1,250 per delegate, as in the last AIC. Host Circle made all the arrangements for the delegates. Observers are not allowed. Due to constraints, the host Circle made accommodation arrangements only to the eligible delegates. Host Circle requested that the observers if any reaching the AIC venue should make their own arrangements for the Accommodation. 

Meeting with Smt Smita Chaudhary, GM(FP):

 GS and AGS met GM(FP) on 03.10.2018 and held discussion of AO to CAO and CAO to DGM(F) promotions: On AO to CAO promotion, the legal opinion based on the final judgment of the Hon SC on reservation issue is expected from the Sr Lawyer. Earlier BSNL sought the legal opinion on application of reservation based on the interim order of the Supreme Court. However last week Hon Supreme Court delivered the final judgment and now the legal opinion is sought on the final judgment. The legal opinion is expected this week.The CAO to DGM(F) promotion is resubmitted to the competent authority for approval.

GS writes to Secretary DOT on E2 and E3:

GS writes to Smt Aruna Sundararajan, Secretary, DoT on E2 and E3 pay scales: Approval of BSNL proposal for revision of the intermediary pay scales of E1A and E2A to the next higher standard pay scales of E2 and E3 for the JTO, SDE and equivalent Executives in BSNL w.e.f 01.01.2007 as per 2nd PRC recommendations, based on the 1) pay scales notified by DoT in the Presidential order dated 28.07.2003 for the BSNL Executives, 2) affordability clause for 2nd PRC, the PBT for the year 2007-08 and 3) based on the advice given by DPE in its OM dated 29.08.2018.

As advised by DPE, it is requested to review the unilateral decision of DOT on 28.03.2017 to lower the pay scales of E1A to E1 and E2A to E2 w.e.f 01.01.2007 and approve the BSNL proposal dated 06.06.2016 and subsequent reminders to replace the intermediary pay scales of E1A and E2A to E2 and E3 respectively.

View GS letter to Secretary, DoT on E2, E3 —- pay scale approval

Supreme Court judgment on SC/ST reservation on promotion. No need for refer M Nagaraj Judgment to larger bench, rules Hon Supreme Court.

Hon SC examined whether Nagaraj Judgment is to be revisited on two points, First, quantifiable data showing backwardness and Secondly, creamy layer concept applied in Nagaraj Judgment to the SC/STs in promotions.Hon Supreme Court Judgment on Reservation in promotions

AGM Pers II BSNL CO issued reminder letter after period of one and half year calling for VC status of SDEs qualified in LDCE held on 04/03/2012 but already working as SDE under seniority cum fitness quota for re-fixing their seniority as SDE under LDCE quota. Letter <<<>>>

Details of the discussion with BSNL management on 20.09.2018 on the charter of demands of the agitation programs from 24.09.2018 onwards:


BSNL management invited SNEA for discussions on various issues raised in the charter of demands. GS, CHQ President, AGS and Jt Sec(C) attended the meeting. DIR(HR), GM(SR), GM(Pers) and DGM(Estt) was present from management side.  The discussions continued for more than one and half hours on various issues.

At the outset DIR(HR) informed that BSNL management is taking very serious efforts to implement CPSU Cadre Hierarchy which is already approved by the BSNL Board, to settle E2 & E3 pay scales and other issues and discussion is going on at different level to resolve the issues, the proposed agitation programs from 24.09.2018 is to be avoided. All the genuine demands are getting attention and management is sincerely trying to resolve them. Thereafter discussion started on the various demands:

1. Notify and implement BSNL Executive promotion Policy Amendment & Recruitment Rules, 2017 (CPSU Cadre Hierarchy) w.e.f. 01.07.2018 which is approved by the BSNL Board and solve the huge stagnation in different cadres. Bring Parity and Uniformity in promotions among equivalent cadres of different wings. All the existing vacancies in different cadres like SDE(T), CAO etc shall be filled notionally w.e.f. 29.06.2018 as per the earlier rules.

DIR(HR) informed that management is very seriously working on it. BSNL Board already approved it and management spent more than 2 years to finalise the policy, which is going to benefit all the executives. While approving the new promotion policy, BSNL Board directed to ensure that Govt policies on reservation is followed in the new policy also. This matter is under examination.

Meanwhile the matter come up before the Parliamentary Standing Committee for the welfare of SCs and STs also, along with several other issues. The Committee called the management on 19.09.2018. Initially CMD and DIR(HR) sought exemption from personal appearance due to the Board meeting scheduled for 19.09.18 but later on decided to attend the meeting. The Full BSNL Board meeting scheduled for 19.09.2018 was cancelled for this purpose which reflects the seriousness shown by CMD and DIR(HR) on this issue.

The Committee formed will complete the formalities and submit its final report by next week and thereafter it will be submitted to the competent authority. Management is trying its level best to implement it at the earliest by taking everyone into confidence, DIR(HR) assured.

Comrades, now the issue is moving in the right direction and results are expected without much delay. We are working with the management for the early notification and its implementation.

On promotions, DIR(HR) informed that whatever promotions and upgradations done, it lead to litigations and contempt of court. Court cases increased only. CMD is not at all in favour of any more upgradation. JTO to SDE promotions also will be considered once contempt is withdrawn. On AO to CAO promotion, it was informed that the stay is vacated, the DPC is on and promotion orders can be issued as soon as the legal opinion is received from the Sr lawyer from whom the opinion sought. On our specific request to consider JTO to SDE promotion under SCF, where the seniority can be decided later on, finally DIR(HR) agreed to have further discussion with GM(P) on this matter. However mgt expressed its doubt how promotion can be effected without publishing AIEL? As per HC order, only provisional promotion (same as Adhoc/Offtg/LA promotion which does not give seniority or counting of service) can be given in the ratio 1:1, before publishing AIEL. The contempt case at Ernakulam filed by AIGETOA activists is the major hurdle for JTO to SDE promotion where more than 5,500 vacancies are available.

2. Approval of E2 and E3 pay scales w.e.f. 01.01.2007 replacing the intermediary pay scales of E1A and E2A for all the post 2007 recruited JTO/JAOs, SDE/AOs and equivalent cadres.

DIR(HR) explained the efforts taken by the mgt by deputing BSNL Officers to DPE for explaining the matter to DPE officials. Mgt is committed to E2 and E3 scales and all possible measures will be taken to settle it. CMD will write a DO letter to Secretary in this regard to expedite the approval of E2 and E3.

Assn also informed DIR(HR) and others the continuous efforts taken by it. Assn met the Hon Union Minister for Heavy Industries, Shri Anat Geete and requested his intervention to modify the DPE reply. As per the intervention of the Hon Minister, we are trying to meet the Secretary/DPE in this regard.

E2 and E3 pay scales is the most important HR issue for the BSNL Executives, like the new promotion policy, which is to be resolved at the earliest, we demanded. DIR(HR) assured that CMD and DIR(HR) will work together with the Assn for the settlement of E2 and E3 scales.

3. First Time Bound Financial Upgradation as per EPP-2007, uniformly after 4 years, instead of 4 to 6 years.

We explained the matter to DIR(HR). The JTO/JAOs recruited from 1993 to 2001 got their first TB promotion in 5 or 6 years where as the juniors are getting it after 4 years. This is the anomaly created after the implementation of 2nd PRC with 30% fitment and 78.2% IDA merger. This anomaly referred to the Khan Committee. Khan Committee recommended CPSU Hierarchy after 5 years by reducing it from 6 years as in EPP. On the same line, recommended the first TB promotion for the earlier rects also after 5 years. But this anomaly can be settled only if the first TB promotion is extended uniformly after 4 years, Assn told. The informations regarding the number of Executives affected are already collected from the Circles. After discussion, GM(Pers) informed that the details will be processed in a couple of weeks and will be submitted to the competent authority.

It is a very positive development as mgt so far reluctant to process the case on the plea that BSNL Board and DoT will not agree for the amendment of EPP with retrospective effect, from 01.10.2004.

4. E1+5 increments for the post 2010 rect JTO/JAOs and equivalent cadres.

The benefit of E1+5 increments is not extended to the thousands of JTO/JAOs rected after 2010. The new rects are getting the pay of Rs 16400 only where as earlier batches are getting minimum E1+5 increments. The pay loss of these JTO/JAOs recruited in 2010(SRD), 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 etc are huge. Thousands of LICE JTO/JAOs also affected and they are also drawing less than E1+5 increments. Even the PO issued by DoT on 28.03.2017 extended Rs 18850. Taking the benefit out of that, E1+5 increments may be extended to the remaining JTO/JAOs recruited after 2010.

Management is very sympathetic to this demand. It was informed that the proposal for E1+5 increments for the JTO/JAOs recruited upto 2014 is pending in the BSNL Board since, 2015. BSNL Board took a stand that it will be approved only after the approval of HR plan. For remaining JTO/JAOs, Board is not ready to consider E1+5 as they are recruited in E1 scale. We strongly objected this as the E1 pay scale is a provisional pay scale and even the pay scales in the RR for JAO, JTO(C/E) etc are still E1A.   

We demanded that as per the PO issued by DoT, E1+5 can be extended. We have to find a way to extend it without notifying the PO issued by DoT, we demanded. Management assured to discuss it further to find some way out, keeping the demand for E2 and E3 scales intact.

5. E1A and E2A scales notionally w.e.f. 01.10.2000 for the JTOs and SDEs in Civil, Electrical, TF, Arch, PA, PS etc and equivalent cadres.

This proposal is already approved by the MC of the BSNL Board and placed before the full BSNL Board for its approval. However DoT objected it stating that E1A and E2A scales can be extended only to those working in the corresponding CDA scales before 01.10.2000. The JEs and AEs were not in that sale on 01.10.2000, so it cannot be considered. The presidential order issued at the time of absorption cannot be altered now, according to DoT. We explained the background and the need to bring parity in the pay scales as on 01.10.2000 for all the equivalent cadres. Moreover the JTOs and SDEs of these streams are working in the same pay scales for a few months which is a serious anomaly. Recently AD(OL) case also settled like that. Finally it was agreed to examine it, whether it can be implemented without altering the PO issued on 01.10.2000, to overcome the DoT objection.

6. Increase the DGM(T) posts, atleast by another 800 for maintaining a ratio 1:4 and filling up all the DGM(T) vacancies on regular basis.

Increase in DGM(T) posts is a demand we raised 1 year back. The number of DGM(T) posts was less, comparing to any other streams. 1331 DGM(T) posts are available against the 5303 AGM posts. Even the available DGM(T) posts, maximum were occupied by the ITS officers on deputation which further affected our limited promotional avenues.

The creation of another 3410 AGM posts recently through upgradation strengthened our demand for increasing the DGM(T) posts atleast by another 800. Now the total number of AGM post is 8713. Moreover, the number of AGMs after implementation of CPSU Hierarchy will be between 8500 to 9500, so naturally the DGM posts is to be increased, we argued the case with full justification.

Finally management in principle agreed to our demand for increasing the DGM(T) posts to maintain a reasonable ratio. It is to be further discussed and worked out whether it can be done through HR plan or through cadre review. It will be a major breakthrough for the cadre after the CPSU Cadre Hierarchy approval. Similarly for other streams also, same ratio will be worked out.

On DGM(T) promotions, BSNL is filed a MA in the Hon CAT to vacate the stay citing the vacation of stay in a similar case, AO to CAO promotion. It is expected to hear on next Monday. The original case is listed for 27.10.2018 only. Once stay is vacated, DPC will be held including the DRDGM vacant posts and promotion orders will be issued.

Comrades, the extensive preparations for the agitation programs by the CHQ and the Circles compelled the management to invite SNEA for negotiation. We had made extensive arrangements for the agitation programs. The response from our activists was so positive, they were solidly with CHQ supporting from all the corners. In addition to CS and CP, large number of activists planned to reach New Delhi from far off places to participate in the agitation. It shows the commitment and conviction of our comrades on the issues. It is a great break thorough, now management assured us to work together to settle the issues in a time bound manner. Congratulations to one and all.

We are extremely grateful to CMD/BSNL, DIR(HR) and other senior officers for the timely intervention to resolve the issues through discussion. Further we are very happy to note that we could do it without going into agitation, through negotiations especially when we are fully involved in the field units for the revival of BSNL. Once again, congratulations to one and all

Punjab Circle issued transfer and Posting in the Cadre Of JAO

Congratulations !!!!! with the consistent efforts  of SNEA Chief Account officer (IF) office of CGMT Punjab Circle issued request transfer and posting orders in respect of 16 JAOs of Punjab Circle we were pursuing with GM(F) Punjab Circle to issue the long pending request transfer orders all the executives will be relived after 30.11.2018.We are very thankful to GM(F) Punjab Circle for positive gesture <<<Click here to View Orders >>>    

Highly Successful District Conference of SNEA Jalandhar

On  dated 07.08.2018 General body meeting of Jalandhar SSA was held at  Hotel City Hub Jalandhar  under the president ship of Com Gurjinder Singh District President  Jalandhar SSA and More than 90 members were present in the meeting.Com  Gurpreet Singh CS, Com Rakesh Kumar Bhatti CVP,Com Harinder Singh CWC& DS Ludhiana,Com Jagtar Singh CWC Members,Com Tajinder pal Singh cwc member Com Manpreet Singh Organizing Secretary ,Com Ramesh Kumar Jhalli  CWC Member   all the Comrades addressed the House and presented there views to strengthen the BSNL and SNEA after that elections were held to elect the new body and house unanimously elected the new district body  Com Gurnam Singh ,Com Ashwani Kumar Arora and Com Pritpal Singh were unanimously elected as    District president,District Secretary and District Treasurer Respectively.  We extend our heartiest Congratulations to the newly elected body and to the entire SNEA Family.

Shri Parvez Akthar ,Principal General Manager BSNL Hoshiarpur SSA attains Superannuation:

Shri Parvez Akthar ,PGMTD  BSNL Hoshiarpur SSA demitted his office today on attaining the age of superannuation Parvez Akhtar  joined the Department of Telecom as ITS Group-A officer in 1984  after  graduation from Aligarh Muslim University  in Electronics and Communication Engineering in 1983 during  post-graduation he joined Centre for Department of Telematics (C-DOT) and he was given the responsibility for devolving  indigenous electronic exchange during his posting in CDOT he closely worked with Sir Sam Patiroda  after successful of completion of First digital exchange, he Joined DOT in year 1986.

Felicitaion of Sh.Parvez Akhtar by Comrades of SNEA Hoshiarpur


During his more than 32 years’ service career in Central Government, Ministry of Communication and IT in the Department of Telecom, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited Parvez Akhtar  has held important positions in different organization, including a foreign deputation to Saudi Arabia. His contribution to the development of Telecom services in BSNL  has been immense.

During his long career in Central Government/BSNL , he has served PAN India  J&K,UP west twice ( Aligarh, Ghaziabad,) Rajastan, Maharastara Haryana (Ambala)his last posting was at Hohiarpur Under his leadership  as Principal  General Manager BSNL Hoshiarpur , SSA has witnessed a huge growth and accessibility of Telecom Services throughout the length and breadth and remote areas of the SSA .On Association front  he addressed all the grievances’ raised by us from time to time .

We are extremely fortunate to have him with us for almost two years to lead us and inspire us. Today, when he is stepping out of the portals of the BSNL and retiring from his official duties, all Comrades of SNEA Hoshiarpur SSA   thank him profusely for his official services in the BSNL.

We wish to Sh.Parvez Akhtar  a very happy cheerful and Healthy retired life ahead and at the same time request him to be guiding light in years to come.

Felicitaion of Sh.Ajit Kumar New GMTD Hoshiarpur  by Comrades of SNEA Hoshiarpur Shri Ajit Kumar GM Hoshiarpur a dynamic officer  has been entrusted with the Charge of GMTD Hoshiarpur   . Best Wishes and Heartful  Congratulations to Shri Ajit Kumar on his new charge,we assure him full cooperation in improving the Telecom services in Hoshiarpur SSA

BSNL CO Extended date for review of APAR:

Jt. GM Pers BSNL CO issued orders for extension of reviewing of APRs up to 14/09/2018 as till 588 APRs are not reviewed by reviewing Officers. Letter   <<<>>> Annex I <<<>>>  Annex II <<<>>>

  • This is fourth extension of date and it is unfortunate that till today 588 APRs are pending for review and it seems that the repeated instructions of BSNL CO do not having any meaning for these officers as till today there officers have not bothered to review APRs.
  • Let us hope at least within this extension period all these pending APRs will be reviewed.

Project OJAS Launched by CMD BSNL:

Shri. Anupam Shrivastav, CMD BSNL writes DO letter to all Circle Heads for effective implementation of “Project Ojas” elaborating the objective and road map of the project to achieve the Circle wise targets to save expenditure on Electricity.  Letter <<<>>>

  •  The overall target of BSNL throughout India is to save Rs. 45296.91 Lakh of BSNL and Punjab  Circle is having target of Rs.2802.36 Lakh under this Project Ojas.

  •   This DO letter specially underlines the efforts taken by Maharashtra Circle on Energy Conservation front and e-Bass (Electrical Bill Analysis & Scheduling Software), the in-house Software developed by Maharashtra Circle. 

BSNL CO Called option for Posting in Hard Tenure Stations :

AGM Pers II BSNL CO writes Circle Heads calling  for options from SDEs for working at All India hard Tenure Stations and NON Tenure Stations having shortage of SDEs.  Letter <<<>>>

  •         The All India Hard Tenure Stations for which options are being called are A&N, AS, NE-I, NE-II, J&K, NETF, ETR, ETP Circles and Non-Tenure Circles are GUJ & CTD Circles.
  •       The options are not available for SDEs already working in these Circles as well as Bihar, West Bengal, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh Circles, and Soft Tenure Stations at different Circles. 

  •   Options are to be submitted to respective CGMs and last date of submission of options is 15/09/2018.


Meeting with Smt Sujata T Ray, DIR(HR)/BSNL: GS, President, AGS and Jt Sec(C) met DIR(HR) on 09.08.2018 and held discussions on various issues in the presence of GM(Pers), GM(Estt) and GM(SR):


  1. a) Deputing senior officers to DPE to presnt the facts to DPE regarding the clarifications sought by DoT from DPE on approval of Standard Pay scales of E2 and E3 replacing the intermediary pay scales of E1A and E2A w.e.f 01.01.2007 for all the post 2007 rects including the fresh rects: DoT presented wrong informations to DPE on the issue. In order to justify their decision on lowering the pay scales from E1A to E1 and E2A to E2 in the presidential order issued on 28.03.2017, they informed DPE that BSNL wrongly implemented E1A and E2A pay scales after the formation of BSNL to fresh BSNL direct rects. This is illegal. E1A and E2A scales are only a special dispensation for the Executives absorbed from DoT into BSNL to facilitate absorption. We had submitted a copy of the reference made by DOT to DPE for her kind information. Since wrong informations are given by DoT to DPE, BSNL has to strongly present the facts before the DPE so that DPE can take a correct stand. We explained the detailed discussion we had with Advisor/DPE twice on the matter.

GM(Estt) informed about the discussions he had with this Association and opined that the DoT reference is very much negative. BSNL has to present the facts before the DPE. A para-wise response will be made on the subject to present before the DPE. After detailed discussion, DIR(HR) assured that next week, GM(Estt) will meet the concerned officers in DPE for explaining the facts to them.

  1. b) Notification of CPSU Hierarchy w.e.f 01.07.2018: DIR(HR) reiterated that it will be notified w.e.f 01.07.2018 as already announced, it is a BSNL Board decision and it has to be implemented, there is no other options. The issue of financial implications and reservation issue are examined by two committees and the committee report received by DIR today. DIR(HR) sought one week time to go through the report and taking further actions to notify it.  We informed her about the assurance of CMD, BSNL that the moment file reaches him, he will approve its notification.

We further requested to protect the interests of the JTOs and AOs where DPC is initiated before 01.07.2018 for the existing vacancies but could not complete before 01.07.18. They may be given notional promotion from 29.06.2018 along with others to protect their seniority at par with others and the pay fixation benefit if any, we suggested.

  1. c) Bringing Parity and Uniformity in all future promotions: DIR(HR) informed that BSNL management will follow the principle of parity in all the future promotions. As first stage the possibility to bring parity upto 2005 is under examination and will be discussed with CMD. As of now there is no vacancy to promote, except in SDE(T) and CAO cadres. Now management is only focusing on the contempt petition at Ernakulam and Chandigarh and after that only it can concentrate on further promotions. AIEL preparation is stalled by your own friends, then how we can promote JTO to SDE, DIR asked. We explained that the case was filed not by SNEA, it was done by AIGETOA activists and they are only filed the contempt petition also. SNEA all along supported the BSNL stand in the courts. She suggested to ask them to withdraw the case, on which we informed DIR that already we told them several times, which is the easiest way to promote the JTOs. In Chandigarh case also SNEA is not supporting the case and we publically told this and our stand is very clear, reservation should be given in promotions as per the interim order of Hon SC. But some leaders for the sake of their own promotion, forced BSNL to give excess promotions beyond the scope of the interim order of the Hon SC which is to be reexamined. This drama they had played only in SDE to DE promotions because the so called leaders are also getting AGM promotions. Similar stand they did not taken in the case of JTO(T/C/E/Arch/TF) to SDE(T/C/E/Arch/TF) or JAO to AO promotion or SDE(C/E/Arch/TF) to EE(C/E/Arch/TF) promotion. CMD and BSNL management is very much disturbed on the contempt petition, DIR told. BSNL is filing review petition in the Hon HC against the order quashing the method of fixation of inter-se seniority from training centre marks to date of appointment which will unsettle a settled procedure followed by DoT and BSNL. It will expedite the preparation of AIEL, GM(Pers) informed.

On bringing parity by upgradation of posts, DIR(HR) is non committal and informed that upgrdation may not be possible in future but doors are not closed for ever.

  1. d) DE to DGM promotions: We requested to find a solution to the deadlock situation due to the court order on catch up rule. If 600 DGM posts are created which is almost proposed in the HR plan, all the dispute over the catch up rule can be overcome by giving promotions to all. Meanwhile the DPC for all the eligible DEs to be completed and the panel can be made ready, we suggested. DIR(HR) is very positive and told us to give some time as entire management is busy on the contempt petitions.  
  2. e) Circle break for Soft tenure: DIR(HR) informed that the proposal is already in her office. OSD to DIR(HR) told that it reached more than one month back. In fact the proposal has sent by the Pers section by the end of May. DIR(HR) assured that decision will be taken very shortly as per the assurance.

The Decisions taken in the AUAB Meeting held on 02.08.2018:

A meeting of the All Unions and Associations of BSNL (AUAB) was held yesterday, the 02-08-2018, at BSNL MS office. The meeting was presided over by Com.K.Sebastin, GS, SNEA. The meeting as attended by:

BSNLEU: Com.P.Abhimanyu,GS, Com.Balbir Singh, President, Com.Swapan Chakraborty, Dy.GS and Com.Chellappa, AGS.
NFTE: Com.Chandeswar Singh,GS, Com. K.S.Sheshadri, Dy.GS, Com.A.Rajamouli, Treasurer and Com.K.Natarajan, CS,TN.
SNEA: Com.K.Sebastin, GS and Com.A.A.Khan, President.
AIBSNLEA: Com.Prahlad Rai GS and Com.S.Sivakumar, President.
AIGETOA: Com.Ravi Shil Verma,GS, Com. Wasi Ahmed, Dy.GS and Com.Bashisth Gupta, Advisor.
BSNLMS: Com.Suresh Kumar, GS, Com.Mallikarjuna, President.
ATM BSNL: Com.Revti Prasad, AGS.
TEPU: Com.J.Vijayakuamr,Dy.GS.
BSNL OA: Com.H.P.Singh, Dy.GS.

After detailed discussion, the following decisions are taken unanimously.

(1) The meeting unanimously disagreed with the letter written by the GS, FNTO and the GS,SEWA BSNL, to the Secretary DOT and CMD BSNL, withdrawing from the agitation called on by the AUAB, and also informing that their scanned signatures were used in the notice for the agitation, without their consent. Further the meeting suggested that, the GS, FNTO and GS,SEWA BSNL should come to the meeting of AUAB for expressing their views.

(2) The meeting reviewed the demonstration held on 11-07-2018, the three day Relay Hunger Strike held from 24th to 26th July 2018, as well as the meeting held between the AUAB and the Hon’ble MoSC(I/C), on 01-08-2018 and expressed it’s satisfaction. The meeting decided to write to the Secretary DOT, expressing dissatisfaction that, despite efforts were taken by the AUAB, to hold a meeting with her, the Secretary DoT, has not met the AUAB, not even once in the past 5 months. The meeting also decided to seek a meeting with the Secretary DoT immediately, and decided to give call for the next phase of agitation, in case the meeting does not materialise.

(3) The meeting finalised the text of the letter, addressed to the CMD, BSNL, demanding implementation of austerity measures for the top officers of the company.

(4) The meeting finalised the text of the letter, addressed to CMD, BSNL, demanding implementation of 30% Superannuation benefits to the Directly Recruited employees within a time frame. It was also decided that, if no positive result comes, then this demand should be placed in the charter of demands for the next phase of the struggle.

(5) The meeting decided to write letters to the CMD BSNL, against purchasing obsolete and unnecessary equipments, against the indiscreet engagement of retired officers as consultants and against the huge expenditure being incurred for AMCs. The meeting decided to demand a meeting with CMD BSNL on these issues, in the presence of other Directors.

(6) As regards, the decision of the AUAB to launch the movement of ‘BSNL at your door steps, it was decided to suggest to the CMD BSNL, for holding an inaugural function at the Corporate office, Circle and SSA levels, jointly by the Management and the AUAB.

(7) It was decided to write a letter to the CMD BSNL, demanding to immediately arrange a meeting between AUAB and the Secretary DoT.

(8) Next meeting of AUAB will be held at 15:00 hrs. on 23-08-2018 at BSNL MS Office to review the progress on various demands and to decide future course of action.

Circle secretary SNEA Punjab circle writes to CGMT Punjab  for Grant of Special casual leave  to all the circle office bearers,CWC Members,District Secretaries and Circle Executive Committee(CEC)  Members of SNEA Punjab Circle .
The CEC  is Scheduled to be held  on dated 14.08.2018 at 11.00AM the Venue of CEC is Hotel LE BARRON opposite Punjab Agriculture University     Ludhiana
  all the CEC  Members are requested to attend the meeting well in time,lCom AA Khan  CHQ president ,Com K.Sebestian GS SNEA , Com GL Jogi Chairman SNEA and Com Jasvir Singh Joint Secretary North will address the CEC  Meeting

<<<Click Here to View Notice>>> 

<<<Click here to View Sanction Letter for  Special Casual Leave  for attending CEC Meeting>>>

AGM Pers II BSNL CO New Delhi calls for stay particulars of SDEs/DE for posting substitute for considering requests from SDEs/DEs on completion of two years Hard Tenure at All India Hard tenure Stations:

 View Letter <<<>>>

  1. Stay Particulars of only 25 SDEs and 25 DEs, who are having longest stay in the Circle is to be sent to Personal Cell BSNL CO.
  2. The data is called only from male candidates with age less than 55 years as on 31/03/2019 and not 2018.
  3. The data of female candidates is to be excluded from the list because as the transfer policy posting to tenure stations for female executives in optional.
  4. Stay is to be counted from entry in JTO Cadre by the said executive.
  5. The data of working period at tenure/Soft tenure if any is to be included in the report.
  6. These names will be used for posting substitute to all India Soft Tenure Stations.
  7. The last date for submission of long stay list by Circles is 03/08/2018

Status of promotions;

On JTO to SDE promotion, Pers section almost completed the calculation of SDE vacancies upto 31.03.2018 and the SC/ST roster as on 01.01.2016, 01.01.2017 and 01.01.2018. As per the Pers section, the SDE vacancy is about 4929 under SCF quota and 2627 under LDCE quota as on 30.06.2018 (subject to minor changes).

The gradation list particulars sought by BSNLCO based on date of appointment/promotion as per Hon Ernakulam HC order, received from good number of Circles and management is examining both the gradation lists based on training Centre marks and date of appointment. The lists are called from the Circles to study the impact and produce before the court along with the appeal. The AIEL published by BSNL for 2001 rect based on training Centre marks was quashed by the Hon HC. So a final decision to appeal against the order or to implement the same will be decided shortly based on the data received from Circles. 
The promotion is getting delayed only due to the Ernakulam HC order quashing the method of fixation of inter-se seniority among direct rects based on training Centre marks. AIGETOA and its activists prayed for 1) 1:1 ratio between promotes and DRs from 1995 rect year onwards which was turned down by the Hon HC and 2) date of joining  as the criteria to decide the inter-se seniority but Hon HC ordered date of appointment. If BSNL decides to appeal, then promotion will be delayed. If it is implemented it may be challenged by many as their seniority will be affected, then also promotion will be delayed, this is the situation we reached.
After spending 8 years in the court, losing everything and sacrificing the future of thousands of JTOs, now AIGETOA leaders are agreeable for training Centre marks, according to the management. In that case the best option will be to file the appeal simultaneously by both BSNL and AIGETOA with the same prayer to restore the training Centre marks as the criteria which will save much time. The present Circle gradation lists can be operated without any change also for the preparation of AIEL. Let better sense prevail.

According to our rough calculation more than 18,500 Executives are now eligible for promotion to the grade of Manager (SDE), Sr Manager (SR SDE), AGM or Jt DGM grades. AO to CAO promotion case is posted to 07.09.18 but mgt is trying to prepone the same. The demand for parity and uniformity in promotions by upgradation of posts for promotion to AGM/CAO/EE equivalent cadres and SDE equivalent cadres in different wings is not considered by the management so far even though they agreed for parity. At the same time notification of Uniform Time Bound Promotion Policy w.e.f 01.07.2018 also not did so far, irrespective of several assurances. By this the promotions in the future will become a nightmare for the BSNL Executives. We are pursuing both issues at the highest level of DIR(HR) and CMD/BSNL. Both are given us positive assurances but result is not visible so far. The contempt cases at both Ernakulam and Chandigarh also delaying the decisions.

If management is not taking a decision in a time bound manner for bringing parity and uniformity in promotions, we may be forced to launch organizational actions along with other pressing HR issues in the near future and we have to make organizational preparations for that at the ground level. CSs, SSA Secretaries and Branch Secretaries start to work in that direction. It will be a tough decision in the prevailing condition of BSNL but we cannot ignore our career growth also.


Meeting with Advisor DPE regarding Standard Pascale issue:

CHQ News:

Advisor/DPE invited SNEA on 25.07.2018 at 3 PM for further discussions on the DoT querry regarding replacement of the intermediary pay scales of E1A and E2A with standard pay scales of E2, E3 w.e.f 01.01.2007 for JTO/JAO equivalent cadres.

On the direction of Secretary/DPE, Shri Agrim Kaushal, Advisor (Jt Secretary)/DPE called SNEA for further discussions regarding the DoT reference to DPE on E2 and E3 pay scales, based on our letter dated 09.07.2018 to Secretary/DPE. GS and CHQ President met the Advisor. Director/DPE Shri Khurana was also present. The DoT reference did not reached the DPE so far. However Advisor asked us to make a copy available and explain the background of the issue.

  1. a) At the time of absorption, DoT issued the PO dated 28.07.2003 extending E1A (9850-250-14600) and E2A (11875-300-17275) scales for the absorbed as well as BSNL directly recruited Executives. However now DoT taken a U turn and insisting that E1 and E2 are the pay scales approved by DoT for the new BSNL direct rects, recruited after 01.10.2000. There is no such order issued by DoT in this regard, we informed Advisor/DPE. The JTO and SDE RRs of DoT and BSNL also made available to them. After going through the PO dated 28.03.2003, Advisor very much convinced on our arguments and told that E1A (9850-250-14600) and E2A (11875-300-17275) scales are uniformly applicable for the absorbed as well as BSNL directly recruited Executives.

  2. b) DoT and DPE rejected the BSNL proposal for revising E1A and E2A scales with intermediary pay scales.

  3. c) BSNL recommended E2 and E3 pay scales replacing the intermediary pay scales of E1A and E2A, w.e.f 01.01.2007.

  4. d) Ignoring BSNL recommendation, DoT approved E1 and E2 scales by lowering the pay scales from E1A to E1 and E2A to E2. The basic cadres of JTO/JAO and SDE/AO demoted by this action. As per DPE guidelines, Administrative Ministry has to implement the pay revision as per the recommendation of the CPSU.

  5. e) DoT justifying the decision citing decline in revenue and the recurring losses in the current scenario for lowering the pay scales. However as per DPE guidelines, 2nd PRC is to be implemented based on the PBT for the years 2007-08 where BSNL made 4451 Crores Profit Before Tax(PBT). Advisor/DPE also accepted our plea that the PBT for 2007-08 is to be taken into account.

  6. f) BSNL did not implemented the Presidential Order and requested DoT to reconsider the decision and approve E2 and E3 pay scales as recommended by BSNL.

  7. g) BSNL also informed DoT that E1 and E2 pay scales are not recommended by BSNL.

On this background, we requested DPE to issue suitable direction to DoT to review the decision and notify the pay scales based on:

1) Implement the revision of the pay scales based on the recommendation of BSNL,

2) The affordability is to be considered based on the PBT for the year 2007-08 and the current one, 

3) Not allow DoT to lower the pay scales and downgrade the cadres.

Advisor DPE assured that DPE will try to do the best possible to ensure that DPE guidelines are followed once the official letter reaches DPE. Later on we had spoken to Director(PSU)/DoT explaining the non-receipt of the letter and requested to provide another copy to DPE. Director(PSU)/DoT assured to send a reminder with all the attachments.

Our demand for revised pay scales E2 and E3 will be applicable for all the JTO/JAOs recruited from 2007 onwards, including those recruited in the provisional pay scale of E1 and the future recruits. Last several years we are pursuing the matter at various levels in various ministries like DoT, DPE, DoPT, Dept of Expenditure etc to settle this justified demand. Our agitation in 2014 forced BSNL management to reconstitute the Joint Committee with Shri M A Khan as Chairman which given a positive recommendation for replacing the intermediary pay scales of E1A and E2A with E2 and E3. Thereafter BSNL accepted the demand and recommended E2 and E3 pay scales to DoT w.e.f 01.01.2007.

Our single moto is to upgrade the pay scales of the basic entry level cadres of JTO/JAO whereas DoT is trying to demote and downgrade the cadres. 

Message from Director(HR) :

‘Management further intends to continue with its exercise of promotion till the scheme of CPSE hierarchy is finalized keeping in view BSNL Board directions given on 28.6.2018. <<<View Letter>>> A committee has already been convened to find ways and means to implement the decision.’

Meeting with Shri Anupam Shrivatava, CMD/BSNL on 19.07.2018: GS, AGS and CS/MH met CMD, BSNL and held discussions on the following issues:

CHQ New:

1. DoT decision to seek the guidance of DPE regarding replacement of E1A and e2A scales by E2, E3 scales w.e.f 01.01.2007.

As per the opinion of Dept of Expenditure, DoT referred the matter to DPE for guidance. However facts are suppressed by DoT in the letter to DPE. DoT informed DPE that E1 and E2 scales are approved by DoT on 28.03.2017 as E1 and E2 scales are the pay scales approved by DoT for the fresh BSNL direct rects from 2001 onwards and E1A and E2A scales are not applicable for them. E1A and E2A scales are special dispensation for the DoT officers getting absorbed in BSNL, in order to facilitate the smooth absorption. BSNL wrongly implemented E1A and E2A scales for the BSNL direct rects from 2001 onwards. In order to avoid the pay loss, revised E1A and E2A scales temporarily extended upto 28.03.2017 for the purpose of pay protection. So DoT decision is correct. However BSNL is not agreeing to the DoT order and requested for review the decision and approve E2 and E3 scales. But BSNL financial condition is very poor now to give upgraded pay scales of E2 and E3, DoT told DPE.

We requested CMD to depute some senior officers to DPE to explain the issue in detail as DoT has given wrong feed back to DPE to justify their action by notifying lower pay scales. The following facts are to be explained to DPE: 1) E1 and E2 scales were never implemented in BSNL, 2) BSNL did not recommended E1 and E2 scales, 3) DoT has to act on BSNL recommendation of E2 and E3 scales, 4) the affordability is to be decided based on PBT of 2007-08, not on current situation. CMD assured to speak to Secretary/DPE and Addl Secretary/DPE in this regard and depute some senior officers to DPE.

2. Implementation of parity in promotion/uniform promotional avenues for all the Executives.

We once again congratulated CMD, DIR(HR) and the BSNL management for completing all the promotions before the target date of 30.06.2018. About 6000 Executives promoted on a single day, 29.06.2018 and the total promotions in BSNL will be a record, more than 12000 in one month time. CMD reciprocated by complementing the role of SNEA in completing the task in the shortest time. CMD told that he got full confidence after the meeting with SNEA on 20.06.2018 that the promotions can be completed by 30.06.2018. With that confidence, he cleared the proposal for promotions with specific direction in file that all the promotions should be completed by 30.06.2018, CMD informed. For this CMD directed Pers Cell to do something out of Box as suggested by SNEA. This cutoff date was fixed as 30.06.2018 for implementing the CPSU Hierarchy w.e.f 01.07.2018 approved by the Board, CMD informed. CMD and DIR(HR) is committed to implement the CPSU Hierarchy w.e.f 01.07.2018, it is a BSNL Board decision, we cannot deviate from that, CMD informed. We fought within the Board for the approval tooth and nail, CMD informed. The approval of CPSU Hierarchy given enough space to give the promotions, otherwise such drastic decisions could not have taken, CMD informed.

While thanking  CMD, DIR(HR), GM(Pers) and others, GS told that this impossible task was made possible by the team efforts of Management, Pers /BW/EW/Arch etc cell, the committed work force in DPC section which worked 48 hours day and night continuously to complete the target on 29.06.2018, the CHQ leaders of SNEA at Delhi and the CSs of various Circles who arranged the screening committee reports, VC and missing data etc to the DPC section to facilitate the DPC. CMD once again told that he is aware of the role played by SNEA and got the full information from down the level and with this confidence only, he assured to complete the DPCs by 30.06.2018.

CMD very much appreciated our demand for parity in promotions and assured us that he fully support this demand. The demand is very much justified, CMD informed us. We explained the huge disparity created by the recent promotions and resentment among the senior comrades. Telecom Enng side, the backbone of the company is demoralized, humiliated and deprived due promotions. The Executives in other streams also equally hurt. All are demanding parity at par with Finance stream. CMD told that full parity in post based promotions may not be 100% possible, 1 or 2 years difference may continue. We once again made our stand very clear that our demand is nothing less than parity in promotions in equivalent cadres in all the streams. We requested to clear the proposal for AO to CAO promotions and other proposal from various streams to bring full parity. CMD is non committal on this proposal but reassured that he stands for parity. Further we requested to consider the promotion of AOs of 2003 and 2005 batch who are unnecessarily made victims which he assured to discuss with DIR(HR) and do the needful. The JTO to SDE promotions going on is to be speeded up.

We requested the personal intervention of CMD to difuse the situation and take concrete decisions and necessary steps to promote the remaining Executives urgently to bring full parity and uniformity in promotions. CMD assured to discuss the matter with DIR(HR) also and take decision at the earliest, in a couple of days.

CMD pointed out the shortage in various Circles and all should agree to fill up the shortages before resorting to any further promotions. We suggested, filling up of all the existing vacancies in the Circles and remaining Executives can be considered for posting outside as per the shortage.

3. DGM(T) promotions in the vacant posts and increasing the DGM posts so that all the AGMs promoted in 2013/ 2014 and completed the qualifying service can be promoted. All of them completed more than 30 years of service. Now 650 to 700 DGM posts are vacant. If another 800 posts are increased temporarily till approval of HR plan, all can be promoted together. Already there is a proposal in the HR plan to increase the DGM posts. Due to the delay in approval of HR plan, AGMs are suffering. CMD assured to do the needful by discussing the options with DIR(HR). 


Malpropaganda by SEWA against SNEA and reality behind the issue :

Some malpropaganda is going on in the social media in the name of SEWA BSNL that SNEA is opposing SC/ST reservation. If the news is spread by the knowledge of SEWA leadership, SNEA condemn that. SNEA always stood for the welfare of the SC/ST comrades and for their rights, not just by circulating speculations in the social media, but by action. However we did not endorse the activities of SEWA leaders to the extent of threatening management for getting promotion to some of their top leaders in the name of roster. This we had seen in 2010 when GS of another Assn making all types of objections in SDE to DE promotions till his name gets included in the list by extending the list by few hundreds. If the method of applying roster in SDE to DE promotion is wrong, then why they did not made the same demand for JTO to SDE promotion in SCF and LDCE quota? Why such demand not raised in earlier promotions, till date? If the SDE roster is not correct according to them, why they kept silent so far? SNEA CHQ is fully involved from the day one for the smooth conduction of the DPC by facilitating it by arranging VC, missing assessment reports, other particulars etc. Last one week we are dedicated for the missing cases mainly from list 8 where the SC/ST comrades are involved. All our CSs are in regular touch with the CHQ on hourly basis for the missing cases reported. We are not seen any activists from other Assns for facilitating the DPC except some people reaching the DPC / Pers section in the evening to collect the information and order copy. Now the DPC is conducted and everything is clear for another 83 SDEs of list 8 belongs to SC/ST and 26 from list 5, 6 & 7 and awaiting the approval of DIR (HR).

Amendment to Child care leave: DOPT has conveyed the decision that the limit of 22 years in case of disabled child for the purpose of Chile Care Leave and that Child Care Leave may not be granted for a period less than five days at a time:

DOPT has conveyed the decision that the limit of 22 years in case of disabled child for the purpose of Chile Care Leave and that Child Care Leave may not be granted for a period less than five days at a time

<<<Click here to view Guidelines>>>>

Congratulations!!!Historical month in the History of BSNL/DOT and long awaited promotions issued:

Congratulations!!!!  This is the historic month in the history  for BSNL/DOT first time 12000 promotions in month and  about 7027 in single day  executives from all disciplines are promoted from one cadre to another and it is moment of joy for all.

Although some Associations due to there vested interest created environment of huge Chaos  among Executives against SNEA but Our CHQ team under the dynamic leadership of Com Sebastian  broken the shackles and didn’t get deviated from there goal and fully discharged the duty of representative Association   from last fortnight,  SNEA leaders from Districts, Circles to CHQ were on the job from collection of APRs to updating of data of VCs and with result of such collective unidirectional works today promotion orders are issued for JAO to AO 2226 post,  SDE to AGM Telecom 4254 posts ( 806 APR missing cases are part of this DPC) , JTO to SDE TF 32 posts, SDE to AGM TF 13 posts, DGM Adhoc to DGM Regular in Finance wing 49 posts,  SDE E to EEE 125 post, SDE C to EE (C) 138 ,JTO(C) to SDE(C) 84  and thus 7027 officers from Account, Telecom, Electrical and Telecom Factory are promoted in single day, This is in addition to the 5122 JTOs promoted in recent past under LDCE (1987) as well as SCF Quota (3139) and thus history is created by promotion of about 12000 officers within fortnight including left out cases and Electrical Civil wing promotions issued earlier in BSNL.

1. JAO to AO Promotions 2226 posts <<<>>>

2. SDE to AGM Telecom Promotions Total 4254 posts (Including 804 unaccessed cases due to missing APRs) 

 Order I  3450  posts  <<<>>>       List I  <<<>>>   List II <<<>>>  List III <<<>>>

 Order II  for 129 Posts <<<>>>

3. JTO TF to SDE TF Promotions  32 posts <<<>>>

4.  SDE to AGM TF  Promotions 13 posts  <<<>>>

5.  DGM Adhoc to DGM Regular Finance Promotions 49 posts  <<<>>>

6. SDE E to EE E Promotions 125 post  <<<>>>

 7.SDE C to EE  C Promotions 84 post<<<[Order] >>>

   8. SDE C to EE C Promotions 138 post<<<[Part 1]    [Part 2] >>>

This is result of sincere and concerted efforts taken by all the District Secretaries, Circle Office Bearers, and CHQ Office Bearers of SNEA in support of SNEA active comrades all over the India who have taken strong initiatives for updation of the data in ERP for on line VCs, collection of missing APRs including the APRs of current year. Special thanks to Com. K. Sebastin GS SNEA, Com. A. A. Khan President SNEA CHQ, Com. P. P. Rao, AGS SNEA CHQ, Com. A. P. Dahiya JS Central SNEA CHQ, Com Das CS BSNL CO and his entire team at BSNL Corporate Office for their devoted  efforts to complete DPC and get order issued covering all SDEs in seniority  list no 5,6,7 and 8 in part.

As a DOBs of SNEA Punjab aand all the officers dealing with APRs & VCs for the tireless efforts they have taken over the last 15 days for sending APRs, updating VC data in ERP.

 Special thanks to Com. G. L. Jogi, Chairman SNEA CHQ, for his directions to go ahead with DPCs and  remained guiding light for  SNEA CHQ for getting all these DPCs done and getting promotions orders issued in historic and time bound manner.

Long Live SNEA  Long Live BSNL Strengthen SNEA Strengthen BSNL


March to Prime Minister’s residence by All India Public sector central government Confederation( AIPCOC) ::

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March to Prime Minister’s residence On 19-06-2018 by All India Public sector central government Confederation( AIPCOC)  demanding 3rd ORC implementation,Stop disinvestment/privatization, Assured pension to all  , Large no of comrades from Punjab Circle Participated in the March we are very thankful to one and all for participating in the Agitation and making it grand Success. <<View more Glimpses of the March>>>



Congratulations !!!!!

Congratulations today Circle Office Chandigarh  issued  posting orders in respect of JTO(T) to SDE(T) under 67% Seniority cum fitness quota with the intervention of our Association CS Com Gurpreet Singh requested CGMT/GM(HR) Punjab Circle to issue the posting orders today itself   Com Raj Kumar CP,Com DV Kaushal ACS  pursued with concerned authority to release the posting orders today all the 255 Executive’s has been posted in the same BA  .

We could issue the promotion orders under severe adverse conditions, malpropaganda of stay on promotions, misinterpretation of the court orders to mislead their supporters etc etc.JTO to SDE promotion was blocked due to the blanket stay imposed by Hon Ernakulam HC in 2015 on operation of the final All India Eligibility list of JTOs published by BSNL in 2015 for the promotion to SDE cadre. The stay was vacated by the pronouncement of the judgment on 05.06.2018. SNEA CHQ leaders Com A.A Khan CHQ president ,Com K.Sebastian GS,Com GL Jogi Chairman SNEA,Com Arvindpal Dahiya Joint Secretary Central,Com P.Padmanabha Rao ACS HQ and all other Comrades posted BSNL Co made concerted efforts to conduct the DPC on war footing basis they worked very hard to complete the whole process in minimum possible time though ,on dated 14.6.2018 here was another attempt by the same section to derail the JTO to SDE promotion by filing fresh case in the CAT praying for stay on DPC promotion However on the strong intervention of BSNL lawyer and our counsel, CAT didn’t given any stay.

We are extremely thankful to CGMT Punjab Circle and GM(HR) Punjab and other officers in HR section  for their positive gesture’s at the same time once again our heartiest congratulations all the promoted Executive’s <<<<Click Here to View Posting Orders>>> 

CHQ News :BSNLCO has requested all the Circles to send the data in the proforma for the Preparatory work for promotion from SDE(E) to EE(E) and JTO(E) to SDE(E):

  •  All the District Secretaries  are requested kindly arrange  to send the information at the earliest please. Letter || List 
  • BSNLCO has requested all the Circles to send the data in the proforma for the Preparatory work for promotion from JTO(E) to SDE(E) by 20.6.2018. All the DSs are requested to send the information at the earliest please.
    APAR JTO(E)  Tabulation sheet VCs

The salient features of Hon High Court of Kerala Judgment in JTO to SDE Promotion case:

The main features of the judgement are:

A) JTOs recruited by BSNL as per JTO RR 2001 cannot claim the vacancy or seniority prior to 2000. It is reserved for the DoT officers. The basic contention of AIGETOA to interpolate seniority in the ratio 1:1 prior to the vacancies of 2000 has been rejected. This was the crux of the issue.

B) The promotion and seniority of JTOs recruited for 1995 to 1999 are intact and the eligibility list prepared by BSNL is correct.

C) The seniority of direct rect JTOs and the supernumerary JTOs recruited for the years 2001 to 2007 has to be revised based on date of appointment and date of promotion.

As such there is no hindrance in giving promotion from the final eligibility list prepared and circulated by BSNL from among JTOs recruited from 1995 to 1999.

Except the method of fixation of seniority of the JTOs recruited from 2001 onwards, all the pleadings of SNEA and BSNL management accepted by the Hon High Court.

CHQ will take all out efforts to issue the promotion orders as quickly as possible.

<<<<Hon ENK Judgement>>>

  • JTOs recruited directly by BSNL after 2001 can have no right to claim for the vacancies earmarked for direct recruits during the period from 1996-2000 in DoT.
  • No provision of law or any authority, confer them an indefeasible right to claim allotment of recruitment years as 1996 onwards.
  • Certainly, from the date of their appointment in BSNL the petitioners are having the right to get their seniority fixed in accordance with JTO RRs 2001 framed by BSNL.
  • JTO seniority list is to be prepared not on the basis of Training Centre marks, but based on date of promotion in cases of promotees and date of appointment in case of direct recruits.
  • Final eligibility list is to be prepared within 6 months.
  • In the meantime BSNL can make provisional promotion against the vacancies equally from among senior most promotes and senior most direct recruits.
  • The applicant’s main prayer was for interpolation of Promotes and direct recruits in the ratio 1:1, irrespective of recruitment year.
  • If the prayer was allowed, then 1995 to 1999 recruit promotee JTOs will be interpolated with 2001 to 2005 BSNL direct recruit JTOs in the ratio 1:1. Similarly, 2007 and 2008 BSNL direct recruit JTOs will be interpolated with 2014 to 2017 recruit promotee JTOs in the ratio 1:1.



Corporate Office has given instruction to update the status of executives in ERP on or before 06-06-2018 since the process for Promotion to different grades of all executives / Streams is in advance stage. All executives are also requested to to go through the list corresponding to their data and get it corrected in the ERP…….. View Letter copy.     
Annexure – 1        
Annexure – 3           


AGM HR Circle office Chandigarh endorsed the BSNL CO promotion orders from JTO to SDE under LDCE Quota in respect of 60 SDE s pertaining to Punjab Circle we congratulates all these JTOs on their long awaited SDE promotions and conveys all of them best wishes for new assignment as SDEs <view orders >
• As per this letter, SSA’S /Unit’s may allow the executives to join on the higher post on promotion after obtaining the necessary undertaking in the prescribed Format (copy enclosed), as per the direction of Hon’ble CAT Chandigarh Judgement in OA No.060/00133/2015. lf any executive fails to submit his undertaking he may not be allowed to join to higher post on promotion. Such under takings  duly counter signed by the concerned DGM (Admn/HR) of concerned SSA unit may be forwarded to this office immediately and latest by 29.05.2018. Further posting orders can be modified as per the requiremenU vacancies in the SSAs/Units.

• Vigilance clearance has been issued as “granted” by GM (vigilance) as on date of declaration of resulti.e 21.05.2016 and current date. However, it may be ensured that No disciplinary /vigilance case is pending against promoting officers.

  • The leave if any, requested by the executives, who is/are under transfer shall not
    be allowed. However, in case any executive desires leave, he can apply for leave to the Competent Authority only after joining the assigned place of posting and the respective competent authority will sanction leave, if it is considered justified, in the normal course.
    • Though there is unrest among all JTOs about delayed SDE promotions, these LDCE passed candidates got posting order after wait of about two years and till the JTOs under SCF quota who are seniors and waiting for their SDE promotions for last 15-20 years have not got posting order in view of court case which will be decided on 30/05/2018.
    • Though it was quiet possible to issue both the LDCE & SCF quota together as demanded by majority of the executives and mainly by SNEA, as we represent majority of executives in BSNL and SNEA has to take care of all and not that of particular group as being done by some associations, due to certain issues on part of management the LDCE orders are issued just some days advance and this has created mass unrest among SCF quota JTO and some individuals have starting expressing feelings against each other, which is not at all correct and good for future and unity of executives in BSNL.
    It is most important that though LDCE orders are issued early, the seniority of the SCF JTOs will be maintained as it is and there is no base in fear factor created by some groups about loss of seniority and same is clearly visible from the undertaking from the concerned LDCE passed JTOs.
    • It was quiet possible for management to maintain equilibrium, but it seems that just for gap of 3-4 working days, scope is given for unrest /disputes among executives both LDCE as well SCF category and mass unrest has been seen among the executives of BSNL about such actions of the management.
    • SNEA Punjab Circle appeals all comrades not to come in trap of groupisim as LDCE or SCF created by certain groups and some officers in the management and be united with firm assurance that SNEA will strongly pursue for issuing promotion orders of SCF quota JTO also and everybody will get justice and it is just time of some days.

Promotion from JTO to SDE under SCF & LDCE:

BSNL CO has asked to Furnish the  Gradation particulars of JTOS pertaining up to recruitment year 2005 for OC/SC Category and up to 2007 for ST category regarding preparation of All India Eligibility list (AIEL) further current    VC of all the Executives (LDCE/SCF) including LDCE passed Executives  on the date of declaration of result held for vacancy year 2009-2010 & 2010-2011 is also required to be submitted all district secretaries are requested to ensure timely submission of required information <<<View Letter>>><<<Endorsement by Punjab Circle>>>.


JTO to SDE promotion under SCF before Hon. High court of Kerala at Ernakulam: The case adjourned to 30-05-2018 at 01.30 PM for pronouncement of judgement.






Jt GM Pers BSNL Corporate Office Delhi issued revised structure for writing, reviewing, reporting, disclosure and representations if any for e- APRs:

<<<View instructions Issued by BSNL Co>>>

  • The mid-term e-APRs are to be completed within one months’ time.
  • This revised schedule of e-APR will be implemented for all e-APRs of Year 2017-18 and onwards.
  • As per revised schedule last date for:
  • Submission of self-appraisal is 15th May
  • Date of reporting e-APR is 30th June
  • Date of reviewing e-APR is 31st July
  • Date of disclosure e-AAPR is 15th August
  • Representation of e-APR is 30th August
  • End of e-APR Process is 30 September

Meeting with DIR(HR):


 The formal agenda meeting with DIR(HR) held on 17.05.2018 from 11.30 AM on the following agenda. GS, President, AGS, CS/BSNLCO and senior comrade Shri V K Yadav represented SNEA. GM(SR), GM(Pers), GM(Restg) and OSD to DIR(HR) were the other participants in the discussion from official side:

1. Implementation of Group Term Insurance (GTI) for all the BSNL Executives:

Decision: Negotiation with LIC and SBI Life on Group Term Insurance (GTI) for all the BSNL Executives will be held today itself. 

2. Restoration of break in Circle Tenure on posting to soft tenure stations as provided in the Transfer policy Dated 09.05.2012: 

Decision: Break in Circle Tenure will be restored. 

3. Uniform First Time Bound promotion: 

An anomaly created after the implementation of 2nd PRC where all the Executives are getting 1st TBP after 4-5 years after 01.01.2007 where as the seniors got it in 5 or 6 years in 2005 or 2006. All the 1993 to 2001 rect JTOs joined before 2003 are affected by this. The matter has been referred to Khan Committee and Khan Committee recommended 4-5 years instead of 4-6 years. However in order to remove the anomaly, we demanded the 1st TBP uniformly after 4 years. 

Management was very much reluctant on this demand as EPP-2007 has to be amended with retrospective effect, after so many years for meeting the demand. 

Decision: It will be examined and processed once CPSU Hierarchy is approved and the residency period is finalized by Board for future promotions. Further discussions will be held after the Board approval. 

4. HR Integration: 

There is no uniformity in deciding the policy matters like promotions, transfers etc at BSNCO/Circle/SSA level, among different wings. For promotions, vacancy year is not followed in certain wings, creating anomaly. All the request transfers after 3 years are at the company cost, as per the transfer policy. However some wings/circles are giving transfer after 2 years at company cost whereas some other wing/unit, transfer is not given on company cost even after three years. The differential treatment between different wings created large scale resentment among the Executives in different wings. For the purpose of uniform policy in the company, HR integration is to be implemented. Huge man power deployed for the same work among different wings can be spared and can be redeployed effectively.

Decision: It is agreed to follow uniform policy and best HR practices by all the wings. For its smooth implementation, a Committee will be formed to examine the various issues raised by the Assn to bring uniformity in the HR practices followed in BSNL. 

5. Finalization of HR Plan. 

Since CPSU Hierarchy proposal is finalised delinking the promotions from availability of posts, HR plan finalization is to be expedited. Due to non finalization of HR plan, some HR issues like E1+5 for the JTO/JAOs recruited after 2010 are not approving by the BSNL Board. Rect and Transfers can be made judiciously based on the actual assets. This will help deployment of staff in the potential areas. 

Decision: The additional posts as pointed out by the Assn for trans mtce, FTTH, Leased ctts, Govt projects etc are reworked and soon it will be send to the MC for approval. Thereafter it has to be cleared by the HR Committee and then by the Board. HR Plan finalization will be expedited. 

6. Increasing the number of Office bearers of the Executive Associations from 7/11 to 15 at SSA /Circle level and recognition to the body at Circle offices and Metro Dists at par with SSA level: 

The number of office bearers at Circle/SSA level was 15 each before finalization of the Recognition Rules. In the new Recognition Rules, it reduced to 11 and 07 respectively which is to be reviewed. This is badly affecting the functioning of the Association at Circle/SSA level as it has to represent and accommodate all the Executives in different streams, wings including non recruiting Circles in the Circle/SSA body. The office bearer number is to be increased to 15. 

The elected body at various Circle offices, Metro Dists, ITPC, BBNW, TF etc are to be treated at par with the SSA level body and necessary clarifications are to be issued. 

Lot of resistance was there from the part of GM(SR) to increase the number of office bearers citing the recognition Rule provisions, cost to the company, these issues are already examined by a Committee etc. Finally DIR(HR) assured to revisit the issue with a positive mind. 

Decision: The demand for increasing the number of office bearers to 15 will be re-examined and necessary amendments will be done in the Recognition Rules. 
Recognition to the elected body at various Circle offices, Metro Dists, ITPC, BBNW, TF etc will be considered and necessary clarifications will be issued. 

7. Office accommodation at Circle/SSA level: 

Some of the Circle/SSAs are insisting for instructions from BSNLCO citing the instructions issued for accommodation to Recognised Unions and SEWA BSNL. SNEA is the Recognised Executives Assn and it should be given accommodation at Circle/SSAs. Instructions may be issued to all the Circles. 

DIR(HR) was kind enough to consider the matter and of the firm opinion that Recognised Assn also should be given accommodation as others are already enjoying. 

Decision: The matter will be decided shortly with a positive approach. 

After the discussion on the agenda points the following issues also discussed: 

Board approval for CPSU approval: DIR(HR) assured that the reply will be submitted to the Board as assured to the Assn without any change in date of effect or bench marks. The original proposal along with the reply will be send to company secretary today itself for making it as an agenda for the Board meeting on 28.05.2018. DIR(HR) is very much hopeful that this time the Board will approve the proposal. 

Rule -8 cases of KTK Circle: We explained the stand taken by the new CGM where he is not ready to consider fresh Rule 8 cases against 211 new JTOs joined. Earlier 173 JTOs transferred when JTO posting through LICE/Offtg regularization taken place. This also done after lot of struggle by SNEA and by the intervention of DIR(HR). DIR(HR) assured to examine the matter. 

After the formal agenda meeting, GS and AGS met GM(SR) and held further discussions on the matter. We explained the developments during last three years and how the JTOs are relieved after lot of struggle. The Rule 8 cases settled since 2016 is taken now and fresh cases are not considering when new direct rect JTOs are joining in the field. Against new JTOs fresh Rule 8 is to be considered and 191 Rule 8 cases are still pending. 

DoT Asks Telcos to Follow KYC Norms Before Issuing M2M SIM Cards:

The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) on Thursday issued a notification to telecom operators who are offering Machine-to-Machine (M2M) services to follow Know Your Customer (KYC) norms before issuing SIM cards. The DoT also allowed the use of Embedded SIMs or eSIMs in both single and multiple profile configurations with Over the Air subscription update facility, as per global specifications and standards. The eSIMs will have to be open to lawful interception and monitoring on the network and also be allowed for portability to other carriers. Moreover, the DoT asked the telecom operators to make existing connections KYC compliant within six months.The DoT notification read, “the issuance of such M2M SIMs by authorised telecom licensee having a valid licence under Indian Telegraph Act, 1885 to the entity/organisation providing M2M services need to follow KYC norms prior to issuance of such SIMs.”<<Click here to read more>>

Immunity from transfers of office bearers of Associations :

BSNL Corporate office has called detail of office bearers of recognized /Support/SEWA Associations  in respect of immunity from transfer on being office bearers of Association  at SSA/Circle /CHQ Level  based on the prevailing guidelines.The information to incorporate the statics    of such office bearers against  there names in the long stay of the circle which is due to furnish for financial year 2018-2019  is also required to be submitted.<<<Click here to view Letter>>> 

Congratulations..!! SDE RR amendment notified:

Jt GM Pers BSNL CO issued orders for modification, deletion and addition n SDE RR 2002. Letter <<<>>>

  • These changes are applicable from retrospective effect i.e. from 28/08/2015.
  • The seniority among Seniority cum Fitness quota and Competitive Quota will be fixed in 2:1 ratio in particular vacancy year regardless of Year of Appointment or date of joining.
  • JTOs who will complete three years regular service as on 1st July of the vacancy year will be eligible for SDE LDCE for that particular year.
  • Year wise vacancy calculations will be done as per DoPT guidelines issued/to be issued time to time.
  • Promotion from JTO to SDE will be done by BSNL Corporate office on basis of All India Eligibility list and the vacancies will be calculated as on 1st July of that particular Year.
  • Now Management committee will decide the syllabus for SDE LDCE Examination and earlier it was decided by BSNL Board.
  • Regular SDEs also will continue to be eligible for enhancement of his/her position in the SDE seniority list against vacancies for which he/she is eligible and LDCE was not conducted for that particular year.
  • These points were missing/wrongly added in SDE RR 2002 which has delayed overall process of LDCE  and SCF calling for different court cases and hence this modification has been issued.
  • Due to such ambiguity, about 1500 LDCE passed JTOs are waiting for their posting even though LDCE was held in Year 2015 and results are declared in Year 2016 and till today posting has not been issued for these LDCE passed SDEs and vacancies under SCF Quota are not filled after Year 2011 due to legal tangle    and about 12000 SDE post are vacant throughout BSNL. Thus neither Seniority cum Fitness nor Completive Quota post of SDEs are filled for years together and there is mass unrest among the JTOs which is known as backbone cadre of BSNL.  

BSNL Has Been Allotted With Rs 150 Crore Smart City Projects: Manoj Sinha:

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited has been tackling the threat posed by incumbents in the last couple of years, and the telco even managed to increase its market share from 7.6% to 9.43%. BSNL CMD Anupam Shrivastava, during the company’s Heads of Circles Conference (HOCC) of senior officers of BSNL meeting in New Delhi, stressed that the telco has been able to increase the market share by going head-on with the private telecom operators. During the same conference, Manoj Sinha stated that BSNL has a lot of opportunities in the future and it has been already allotted Rs 150 crore worth Smart City projects in the country. BSNL is helping the Indian government set up public Wi-Fi hotspots across the nation.

BSNL Smart City

Alongside BSNL Board of Directors and Heads of BSNL Telecom Circles, Telecom Minister Manoj Sinha and Telecom Secretary Aruna Sundararajan also attended the event. The field officers of BSNL should focus on better customer service and try to change the negative customer perception about BSNL, said Manoj Sinha.<<<Click here to read more>>>

Condolence Message:

With untold grief we mourn the sad, sudden and untimely demise of Com Gurmeet Singh SDE Group  Batala  on dated 10.05.2018 Com Gurmeet Was very good workers and very dedicated comrade of SNEA.

SNEA Punjab Circle  prays to the Almighty to provide his family with sufficient strength and courage to tide over the crisis and for bearing this irreparable loss. We also pray so that the eternal soul rest in peace.


Enthusiastic district conference of Ludhiana SSA held at Guru Nanak Bhavan

On dated  05/06/2018  General Body meeting of SNEA Ludhiana SSA was  was conducted in grand manner at Guru Nanak Bhavan Ludhiana, Com Jasvir Singh joint secretary North cum DGM (CFA)  ,Com Raj Kumar Circle president  Com Gurpreet Singh Circle Secretary , Com Jagtar Singh CWC member ,  Com Harinder Singh DS&CWC Members,Com Mukthair Singh District President,Com Chaman Lal DT Ludhiana SSA ,Com D.V Kaushal ACS/CWC member ,Com Jagmohinder Singh  District Secretary Hoshiarpur, ,Com Tajinder Singh CWC Member ,Com Raj Kumar ADS HSP from the management side  Sh.Raj Deo GMTD Ludhiana,Sh.AK Deora DGM(HR),Sh.Kamal Kant Sharma DGM(F)   attended and addressed the meeting. The meeting was presided by Com Mukthiar Singh  DP SNEA  Ludhiana and more than 150 members  Comrades of Ludhiana SSA .

In in the open session detailed deliberations took place on the topic “Role of Executive’s in maintaining the financial Viability of BSNL’’    All the  CHQ and Circle leaders Com Jasvir Singh Joint Secretary North ,Com Raj Kumar Circle president  , Gurpreet Singh Circle Secretary, Com Jagtar Singh CWC Member,Com Harinder Singh CWC/DS Ldh.,Com.Mukthair Singh DP and GMTD Ludhiana  expressed there views in respect of   role of executive’s in maintain the financial Viabilty of BSNL in addition to this all Association leaders in detail elaborated  the developments at Headquarters regarding and apprised the house regarding various issues pertaining to executives , standard pay scales, CPSU cadre Hierarchy, 30% SAB to BSNL recruited  employees  ,Term Insurance,Third PRC,Formation of Subsidiary  position of various DPCs,Promotions in different cadres and appealed to maintain strength and unity to settle these issue.

no images were found

Com Gurpreet  Singh Circle secretary   apprised the house regarding various activities and achievements of SNEA Punjab Circle and  clarified the doubts raised by the members he told the house that  with the intervention and persuasion of Association all the request transfer orders has been issued by CGMT Punjab Circle and many other issues are resolved from time to time .He appealed to all the members to maintain unity and strength  .

In the district conference new   body was unanimously elected and Com Kanwaljit Shankar ,Com Harinder Singh,Com Chaman Lal  was unanimously elected as District President,District Secretary and District treasurer respectively our heartiest congratulations to new body of Ludhiana SSA.





Guidelines issued by BSNL CO on indentification of sensetive Posts:

AGM VA BSNL CO Delhi issued fresh guidelines on identification of sensitive posts and officers working on sensitive post at BSNL Corporate Office, Circle office, SSAs and other units with directions to strictly adhere to instructions to rotate /transfer officers working on sensitive post every 2-3 three years to avoid developing vested interest.

                                                         <<<View orders >>>

Relative of the BSNL employee are not eligible for appointment as BSNL franchisee & hence cannot be appointed as Franchisee /RD/DSA:

As per clarification issued by Jt GM  Sales  CM  BSNL CO Delhi, now the close relative of the BSNL employee are not eligible for appointment as BSNL franchisee & hence cannot be appointed as Franchisee and any such relative working as BSNL franchisees will be discontinued hereafter.                                           <<<View clarification>>>

CHQ News,Joint Forum writes to CMD-BSNL:

Arbitrary Instructions to use “Sanchar Aadhar” APP (Developed by M/s Intense Tech) in place of BSNL’s Own App (BSNL Swift) for provisioning of Mobile connections through e-CAF. Award of work to M/s Intense Technologies Limited for deployment of Customer Acquisition and Communication Management System (CACMS) by unnecessarily paying huge amount to the vendor. BSNL has to fully explore its potential in IT sector before outsourcing the works. <<<View Letter>>>>

District Conference Chandigarh SSA:

District conference of SNEA Chandigarh SSA      was held in committee room  Sector 17 Telephone  Exchange building Circle office Chandigarh on dated 20th April  2018, It was attended by Com. Raj Kumar CP, Com. Gurpreet Singh CS, Com. Govil Bharti Circle Treasure, Com. DV Kaushal ACS/CWC member, Com. Harinder Singh DS/CWC member, Com. Gurmit Singh ACS,Com Munish Vohra DS CO,Com Dhillon DS AIBSNLEU, Com. VS Brar DP Chandigarh SSA  . Large number of comrades from  Chandigarh SSA  attended the meeting  dais was well managed by Com. VS Brar.

no images were found

 Com Gurpreet Singh CS speaking on the occasion hailed the participation of Chandigarh Comrades in the ongoing agitation and stressed upon the need of young Comrades to take the lead. He asked the members to be prepared to sacrifice   few days salary if they want  to get 3rd PRC. CP Com Raj Kumar asked the members to unite and prepare for a great fight ahead. Com Kaushal ACS/CWC member  highlighted the significant contribution of Chandigarh Comrades in first  membership  verification process.  Com Dhillon DS BSNLEU welcome the move of all the unions and associations to come on a single platform of AUAB.Com Harinder Singh DS/CWC member  Ludhiana also addressed the gathering.
In the district conferencenew new  body was unanimously elected and Com Pritipal Singh ,Com VS Brar,Com Sushil Kumar was unanimously elected as District President,District Secretary and District treasurer respectively.<<<<View List of New office bearers>>>





Third Pay revision in BSNL, DPE in its reply suggest DoT to approach Union Cabinet for the relaxation of affordability clause

DPE letter states that:
As per DPE guidelines, BSNL does not fall under the category mentioned in para 5 of DPEs OM dated 03.08201 on 2017 pay revision. Further, it is mentioned that DPE has issued guidelines for 2017 Pay revision which, inter-alia, includes an affordability clause, based of the recommendations of Committee of Secretaries(CoS) on the report of 3rd Pay revision Committee(PRC). Any relaxation/amendment in the extant guidelines would require the approval of the Cabinet for which DoT may examine the issue at its end for necessary action.
DPE letter to DoT  Pay revision in BSNL: DPE in its reply suggest DoT to approach Union Cabinet for the relaxation of affordability clause. DPE letter states that:
As per DPE guidelines, BSNL does not fall under the category mentioned in para 5 of DPEs OM dated 03.08201 on 2017 pay revision. Further, it is mentioned that DPE has issued guidelines for 2017 Pay revision which, inter-alia, includes an affordability clause, based of the recommendations of Committee of Secretaries(CoS) on the report of 3rd Pay revision Committee(PRC). Any relaxation/amendment in the extant guidelines would require the approval of the Cabinet for which DoT may examine the issue at its end for necessary action.
                                                                         <<<<DPE letter to DoT>>>> 



After reviewing the existing guidelines, DoP&T has laid down fresh guidelines for grant of vigilance clearance to the Government Servant for obtaining Indian Passport.

“Vigilance clearance shall not be withheld due to an FIR filed on the basis of a private complaint unless a charge-sheet has been filed by the investigating agency provided that there are no directions to the contrary by a competent court of law. However, the information regarding FIR may be provided to the Passport Office. The final decision will be taken by the concerned Passport Issuing Authority. 6. There may be situations wherein wards and relatives of the civil servants residing abroad (for education and other purposes) could be having medical emergencies or family events. The officer himself/ herself may require to visit abroad for medical reasons. Therefore, as a policy, ordinarily, a passport will not be granted if a disciplinary proceeding is pending against the officer. However, the competent authority can take a view wherein a foreign travel is necessitated due to extreme urgent situation like medical emergencies etc. on case to case basis.”

<<<<Click Here for new guidelines>>>>

District Conference of Circle Office body Chandigarh :

District conference of SNEA Circle office  body  Chandigarh was held at Circle office on the Eve of 24th Mar 2018, it was attended by Com. Raj Kumar CP, Com. Gurpreet Singh CS, Com. Govil Bharti Circle Treasure, Com. DV Kaushal ACS/CWC member, Com. Harinder Singh DS/CWC member, Com. Sukhwinder Singh CWC member, Com. Gurmit Singh ACS, Com. VS Brar DP Chandigarh SSA, Com. Dhillon DS BSNLEU, Com. JM Jaidka DS BSNLEU and guest of honor is Sh. VK Garg GM Admin. Large number of comrades of circle office including lady members took part in open session; dais was well managed by Com. GS Sood, Com. DV Kaushal welcomed the guests and members of circle office and expresses his sincere thanks for supporting him as Distt. Secretary from last eight years. In depth deliberations took place on HR issues and viability of BSNL, Com. Raj Kumar opposes the departmental action on “no work no pay” for two days strike and emphasized on “extra work extra pay” on holidays, com. President also elaborate the main issues like 3rd PRC, CPSU hierarchy. Com. Brar put highlights on future struggles of association and raises his voice regarding tough period of BSNL.

Com. Gurpreet Singh CS in his address  impressed upon  unity among BSNL employees as it is most important to fight for our legitimate rights and appealed  to all  for presence of full strength on lunch hour demonstration on 27th Mar and more calls of struggle guided by CHQ, Com. CS also highlights the priority of FTTH and high speed data on mobile to give competition to private players, he also told the house  that the shortage of fiber cables in the circle for FTTH connections, the shortage of fiber was also made in the notice to the CGMT Punjab by CS during informal meeting in the morning of 24th Mar along with Com. Harinder Singh CWC member.

no images were found

Sh. VK Garg GM Admin also apprised the house about  the future  struggle for BSNL and assumed that there will be very few players left in telecom sector till the end of 2019 as ongoing price war in the sector, BSNL should make strategy  to overcome this tough period and it is possible only with the true workman ship of each and every member of BSNL.

  The SNEA circle office body  cleared all the pending CHQ quota  amounting to Rs.28800/-  there by setting good  example for others to follow this trend and clear the pending CHQ quota as detail already communicated to the District secretariesof  concerned SSAs. The detailed budget was presented by Ex. Distt. Secretary Com. DV Kaushal of Circle office and the same was approved by the house. The process of elections was done unanimously.

In the District conference Com. Jawala Singh , Com. Munish Vohra, Com. Harish Kumar  were unanimously elected as  Distt. President, is the Distt. Secretary a District  Treasurer respective  and all the new members were administered oath by Com Raj Kumar CP SNEA Punjab Circle .




A revolutionary life,The Bhagat Singh you didn’t know


Nation pay tribute to great freedom fighter and martyers  of India


Almost 111 years ago, a boy was born in Lyallpur district of the Punjab Province of British India (which now lies in Pakistan) who, along with a fellow freedom fighter, went on to blast two non-lethal bombs in the Parliament in 1929 to make the ‘deaf’ Englishmen ‘hear’ the demands of Indian independence and ‘awaken England from her dreams’.

On March 23, 1931, this young man, Bhagat Singh, along with two other revolutionaries—Shivaram Rajguru and Sukhdev Thapar—was hanged to death at the tender age of 23 after being convicted in the murder of John P. Saunders, an Assistant Superintendent of Police, in Lahore in 1928. The three bodies were disposed of in a great hurry and in an unprecedented manner.

In the mainstream historiography of India’s freedom struggle, which concentrates a lot on the Gandhi-Nehru-Congress narrative, not much has been written about the revolutionaries and their lives, apart from a few hagiographic tales of violent acts or suffering in Port Blair’s Cellular jail.

And this absence of detailed and well-structured writings has had its effect on the popular discourse about revolutionaries. In the nationalistic rhetoric of politicians across parties, mainstream cinema, various self-proclaimed patriotic websites and posts on social media, Bhagat Singh is often portrayed as a macho gun-toting freedom fighter who believed that violence is more effective a way of achieving independence from British rule than Gandhi’s non-violent means. That Bhagat Singh picked up the gun to kill a British police officer to avenge Lala Lajpat Rai’s death, and he threw bombs at Englishmen are emphasized a lot more than the thoughts and ideas guiding him. Such recurrent shallow descriptions completely overlook how mature a political thinker Bhagat Singh was.

“The significance of Bhagat Singh in the anti-colonial struggle was not because of his choice of violence as a method of resistance, as many including Gandhiji underlined, or his idealistic heroism for which he is rightly and universally admired. His real contribution lay in trying to formulate a revolutionary philosophy and a course of action, taking into account the travails of colonial subjection, on the one hand and the character of internal exploitation, on the other,” writes noted Marxist historian KN Panikkar in the Frontline.

A closer introspection into the life of Bhagat Singh reveals that there exists a narrative that is completely different from what mainstream historiography tells us about the revolutionist and his acts. A study of Bhagat Singh’s jail notebooks, letters written by him, statements he issued in the court, his essay on atheism, Why I am an atheist, reveal that there is a lot more to Bhagat Singh than his acts of murdering someone or throwing a bomb.

Bipan Chandra, the celebrated historian who passed away recently, notes in his book India’s Struggle for Independence, 1857-1947, “Bhagat Singh and his comrades also made a major advance in broadening the scope and definition of revolution. Revolution was no longer associated with mere militancy or violence…it must go beyond and work for a new socialist order, it must ‘end exploitation of man by man’.”

Bhagat Singh was one of the foremost socialist thinkers of the country—someone who argued that the country’s independence from the British rule would be truly effective if and when the issues of class struggle are taken care of. In the short life that he lived, Bhagat Singh transformed himself from an action-oriented teenage revolutionary to a rational, socialist and democratic thinker with an egalitarian view of society.

In fact, in his last message from jail dated March 3, 1931, he said, “…the struggle in India would continue so long as a handful of exploiters go on exploiting the labour of the common people for their own ends. It matters little whether these exploiters are purely British capitalists, or British and Indians in alliance, or even purely Indians.”

Another striking aspect of Bhagat Singh which sets him wide apart from other revolutionaries is that in retrospection of his acts of violence, he realised the futility of attempts at mere armed struggles without a political ideology propelling the fighters.

In a note written to young political workers of the country, Bhagat Singh wrote, “Let me announce with all the strength at my command, that I am not a terrorist and I never was, expect perhaps in the beginning of my revolutionary career. And I am convinced that we cannot gain anything through those methods.”

On revolution itself, Bhagat Singh wrote during his trial, “Revolution did not necessarily involve sanguinary strife. It was not a cult of bomb and pistol. They may sometimes be mere means for its achievement. No doubt they play a prominent part in some movements, but they do not –for that very reason –become one and the same thing. A rebellion is not a revolution. It may ultimately lead to that end.”

Moreover, renowned intellectual and historian Irfan Habib, who wrote the book To Make the Deaf Hear: Ideology and Programme of Bhagat Singh and His Comrades, writes that Bhagat Singh had written considerably, among other topics, on issues of untouchability and communalism as early as in 1928.

“In speaking of the relationship of past and present we seldom stop to think of how much of our present hangs on what we assume to be the actual past,” writes historian Romila Thapar in her latest book The Past as Present. At a time when a Hindu-right government rules the country, Maoist movements are widespread, and social inequality rules the roost, a detailed study of Bhagat Singh’s egalitarian ideologies, anti-communal stand and his indomitable fight to remove inequality might hold the key for better times.(courtesy times of India)

Congratulation!!! Venue for the Next AIC of SNEA Finalized:

On dated 13.3.2018 Com K. Sebastin  GS ,Com AA Khan CHQ president  visited Ludhiana   in connection with  to finalized the Venue of Next AIC of SNEA    the CHQ leaders were accompanied   by Com Amarjit Singh Chief Patron  SNEA Punjab, Com  Jasvir Singh Joint Secretary North,Com Gurpreet Singh CS,Com Harinder Singh CWC Member,Com Govil Bharti circle treasurer,Com DV Kaushal ACS,Com Raj Bhadur DP FRZ,ComBharat Bhushan SDE Civil, Com Kanwaljit Singh,Com Mukthiar Singh DP Ldh. .
All the leaders visited the proposed venue at  Punjab Agriculture university Ludhiana ( Punjab) and Finalized the the Venue “Dr.Monmohan Singh Auditorium PAU Ludhiana “which is one of the best Auditorium in India having seating capacity of 1000   equipped with digital Screen and state of the art furniture and other equipment and it is located  near gate no I of Punjab Agriculture University Ludhiana.


The tentative dates for Next AIC is last week of September or first week of October 2018 subjected to the availability of Chief Guests from BSNL CO New Delhi.we are very thankful to Com GS and Com President in this regard and at the same time assure all the CHQ leaders and that Ludhina AIC will one of the best event in all respect.   


CHQ News; Meeting with Shri Anupam Shrivatava, CMD, BSNL 0n 15.03.2018:

GS, President, AGS and Jt Sec met CMD, BSNL and held discussions on the following issues: 

a) CPSU Hierarchy implementation:

CPSU Hierarchy only will give uniform promotions avenues among various cadres/wings. Injustice happened to various cadres for years together by not giving promotions to them in the name of vacancy where as some cadres continue to get the promotions. This cannot be continued in a company. All the Executives has to get the equal opportunity to get promotions, we made our stand very clear.

CMD categorically told us that management is aware of the gravity of the situation, shortage of vacancies and court cases and CPSU Hierarchy only will be the ultimate solution to get promotions. On post based promotions, CMD further reiterated that management will not do anything which will lead to further litigations.

We requested to expedite the reply to the queries made by the BSNL Board member. We informed CMD that we are in regular touch with DIR(HR) in this regard and DIR(HR) assured to send the reply at the earliest. CMD assured that CPSU Hierarchy will be implemented at the earliest.

b) Post based promotions: In the given situation it is impossible to give promotion due to various factors. Promotion with reservation is stopped by the Courts and promotions without reservation is against the Govt/BSNL policy, CMD informed. However, BSNL examining all the options.

Meeting with Shri Amit Yadav, Jt Secretary, DoT on 12.03.2018:

GS/SNEA, President/SNEA and GS/AIGETOA met Jt Sec, DoT and held discussions on the following issues:

a) Sending reminder to DoE on E2 and E3 scales issue: We informed him that the letter seeking advice from DoE is not received in DoE, according to DoE officials. We requested JS to send a reminder to DoE with the earlier letter and connected documents as a file, by hand. JS immediately agreed to our suggestion and directed Director(PSU) to send the reminder with all the documents as a file, by hand. We earlier met the Hon MoSF also in this regard and he assured us to send an early reply.

b) Status of various issues discussed with Hon MoSC on 23.02.2018:

i) 3rd Pay Revision: JS informed that after the meeting, Secretary/DoT instructed to send the proposal to DPE. The proposal will be finalised soon based on the recommendations of BSNL Board.

ii) Pension revision and pension contribution on actual basic pay instead of maximum of the pay scale: JS told us to meet the concerned officers dealing with the matter as he is not dealing these issues.


CVO BSNL has issued instructions that Vigilance Units should not investigate/initiate departmental action in cases of administrative nature having no vigilance angle such as

“The cases of administrative nature having no vigilance angle,such as officials Punctuality in office,insubordination ,lying to higher officials,poor customer relations,misbehavior with subordinates/superiors,unauthorized absence ,drunken behavior,sexual misconducts etc.<<<Click here to view instructions>>> 

CHQ News:

  • On the E2, E3 proposal, yesterday DoT send a reminder to DoE for early advice on the issue. As reported earlier, JF met the Joint Sec DoT in this regard and he assured to send a reminder with all the connected documents.
  • Term Insurance for all the Executives, PAN India basis. The data of all the Executives submitted to LIC and SBI Life for their quote. The quote from LIC and SBI Life expected by next week. Since it is proposed to cover all the Executives, we expect competitive quote.
  • DIR HR instructed to make some changes in the reply to the queries on CPSU hierarchy. With the changes, the reply will be submitted back today and it is expected that the reply will be cleared today.

Work According to Rule agitation deferred till 30-04-2018

This is for the information of all District Secretaries,office bearers and all the members  that as per the decision of All Unions and Associations of BSNL, the Work According to Rule agitation, deferred till 30.04.2018. Letter sent to the Secretary(T) and the CMD BSNL.

Letter from All Unions & Assns

View BSNL Corporate orders:

  • BSNL issued instructions for revival of closed landline and broadband connections.  <<<View Letter >>>
  • BSNL to withdraw Inter Circle Roaming services offered to M/S Ariel and will recover money from PBG as company s not adhering to the terms and conditions of agreement.  <<<View orders >>>
  • BSNL announces “Holi Dhamaka Plan @ 399”  with unlimited calling, free roaming and 30 GB data per month for post-paid mobile service.  <<<Press Release>>>


SNEA delegation led by Com. G. L. Jogi, Chairman/ SNEA, and consisting of Com. M. S. Adasul CS, SNEA/MH and other Circle leaders met Shri. Anant Geeteji, Hon Minister for Heavy Industries, at Mumbai on 22/02/2018 and very strongly pleaded for his kind intervention in getting relaxation in affordability clause for implementation of 3rd PRC from the Union Cabinet to enable implementation of 3rd PRC in all CPSUs regardless of their profits.

Leaders apprised Hon Minister about the great role played by CPSUs in strengthening Indian Economy and building a very formidable infrastructure in all critical sectors of development of Country. We updated him about the role of BSNL and how the BSNL has always given priority to provide services to customers regardless of loss and profit and hence affordability has no relevance for its grant of 3rd PRC for its workforce. Com G.L. Jogi emphatically told Hon Minister that only his very personal & kind intervention will help resolve the issue and pave the way for implementation of 3rd PRC in CPSUs including BSNL regardless of their profits/losses.

Hon Minister duly acknowledged the huge services rendered by CPSUs in growth and development of the Country in strategic and key sectors. He also informed that he is well aware about the contribution of BSNL in overall growth of India and also acknowledged that he is well familiar about the BSNL services being provided at the remote and odd places where profit is not possible and hence BSNL is different from others and assured to extend all possible support from Govt. Hon Minister reiterated strong resolve and keenness to intervene in the matter by moving a note for consideration and approval of the Union Cabinet to get the issue addressed comprehensively and to do whatever possible from his side in support of BSNL workforce on 3rd PRC issue as well as other issues.

SNEA delegation led by Com M. S. Adasul, CS, SNEA/MH, Com. Bharat Sonawane, CP, SNEA/MH and other Circle/SSA leaders met Shri. Manoj Sinhaji, Hon MoSC at Sangli on 23/02/2018 and requested his kind intervention on two prominent issues related to Executives and non-Executives working in BSNL i.e. grant of 3rd Pay Revision with 15% fitment and early approval of Standard Pay Scales for BSNL Executives. Hon. MoSC assured that both the issues are under active consideration by DoT. He further added that he is aware about the unrest among the employees of BSNL and hence he has granted time for meeting to leaders of all Unions and Associations of BSNL tomorrow on 24/02/2018. He assured that all the issues raised by unions including these two prominent issues will be discussed with officers in DoT as well as union leaders and will be resolved in best possible manner. It was due to the personal intervention by Shri. Sanjay Kaka Patil, Hon. MP from Sangli Loksabha Constituency who has specially arranged the meeting for SNEA.


Chq News:Meeting with Smt Aruna Sundararajan, Secretary DoT on 20.02.2018:


GSs of SNEA, BSNLEU and AIBSNLEA met Secretary DoT and held discussions on the 3rd PRC with 15% fitment. BSNL Board after taking all the aspects into consideration recommended 3rd PRC with 15% fitment, freezing the revision of all allowances. The BSNL proposal is pending in DoT for the last three months but no steps are taken for its implementation. The employees are very much agitated over this. We requested that DoT should take necessary steps to get the affordability clause exempted for BSNL. Financial condition of BSNL is nothing to do with the employees as the entire telecom sector is facing problem. The employees are working with full commitment for the revival of BSNL and to implement the Govt projects. Pay revision is a must to keep the employees motivated.

GS/BSNLEU specifically pleaded that 3rd PRC is for the Executives but the pay revision for the Non-executives are based on negotiated settlement. Surprisingly the negotiation itself is not started as DoT didnot given clearance for that. As per the DPE guidelines, for the wage negotiation, there is no affordability clause.

Regarding pension revision for the Govt pensioners retired from BSNL, we apprised Secretary that DoT Pension Cell is linking the pension revision with the pay revision of BSNL serving employees which is not at all correct as BSNL pensioners are not related with the profitability or paying capacity of BSNL. Their pension is paid by the Govt from the consolidated fund of India as per CCS pension Rules, 1972, not by BSNL. Last time also DoT moved a Cabinet note to get the pension revised for the BSNL pensioners with 30% fitment. Present situation also, DoT has to get the Cabinet approval for pension revision with 15% fitment as 15% is already approved by Union Cabinet as fitment formula for 3rd PRC. Their pension contribution has already been paid to DoT. DoT(Estt) always takes the stand that  pension revision is to be done for BSNL pensioners after the pay revision of BSNL serving employees, otherwise anomalies will be created. This is not the justification to deny the pension revision to the Pensioners, we categorically told the Secretary and sought her kind intervention for resolving the issue.

Secretary given a patient hearing and assured an early action in this regard and mentioned that Hon MOSC also telling in all the meetings that we will consider the case.

Since there is no concrete assurance from the Secretary other that the normal gestures, the March to Sanchar Bhavan on 23.02.2018 will to continue with more intensity.

CHQ News: Meeting with Shri Keshav Rao, GM(Pers) on 15.02.18: GS and President met GM(P) and held discussions on the following issues: 

a) Board approval for CPSU Hierarchy proposal: GM(P) informed that the queries from the Board members are yet to be received. BSNLCO is trying to contact the concerned Board members to get the queries so that it can be replied immediately and thereafter for the approval, the proposal can be moved through rotation.

b) Speedy implementation of Hon SC judgments on 206 seniority and consequential benefits to all the seniors: The proposal is already moved from Pers section few weeks back. Now the proposal is gone to the legal section for legal opinion. Based on the legal opinion, the proposal will be processed for early implementation. We requested for early implementation as DGM(Regular) promotion etc can be considered only after the finalization of the seniority list in DE cadre (after the revision of SDE seniority and subsequent changes in promotion to DE cadre).

c) Filing MA in Hon Chandigarh Court on DE to DGM(Adhoc) promotion: DGM(Adhoc) promotion is stayed by Hon CAT Chandigarh on reservation issue and catchup rule. The MA seeking permission for issuing promotion for the missing cases etc will be filed shortly. The draft MA is approved, GM(P) informed. 

d) Approval of minutes of the review DPC for the 33 missing cases: After discussion, GM(P) assured early action. 

e) Speedy implementation of Hon SC judgments on revision of seniority for the SDE(C) and consequential benefits to all the seniors: We explained the urgency in implementing the SC order and conducting the review DPC for EE promotion. There after they will be eligible for SE promotions also. Since the number is less, we requested to expedite the matter. GM(P) agreed to speed up the matter and explained that since all these matters involve legal issues, checking at various level involves, causing delay. 

f) Promotion to SDE(T) based on the Hon SC order revising their JTO rect year. Since the review DPC is already over for the promotion to earlier vacancy year, it is requested to expedite the promotion order for the 06 cases where the SC given earlier rect years in JTO cadre. All of them are already working as SDEs. 

Non-cooperation to NOFN and other Government projects

As per the call of the All Unions and Associations of BSNL, the employees of BSNL are observing Work According to Rule w.e. from 30.01.2018. This struggle was reviewed in the meeting of All Unions and Associations of BSNL, held on 06.02.2018, as well as in the Steering Committee meeting on 07.02.18. After detailed discussion, it has been decided not to cooperate with NOFN and other Government projects. This decision is taken in view of the fact that the DoT and the Government have denied justice to BSNL employees in the matter of 3rd Pay Revision, pension revision to BSNL retirees, forming the Subsidiary Tower Company, etc. Entire Non-Executives and Executives are requested to strictly observe this Non-cooperation, in addition to implementing the Work According to Rule call. The All Unions and Associations of BSNL is writing to the Secretary, DoT and to the CMD BSNL, about the struggle of Non-cooperation to NOFN and other government projects.

As a part of the ongoing Work According to Rule programme, Non-Executives and Executives are requested to perform their duties strictly according to rules. Non-Executives and Executives are directed not to participate in any marketing activity like, mela or road-show, other than those employees who are posted in the marketing section.

Protest demonstrations to be conducted on every Wednesday: As part of intensifying the Work According to Rule programme, it has been decided to conduct protest demonstrations on every Wednesday. Circle and District secretaries are requested to effectively conduct these demonstrations, by coordinating with other constituents of the All Unions and Associations of BSNL. Efforts should be taken to mobilise maximum number of employees in these demonstrations.


Proposal for implementation of Group Term Insurance Scheme for for Executives of Punjab Circle and provisioning of consent in online form:

  Dear Comrades there is strong demand form members especially from  young comrades  for providing social security to all BSNL recruited employees officers who are not having option of family Pension recently in Odisha CWC CS MP Com S.Dautta  Mazumdar explained the Steps taken by MP circle for providing term insurance from LIC of India  to the tune of 50 lakhs and  the said Scheme is going to be implemented in MP Circle from 01.01.2018  <<<Click Here to view GTIS approved by MP Circle>>> and  <<GTIS Rules in Hindi>>  <<<GTIS Rules in English>>>In this regards, it is to inform that SNEA PB  had some preliminary discussions  with CGMT Punjab and GM(F) to implement this scheme in Punjab Telecom Circle  for the willing Executives irrespective  of the membership of Association further we are also in touch with other Associations for earlier  implementation of this Scheme  in Punjab Circle so that maximum members can get the benefit  further we are also thinking to  create Benevolent fund purely funded by Executives in Punjab Circle . All the executive’s irrespective of any union and Association are requested to give their willingness in the online Per forma  for the following Social Security Measures the further action in this regard will be taken after collecting the information from executives  :

(A) Benevolent Fund entirely funded by Executives
(B) Group Term Insurance entirely funded by Executives

<<<<Click Here to fill online form for giving consent  for Social Security Measures>>>

The information received from the executives like no of members interested  in proposed social security measures will be analyzed for taking further course of action in this regard .All the District secretaries of SNEA Punjab circle are requested to kindly give vide publicity among executives of all Associations . 



No changes in personal income tax rates.
Standard deduction of Rs.40,000 in lieu of transport and medical reimbursements for salaried tax payers.
Exemption of interest income for deposits in banks and post offices (including TDS) will be increased from Rs.10,000 to Rs.50,000 for senior citizens.
All senior citizens will now be able to claim benefit of a deduction of Rs.50,000 for medical insurance. For critical illnesses, the deduction has been increased to Rs.1,00,000.
Rs 7.5 lakh per senior citizen limit for investment in interest-bearing LIC schemes doubled to Rs 15 lakh.
Senior citizens allowed Rs 50,000 deduction on health insurance premium paid in a year from earlier Rs 30,000.
Education cess increased to 4% from 3%

Condolence message:

We express our deep condolence on the sad demise of the father of Shri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD BSNL, passed away in a Bhopal hospital today. He has been ailing for some time. SNEA Punjab Circle offer our heartfelt condolences to Shri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD BSNL, and to his family.we also pray that eternal soul rests in peace .


BSNL CO circulated list of longest circle tenure list of SDEs in Electrical Cadre:

BSNL CO issued longest Circle Tenure list of SDEs in Electrical wing for rationalisation of executives in SDE Electrical cadre in all Circles and for consideration of request transfers which is under consideration. <<<View list>>>

 The executives in this list will have to give three choices for transfer to preferred Circles latest by 11/02/2018 and executives who are not giving any option executives will be posted at any Circle as per administrative connivance.

 Discrepancies in stay particulars if any are also to be represented through proper channel. 

 CEs will have to check list for its correctness and missing names if any and send correct list by 15/02/2018.


DOPT issued guideline regarding Reservation for the Persons with Benchmark Disabilities:

2016′ from 19thApril, 2017 and notification of THE RIGHTS OF PERSONS WITH
DISABILITIES RULES, 2017′ on 15 thJune, 2017, the following instructions are issued
in line with the provisions made therein regarding reservation for Persons with
Benchmark Disabilities, as defined under Section 2(r) of the Act against the posts and
services of the Central Government.<<<View DOPT Letter>>>

BSNL Withdraws Unlimited Sunday Free Voice Calling from Landline and Broadband Plans Across India.……………For the unaware, BSNL is currently the leading broadband service provider in India with over 12 million wired subscribers. Thanks to some affordable and luring broadband plans, BSNL achieved this feat, and notably, the company has coverage across major parts of the country.
But this year, BSNL has been harsh on its broadband customers, which will result in subscriber loss. BSNL has its operations across the country expect Mumbai and Delhi. BSNL said that it would start informing the customers very soon about this new change.
Since the start of 2018, BSNL made a total of four big moves, out of those, two moves were underwhelming, while other two are excellent moves. And both underwhelming moves are related to the broadband sector. It is understandable that BSNL has no competition in the broadband sector, but the company should not stop offering benefits which made it the biggest ISP in the first place…… View Media Report.


Govt to break up Air India into four parts to speed up privatisation process disinvestment of AIR India is Alarming Bell for BSNL:

Air India had total debt of about Rs48,877 crore at the end of March 2017—Rs17,360 crore of aircraft loans and Rs31,517 crore of working capital loans.The government plans to hive off Air India’s unsustainable debt to a special purpose vehicle to make the deal attractive.The government hopes to invite expression of interest from companies after Union Budget 2018, Mint reported on 9 January.

IndiGo, run by Inter Globe Aviation Ltd, and Tata group have shown interest in Air India’s operations. Turkey’s Celebi Aviation Holding, Bird Group, Menzies Aviation Plc and Livewel Aviation Services Pvt. Ltd have shown interest in the national carrier’s subsidiaries.The government has also eased rules allowing foreign airlines to buy a stake of up to 49% in Air India with prior government approval but with the caveat that substantial ownership and effective control of Air India will remain with Indian nationals as is the case with all domestic airlines.<<<Click Here to View full Story>

Unanimous decisions taken in today’s meeting of “The All Unions and Associations of BSNL” to intensify the struggles for achieving wage revision and for the ?rolling back of the creation of Subsidiary Tower Company:

“The All Unions and Associations of BSNL”, held it’s meeting at New Delhi on 8.1.2018 to discuss about the steps to be taken for intensifying the struggle for the settlement of 3rd Pay Revision and to ensure the ‘rolling back of the creation of Subsidiary Tower Company’. The meeting was attended by the General Secretaries / Representatives of BSNLEU, NFTE, SNEA, AIBSNLEA, FNTO, BTEU, SEWA BSNL, AIGETOA, BSNL MS, TEPU, BSNL ATM and TOA BSNL. The meeting was presided over by Com. K. Jayaprakash, GS, FNTO. The following decisions are taken unanimously for intensifying the struggles to achieve the demands.

Struggle programme:

(1) Whole day satyagraha for 5 days from 30.01.2018. The starting of the satyagraha will be marked by paying of ‘shradhanjali’ at Gandhi Samadi at New Delhi on 30.01.2018, by the leaders of “All Unions and Associations of BSNL”.

(2) ‘Indefinite Work According to Rule’ from 30.01.2018.

(3)  Massive “March to Sanchar Bhawan” on 28.02.2018.

(4) Leaders of “The All Unions and Associations of BSNL” will take all out efforts to meet Shri Manoj Sinha, Hon’ble Minister of State for Communications, the Secretary DoT and CMD BSNL, within a week’s time.

(5) The meeting entrusted to Com. G.L. Jogi, Leader, SNEA, and to Com. Prahlad Rai, GS, AIBSNLEA, with the responsibility of exploring possibilities to take legal action to roll back the creation of Subsidiary Tower Company.

(6) A Steering Committee consisting of the General Secretaries of BSNLEU, NFTE, SNEA and AIBSNLEA is formed to monitor the struggles.

(7) Meeting the leaders of political parties and Central Trade Unions, by 30.01.2018, to mobilise support in favour of the demands of “The All Unions and Associations of BSNL”.

Charter of demands

(1)   Settle:-

(a)   3rd Pay Revision with 15% fitment from 01.01.2017.

(b)   Settle pension revision.

(c)   Settle left-out issues of the 2nd PRC.

(2)   Roll back the creation of Subsidiary Tower Company.

(3)   No reduction in the retirement age from 60 to 58 and no VRS. 

On dated 28.11.2017 Convention of all Unions and Associations held at Ludhiana , Punjab demanding 3rd Pay Revision with 15% fitment and revision of all allowances and settlement of left out issues of the 2nd PRC and against formation of BSNLs Tower Subsidiary :

All Unions and Associations of Punjab Circle conducted grand meeting at Sh. Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College Ludhiana Auditorium  with huge gathering. More than 450 employees attended the meeting, making it a grand success. Punjab Circle fully geared up for the Human Chain on 23.11.2017 and two days strike on 12th and 13th December, 2017.

Com P.Padmanabha Rao AGS/SNEA,Com Gurpreet Singh CP/SNEA,Com Jasvir Singh Joint Secretary North,  Com Surjit Singh  CS/NFTE,Com Raj Mauli CHQ Treasurer/NFTE,Com Iqbal Singh Dhillon CS&Com Balbir Singh All India president /BSNLEU,Com Darshan Singh Dardi CS&Com Piara Singh Executive CHQ/SEWA ,Com Vikas Gupta CS&Com Ajay Kaswan VP /AIGETOA,Com Mohamand Jamil CS/AIBSNLEA,Com CS Secretary Casual labour Punjab addressed the gathering.

Com Gurpreet Sing CP SNEA welcomed all the comrades, Circle office bearers of all Unions and Assns. and also addressed the meeting .

we extend sincere thanks to Ludhiana Comrades specially Com Gurpreet Singh ,Com Harinder Singh, ,Com Jasvir Singh Joint Secretary North and Com Balbir Singh All India president BSNLEU and all other Comrades of other union and Associations  for making beautiful arrangements  and making the event grand success.

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3rd PAY REVISION WITH            15% FITMENT

   HUMAN CHAIN ON                        23.11.2017

At BSNLHQ and Circle/SSA HQs. Make all out preparations. Activists working at other places to join the Human Chain at the Circle/SSA HQs


Total and Massive success in Yesterday’s One day Strike:

SNEA Punjab Circle congratulates one and all for the total and massive success of Yesterday Strike in Punjab Circle.The Non-Executives and Executives of BSNL led by the unions and associations of BSNL have created a new history and registered their combined and strongest protest. They have told the government and the BSNL Management in no uncertain terms that, they will not tolerate such hypocrisy when one set of BSNL managerial employees have got pay as per 7th pay commission and others which are absorbed employees are being deprived off. The success of this strike also indicates that more serious forms of struggles, including an indefinite strike, will become imminent. They have shown their determination to settle wage revision and pension revision, superannuation benefits and restoration of trade union rights. The fact that some unions and associations are not with the employees in tomorrow’s strike, has not created any hesitancy. A new zeal and enthusiasm are seen among the employees in fighting against the injustices, SNEA PB Circle congratulate all the DS/COB/CWC members and activists for making this strike a grand success.


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<<<<Click here to  View More Glimpses of strike>>>>


Forum of unions and Associations Punjab Circle served Spontaneous Joint notice for agitation dated 21.06.2017 at SSA and circle level against the allotment of illegal assets of BSNL to DOT by CGMT Punjab :

Dear Comrades recently Circle management allotted accommodation to  DOT-TERM cell ignoring all instructions presidential orders and instructions from CMD/Dir(HR) on the subject. The space earmarked to the term cell and CCA is already allotted to the concerned. The present building, which is being allotted to DOT/TERMs cell is the property of BSNL hence cannot be allotted to any department. So observe that the allotment is arbitrary, illegal  and  request cancellation of the same. We also observe that the management is also taking decision on HR issues without consulting / redressing the Association/unions concern.

The united forum of unions and Associations  requested CGMT Punjab Sh.MS Dhillon  to cancel the allotment orders otherwise forum will  be mpelled to organize massive lunch hour demonstration on 21-06-2017 at SSAs and Circle level which can be further intensify. We still hope that Management will take serious note of the matter and settle the same.All the district secretaries/office bearers and grass root level Executives are requested to hold Joint meetings of union to s and Associations  at SSA level to  make the agitation programme a grand success protect  the Assets of BSNL Punjab circle.

Comrades tomorrow ie 21-06-2017 our firebrand and beloved leader Com M S Adasul Dy GS SNEA alongwith Com Jasvir Singh Jt Secy North Com Balbir Singh CS BSNLEU will address Lunch hour gathering against Illegally giving away of BSNL land and buildings to TERM CELL against all rules and regulations Comrades your bread and butter is at stake join hands come together and strike down the sinister designs of management all the comrades of Chandigarh region are requested to join the Agitation in full strength in front of circle office

<<<View Copy of Joint Notice >

CS SNEA Punjab served notice against the indifferent and Vindictive attitude of CGMT Punjab Circle towards representative Association of Executives in BSNL and illegal allotment of BSNL Assests located in Chandigarh to DOT by CGMT Punjab :

Com Amarjit  Singh CS SNEA Punjab served notice to CGMT Punjab Sh.MS Dhillon  against the repressive measures, vindictive actions against and indifferent attitude towards SNEA representative Association of Executives and Clandestine transfer of District Secretary SNEA RTTC Rajpura Branch    and illegal action of CGMT Punjab to allot buildings and plots to DOT term Cell and CCA Punjab which is clear Violation of presidential orders /directions from CMD BSNL .

The Association requested CGMT Punjab to cancel transfer orders of District Secretary RTTC Rajpura within 24 Hours otherwise immediate trade union action will be initiated against the indifferent and vindictive attitude of CGMT Punjab Circle .All the district secretaries/office bearers and grass root level Executives are requested to reach Chandigarh in mass on short notice to restore the prestige of Association and safeguard the Assets of BSNL Punjab Circle   <<<Click Here to View Copy of Notice>>>


  •  BSNO CO has called for fresh VC in respect of the JTOs included in the All India Eligibility List circulated on 20.2.2015 under seniority cum fitness quota  << View letter>>
  •  BSNO CO has called for fresh VC in respect of the successful candidates of the LDCE for promotion to SDE(T) grade held on 21.6.2015 .  <<<View letter>>>

    All the district secretaries of SNEA Punjab Circle are requested to pursue with SSA Heads and send VC under both the quotas to to Circle office Chandigarh on immediate basis . 



Two days Historical Strike throughout Punjab by All unions and Association (AUAB)

Why BSNL Employees are on strike from 18.2.2019 to 20.9.2019

BSNL was formed on 1.10.2000 by transferring the telecom and telegraph services maintained by Telecom Department. It is a 100% Government Company. The motto behind its formation is to provide world class telecom services at affordable rates. It is the only telecom company fulfilling the social obligations of the Government for providing telecom services to commercially unviable rural, backward, hilly, forest areas and areas affected by extremists. It is also entrusted with the job of providing optic cable network to military for diverting the spectrum allotted earlier to it for localisation for civilian purposes and several other works by the Government.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>

At the time of its formation the Group of Ministers “has decided that for discharging obligations in regard to rural telephony or any other uneconomic services, in accordance with any Government directive for the implementation of NTP 1999, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited would be duly compensated. Realizing that it would be a potent instrument in the hands of Government for achieving its social objectives, in regard to spread of telecommunication network in the country,GoM has further decided that under no circumstances it would allow Bharat Sanchar Nigam to become non-viable as it has to be kept always in strong and healthy condition”.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>

But the compensation for providing the loss making rural land line services was gradually reduced and finally abolished, thus imposing losses on BSNL.

The Government, by raising various unwarranted objections has prevented BSNL from procuring the equipment required for the expansion of its mobile network, for a long time, from 2007 to 2012.

In 2010 the Government has allocated 3G spectrum and BWA spectrum to BSNL including for the circles where it will not be commercially viable, and collected a huge amount of Rs 18500 crore thus finishing most of its cash reserves.

These are the factors intentionally created by the Government for imposing losses on BSNL.

At the same time the Government has been encouraging the private telecom operators in various ways by bending or mending rules and also violating the rules.

The license fee to be paid by the private operators as per the tender was reduced in 1999 by the care taker Government of Vajpayee violating all fairness. It resulted in a loss of Rs 43000 crore to the exchequer as per the reply given by the Government in the Parliament and it was known as “Telecom Scam”.

As per the Justice Shivraj Patil Commission, several irregularities have taken place in allocating spectrum to the private operators. The irregularities in allocating 2G spectrum to the private companies was known to all as 2G scam.

Due to all these anti-BSNL policies, BSNL has started posting losses from 2009-10 onwards.

But the struggles waged unitedly by the employees finally compelled the Government to allow BSNL for procuring the equipment. Since 2012 the procurement of equipment has started and the management and employees have worked together for the upliftment of BSNL. As a result, BSNL recorded operational profit of Rs 672 crores for the year 2014-15 and Rs 3854 crores for the year 2015-16. Its loss of Rs 8234 crore in 2014-15 was reduced to Rs 4859 crore in 2015-16 and to Rs 4793 crores in 2016-17.

But due to the entry of Reliance Jio with predatory pricing, all other telecom companies including Vodaphone Idea, Airtel have started posting losses. As a part of this phenomenon, the losses of BSNL have increased to Rs 7992 crores in 2017-18. Revenue has fallen down drastically since in the competition with Reliance Jio the tariffs were drastically reduced.

The acquiring of 4G spectrum by Reliance Jio was done in an unethical manner. Infotel Company with a net worth of RS 2 crore has participated in the 4G auction and acquired it for all Circles in the country costing around Rs 12000 crore. Neither the DoT nor the Minister has questioned how a Company with a net worth of mere 2 crores could acquire the spectrum with such a high cost. The Infotel Company was acquired by Reliance Jio immediately.

Further the original license to Reliance Jio was only for internet services. But it was allowed license for voice calls also. Further the Reliance Jio was allowed by TRAI to utilise predatory pricing until it acquires 30% of the customers. This is highly irregular and recently the TDSAT (Telecom Disputes Settlement Authority) has struck off this order of the TRAI. By this time the Reliance Jio has already acquired 23% of the market, and all the remaining telecom companies Vodaphone Idea, Airtel and BSNL have bled due to this predatory pricing. The TRAI has appealed against this order of TDSAT in the Supreme Court.

The Private Operators were given concessions by the present Government to help them for repaying their debt to the banks by extending the spectrum charge payment instalments from 10 years to 16 years and the Government is examining the issue of extending further concessions to them.

But it has not given any such concession to BSNL. It has been delaying the allotment of 4G spectrum to BSNL. It has denied providing Letter of Confidence to BSNL for taking loans from national banks to tide over the present crisis. The land and assets of DoT have to be transferred to BSNL as per the orders issued by the Government at the time of formation of BSNL. But this process remains to be done.

The Government is not agreeing to the “Land Management Policy” proposed by BSNL for monetising the land to get revenue of Rs 7000to 10000 crores per year. The Government is thinking of closing/privatising the BSNL and reducing the employees number in large scale. The management is unable to pay full salary to the employees and as a result it is providing funds only to the extent of take home pay. Though in the salary bill the recovery of bank loans, GPF , Insurance etc are shown, the management is unable to pay these recoveries to the concerned institutes due to lack of sufficient cash flow. The management has even requested the Unions to agree for deferring the February 2019 salary. But the Unions did not agree.

It is further submitted that if BSNL is finished as per these policies, the country and people will face difficulties in telecom sector. In the absence of a Public Sector Telecom Operator, the private telecom operators will collaborate for increasing telecom tariffs imposing burdens on the people.

The goal of self reliance in telecom equipment manufacture will suffer due to the fact that the Government cannot compel the private operators to procure domestically manufactured equipment. At present 80% of the equipment utilised for expanding telecom networks is imported at a cost of around Rs 50000 crores every year.

Importing telecom equipment to the extent of 80% is a cause for anxiety regarding the security of our communications since the foreign manufacture can embed software codes in the equipment and identifying it will be like searching for a needle in a hay stock.

Due to these privatisation policies, India is now placed at 134th place among 176 countries in the Information and communications Development Index published for the year 2017 by the International Telecom Union, an organization affiliated to UNO.

In the name of these intentionally created losses, the Government has been denying wage revision, pension revision etc to BSNL employees, which was due from 1.1.2017.

Under these circumstances, the BSNL employees including non-executives and executives are going on strike for three days from 18.2.2019 onwards, on the following demands:

  1. Ensure financial viability of BSNL as per the decisions taken by the Group of Ministers at the time of formation of BSNL. Issue Letter of Comfort for BSNL for acquiring required loans from Banks. Expeditiously fill up all vacant posts of BSNL Board of Directors.
  2. Approve the land management policy proposed by BSNL. Expeditiously complete the mutation and the process of transferring of all assets to BSNL, as per the Cabinet decision taken on the eve of the formation of BSNL.
  3. Allot 4G spectrum to BSNL as proposed by BSNL management.
  4. Scrap BSNL’s outsourcing for the operation and maintenance of its mobile towers.
  5. Implementation of 3rd Pay Revision with 15% fitment.
  6. Implement assurance of the Hon’ble Minister for communications for delinking pension revision from pay revision. Revise pension of BSNL retirees w.e.f 1.1.2017
  7. Payment of pension contribution by BSNL as per the government rule.
  8. Settlement of the left out issues of 2nd Pay Revision Committee.

AUAB Jindabad BSNL Jindabad

Three day strike from 18-02-2019.

The AUAB meeting held today, has decided to organise a three day strike from 18.02.2019. The decisions of the AUAB meeting, and also the charter of demands are as below:-


  1. Considering various ground realities, the meeting decided to call on all the Executives and Non-Executives of BSNL to go on a three day strike from 18.02.2019.
  2. Street corner meetings are to be organised throughout the country for 5 days from 11.02.2019, and mobilise the support of the general public for the strike demands.
  3. Press meetings are to be organised at circle and district levels on 12 or 13 February.       
  4. To meet all political parties, for mobilising their support for the demands especially, the revival of BSNL.


  1. Implementation of 3rd Pay Revision with 15% fitment.
  2. Allotment of 4G spectrum to BSNL, as per the proposals submitted by the BSNL Management.
  3. Revision of pension to BSNL retirees w.e.f. 01.01.2017.
  4. Payment of pension contribution by BSNL as per the government rule.
  5. Settlement of the left out issues of the 2nd Pay Revision Committee.
  6. a) Approval for BSNL’s Land Management Policy without any delay.

b) Expeditiously complete the mutation and the process of transferring of all assets to BSNL, as per the Cabinet decision taken on the eve of the formation of BSNL.

  1. Extend financial support to BSNL, to ensure financial viability, as per the decision taken by the Group of Ministers, at the time of formation of BSNL. Issue letter of comfort for BSNL’s proposals for taking bank loans.
  2. Scrap the proposal for outsourcing for the maintenance of BSNL’s mobile towers.<<<<<View AUAB Circular>>>>>

With untold grief we mourn the sad, sudden and untimely demise of Com Jagjit Singh JTO and our youngest district Secrtary of Patiala SSA .Due to suddend cardiac arreast  Com Jagjit Singh was admitted in PGI Chandigarh and was struggling life-death  battle  from last two  days.He was very good worker and  dedicated comrade of SNEA  .
The cremation will held on 19-1-2019 at his Native Village Near Ropar .SNEA Punjab Circle  prays to the Almighty to provide his family with sufficient strength and courage to tide over the crisis and for bearing this irreparable loss. We also pray so that the eternal soul rest in peace.