Congratulations to one and all for making the membership verification a grand success. The extensive tours and door to door campaign by CHQ office bearers our CS, SSA Secretaries, Branch Secretaries,CWC members office bearers and Core Group members at all levels resulted in heavy polling in almost all the Circles/SSAs. Punjab Circle body congratulate all of them for the excellent work done for the last 6 months.

Last but not the least, our sincere gratitude to all our grass root level members and supporters for making the MV a grand success.

Our sincere gratitude to GM(Admin), CGMT Punjab Circle,all the SSA heads and all the officials in staff section for their untiring efforts to conduct the MV in a free and fair manner.

 SNEA Punjab Circle conveys sincere thanks to all the District Secretaries, Circle Office Bearers,CHQ office bearers,CWC members activists of SNEA in different districts /Units of Punjab Circle Circle for their devoted and, dedicated and day night efforts for last one month for campaigning   all the executives in BSNL by table to table and door to door visit and explaining stand of SNEA on different issues.

Due to sincere and devoted efforts by all the comrades there is wave of mass support to SNEA and it is not only accepted by SNEA members, but same is also accepted by opponents also agrees that SNEA is the winner and let us be ready for celebration of victory on 09/12/2016.



Dear comrades,

SNEA is going to be single largest Association in membership verification process as per feedback received from different circles and CHQ. We are going to win this election with more than 55% votes. Circle Secretary discussed the Rule-8 transfer issues with  CGMT Punjab and impressed upon to clear the waiting list of around 130 Rule- 8 Transfer cases after joining of new JEs/JTOs in Punjab circle.CGMT assured to do the needful on priority  .The issues has also included in agenda served to CGMT Punjab circle.

*Strengthen SNEA-Strengthen BSNL*


An impassioned appeal from Sri R P Shahu, Ex General Secretary, AIGETOA dispassionately and discreetly urging upon members of AIGETOA and other DRs not to vote for AIBSNLEA in any case. Pl hear the contents of the audio and decide.


श्री साहू के वक्तव्य का सार….

1. AIGETOA एक सुषुप्त ग्रुप है

2. AIBSNLEA का संगठन का कमजोर है

3. AIBSNLEA के लीडर्स के पास बीएसएनएल प्रबंधन की खिलाफत का साहस ही नहीं

4. DR JTO को किसी का समर्थन नहीं करना चाहिए और यदि करना हो तो सिर्फ और सिर्फ SNEA का

4. SNEA की लीडरशिप सामर्थ्यवान है, उसपर प्रबंधन भी ऊँगली नहीं उठा सकता

5. AIBSNLEA के पास कुछ नेताओं के ट्रांसफर /पोस्टिंग के अलावा किसी मुद्दे को हल करने की सामर्थ्य ही नहीं

6. यदि (हालाँकि यह संभव नहीं दिखता) AIBSNLEA जीतती है तो एक्सटर्नल MT कोई नहीं रोक सकता

7. MT नोटिफिकेशन  के लिये SNEA जिम्मेदार नहीं

8 E2A- E1A  मुद्दे के लिए SNEA और AIBSNLEA में से मात्र एक को जिम्मेदार नहीं ठहराया जा सकता.

निष्कर्ष: उपरोक्त लंबित मुद्दों को हल करवाना है तो सिर्फ और सिर्फ SNEA को वोट दें ।

Vote and support SNEA

Cast your Vote at Serial No: 9

latest update regarding MVP canvassing in Punjab Circle:

  • In Amritsar SSA all the account executives are  members of SNEA except IFA, all executives of AIGETOA are members of SNEA except Distt. Secy. of AIGTEOA&One member forcibly nominated as Polling agent from AIBSNLEA, withdrew his nomination in favour of SNEA Amritsar.
  • Com Amarjit Singh Com Dhillon,Com Varinder Brar, Com Joshi,Com Raj Kumar DS Chandigarh, Com DV Kaushal DS CO Chandigarh held marathon desk to desk canvassing in Chandigarh region

img-20161205-wa0042 img-20161205-wa0045img-20161206-wa0061img-20161206-wa0061

  • In Ferozepur SSA a meeting with DS, DP and BS arranged at Malout, Abohar, Fazilka and Muktsar  under the banner of SNEA. All the members whole heartedly supported SNEA and assured their vote at serial number 9.


  • In Hoshiarpur SSA Com Jagmohinder DS,Com Satwinder Singh DP,Com Jagtar Singh CWC Members ,Com Simarjit Singh VP circle,Com Davinder Kumar ,Com Harpreet Singh,Com Raj Kumar Assistant secretary, Com Sohan Lal District treasurer ,Com Sarbjit Singh,Com Sukhvir Singh, Com Rajinder Singh,Com Sulkhan Pal and other members held canvassing in Whole SSA and contacted each and every Executive to vote for SNEA


  • In Ludhiana SSA Com Harinder Singh DS Ludhiana,Com Gurpreet Singh CP,Com Jasvir Singh Joint Secretary North ,Com Mukthiar Singh DP held canvassing in whole SSA .


  • In Jalandhar SSA Com Ramesh,Com Girjinder Singh DP and other comrades completed canvassing in whole SSA
  • In Patiala SSA Com Charnjeeve Lal DS,Com Mehmi DP,Com Sarbajit Singh and other comrades toured whole SSA and held canvassing in favour of SNEA in addition to this canvassing is  in full swing in other SSAs of Punjab Circle and leading towards winning this MVP with big margin

Prayers of thanksgiving by Sh.N.K Sharma DGM circle office Chandigarh at the same time we wish him happy retired life;


Dear sir,as you all know that I have retired on 30.11.2016 on attaining superannuations. Prior to retirement  I met sberious   accident during my LTC visit to Andaman& Nikobar on 16.9.16 & remained hospitalised  in GB Pant civil hospital Portblair along with my wife.

I appreciate  the efforts  made by sh DV kaushal  Distt.Secy. SNEA C.O.CHD , CS sh Amatjit singh &  sh Jagtar singh CWC member from the core of my heart for making quick and effective liaisons with the  SNEA CS Andeman&Nicobat Mr. Vinod Krishna .Mr Krishna not only  extended warm hospitality to my affected  family persons in the hospital but also got my wife operated for fractured arm in limited time bound manner  & got AI  stature tickets booked for me a/with my wife and son who solely  was attending we  both .For this I will remain indebted to SNEA  comrades of PB circle as well as to Sh Vinod krishna till my life.I also pray for the family  prosperity of all the above comrades by the Almighty . May SNEA live  long & render service to BSNL as well as to mankind. Regards



GS and Com Manoj Singh, GS/AITEEA had discussed the pay parity issue of 2007 and 2008 batches. GS/AITEEA sought the support of SNEA in this regard. This is an agenda already taken up by SNEA and part of Manifesto also and GS assured all possible steps to resolve the issue. SNEA then written to the BSNL management on 29.11.2016 itself to refer this issue to a Committee as requested by GS/AITEEA. 

A grand and successfull general body meeting of SNEA circle office chandigarh:


On dated 1.12.2016 A General Body meeting of SNEA Circle office Chandigarh was conducted in grand manner under the guidance Com Amarjit Singh CS , Com VS Brar DP Chandigarh SSA,Com Raj Kumar District Secretary,Com DV Kaushal District Secretary Circle office ,Com Harjit Singh VP circle office attended and addressed the meeting. The meeting was  attended by 80 Comrades from Chandigarh region  in additions to this all the newly promoted JAOs and no of lady comrades participated in the meeting and  had a very good interactive session with Circle leaders.

In the above meetings Circle leaders in detail  elaborately explained all the developments at Head quarters in respect of Organization BSNL, issues of the executives like, standard pay scales, CPSU cadre Hierarchy, 30% SAB to BSNL recruitees, position of various DPCs, need for membership verification, why every executive of BSNL should support SNEA by enumerating various struggles for the last three decades in uplifting the cadre of JTO/SDE, future plans of SNEA etc. They also explained how SNEA has been struggling since formation of BSNL in respect of issues concerning to viability of BSNL. He appealed to all the executives to support SNEA to strenghten BSNL.


In the meeting Com Satnam Singh District Secretary AIBSNLEA Chandigarh SSA,Com Dhraminder Joshi District Treasurer AIBSNLEA,Com Manmohan Singh assistant District Secretary AIBSNLEA,Vetran Com HS Dhillon along with twenty(20) members of AIBSNLEA from Chandigarh Joined SNEA and they were extended warm welcome by SNEA leaders.

Com HS Dhillon Ex-DS AIBSNLEA and Com Satnam Singh District Secretary AIBSNLEA Chandigarh while addressing the house assured and pledged that they are in touch with other members of AIBSNLEA and all the remaining members of AIBSNLEA in Chandigarh will also join SNEA.


Com DV Kaushal District Secretary Circle office Chandigarh,Com Rahj Kumar District Secretary Chd.SSA,Com VS Brar DP Chandigarh SSA also addressed the gathering and all the leaders appealed to the members to ensure 100% voting in the forthcoming  membership verification process and cast their Vote in favour of SNEA at serial no:09 in the ballot paper.

At the end Com Harjit Singh vice president circle office Chandigarh extended vote of thanks to all the participants