On dated 28.11.2017 Convention of all Unions and Associations held at Ludhiana , Punjab demanding 3rd Pay Revision with 15% fitment and revision of all allowances and settlement of left out issues of the 2nd PRC and against formation of BSNLs Tower Subsidiary :

All Unions and Associations of Punjab Circle conducted grand meeting at Sh. Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College Ludhiana Auditorium  with huge gathering. More than 450 employees attended the meeting, making it a grand success. Punjab Circle fully geared up for the Human Chain on 23.11.2017 and two days strike on 12th and 13th December, 2017.

Com P.Padmanabha Rao AGS/SNEA,Com Gurpreet Singh CP/SNEA,Com Jasvir Singh Joint Secretary North,  Com Surjit Singh  CS/NFTE,Com Raj Mauli CHQ Treasurer/NFTE,Com Iqbal Singh Dhillon CS&Com Balbir Singh All India president /BSNLEU,Com Darshan Singh Dardi CS&Com Piara Singh Executive CHQ/SEWA ,Com Vikas Gupta CS&Com Ajay Kaswan VP /AIGETOA,Com Mohamand Jamil CS/AIBSNLEA,Com CS Secretary Casual labour Punjab addressed the gathering.

Com Gurpreet Sing CP SNEA welcomed all the comrades, Circle office bearers of all Unions and Assns. and also addressed the meeting .

we extend sincere thanks to Ludhiana Comrades specially Com Gurpreet Singh ,Com Harinder Singh, ,Com Jasvir Singh Joint Secretary North and Com Balbir Singh All India president BSNLEU and all other Comrades of other union and Associations  for making beautiful arrangements  and making the event grand success.

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3rd PAY REVISION WITH            15% FITMENT

   HUMAN CHAIN ON                        23.11.2017

At BSNLHQ and Circle/SSA HQs. Make all out preparations. Activists working at other places to join the Human Chain at the Circle/SSA HQs


Decisions taken in the meeting of Circle secretaries of all unions and Associations held at BSNLEU, Circle  union office at Chandigarh :

As per the decision of all unions and Association, working in BSNL meeting held on 14-10-2017 at New Delhi, a meeting of all Unions & Association existing in Punjab circle was held on 18-11-2017 in the Circle union of BSNLEU, Chandigarh. Com. Balbir Singh, Circle secretary, BSNLEU, Com. Amarjit Singh, Circle Secretary SNEA  , Com. Surjit Singh, Circle Secretary, NFTE (BSNL) , Com. Darshan Singh Dardi, Circle Secretary, SEWA BSNL, Com. Vikas  Gupta, Circle Secretary, AIGETOA, Ashwani Kumar ,on behalf of AIBSNLEA, participated in the meeting . The meeting, discussed the means & ways to make the 23rd November, programme to built a human chain justifying the wage revision and against formation of separate “tower Company” of BSNL and removing of anomalies of 2nd wage revision and to make the 12& 13 ,December two days strike including 28thNovember state level convention at Ludhiana,  a grand success ,were discussed threadbare. The meeting took following important decisions.

1.The call of the all Unions & Associations to make human Chain justifying wage revision for BSNL employees and necessity of existing of BSNL/Public Sectors in the interest of public and in the interest of the Country, shall be conducted in each district.

2.During the human Chain 25000 pamphlets, justifying wage revision for BSNL employees and necessity of existing of BSNL/Public Sector in the interest of public and in the interest of the Country, will be distributed in the Public.

  1. In Chandigarh, SSA, human chain is not possible due to implosions of Article 144. It was decided that at Chandigarh, our comrades will stand in all Chowks of Chandigarh, displaying placards of our demands and will distribute the pamphlets to the public.
  2. The pamphlets, will be prepared centrally preferably at Ludhiana and will be supplied to all district unions and associations by 22ndNovember, 2017.
  3. The placards, displaying demands will be prepared by district unions, on need basis.
  4. The decision of today’s meeting will be implemented by all the  district unions & Associations in coordination with all the district secretaries of unions & associations.
  5. Circle level meeting/ convention of all unions & Associations will be held at Ludhiana on 28thNovember, 2017.
  6. The venue most probably will Auditorium of “Guru Nanak Engineer College/Gill road Ludhiana”. Any Change will be conveyed in advance to all the participants. 
  7. 1000 leaders and workers would be mobilized for the meeting /convention.
  8. The participation in the meeting/conventions is must for each district for all unions & associations.
  9. The meeting/convention will start at 11.30 AM and will be concluded by 2.00 PM.
  10. Tea and biscuits shall be served, before start of the meeting.
  11. Lunch shall be served, after the conclusion of the meeting/convention.
  12. The number of participants will be as per the members of unions & associations.
  13. The expenditure will be borne by circle unions/ association proportionately.
  14. Central leaders of Unions and association will address the meeting/convention

The following shall be the slogans for placards.

  1. Wage revision for BSNL Employees from 01-01-2017.
  2. No separate “ Tower Company “ of BSNL
  3. Settlement of anomalies of 2ndwage revision
  4. no VRS in BSNL
  5. Save BSNL save nation
  6. Ensure financial viability of BSNL
  7. Fresh recruitment of staff for smooth functioning of BSNL
  8. Stop outsourcing of  maintenance and operational works of BSNL.


  1. Get Ready for the HUMAN CHAIN ON 16.11.2017 under the banner of “All Unions and Associations of BSNL ” at all SSA HQs and Circle HQ demanding 3rd PRC implementation. Ensure maximum participation and make the event a grand success.

Big Slaute to Com Amarjit Singh Circle Secretary SNEA Punjab Circle on his Superannuation:

Com. Amarjit Singh Circle Secretary, The Lion of SNEA Punjab Circle. Yes, the lion-hearted and lion-throated leader of men needs no introduction to anyone on the trade union scene of the Punjab Telecom Circle. He has left inimitable and indelible marks on organized Trade Union activities and brought our organization to new heights.

Com Amarjit Singh will retire on attaining superannuation on 31.10.2017. He was recruited in department under Sports Quota and was a prominent sportsman throughout his carrier and won no of gold medal in Majority of National  Athletic Meets Held in BSNL, words fall short to describe the achievements of Com Amarjit Singh who was the pillar of not only SNEA but of all the executives fraternity. As a Legend his achievements are unparallel and will always be remembered for generations to come. He has been Circle Secretary of TEOA and then SNEA for close to 20 years.

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Although, he will retire from active service of BSNL on 31.10.2017, but he will continue as Circle Secretary of SNEA Punjab till Conference is held shortly. No other leader of any other association at Circle level or even HQ level could match the earnestness with which Com Amarjit Singh took the cause of Association or executives. Com Amarjit Singh has created a lifelong niche in the hearts and minds of Executives of Punjab.

We are extremely fortunate to have him with us for many more years to lead us and inspire us. Today, when he is stepping out of the portals of the BSNL and retiring from his official duties, all our Comrades thank him profusely for his official services in the BSNL.

We wish Com Amarjit Singh a very happy cheerful and Healthy retired life ahead and at the same time request him to be guiding light in years to come.

   Com Amarjit Singh Zindabad                  SNEA Zindabad      










Total and Massive success in Yesterday’s One day Strike:

SNEA Punjab Circle congratulates one and all for the total and massive success of Yesterday Strike in Punjab Circle.The Non-Executives and Executives of BSNL led by the unions and associations of BSNL have created a new history and registered their combined and strongest protest. They have told the government and the BSNL Management in no uncertain terms that, they will not tolerate such hypocrisy when one set of BSNL managerial employees have got pay as per 7th pay commission and others which are absorbed employees are being deprived off. The success of this strike also indicates that more serious forms of struggles, including an indefinite strike, will become imminent. They have shown their determination to settle wage revision and pension revision, superannuation benefits and restoration of trade union rights. The fact that some unions and associations are not with the employees in tomorrow’s strike, has not created any hesitancy. A new zeal and enthusiasm are seen among the employees in fighting against the injustices, SNEA PB Circle congratulate all the DS/COB/CWC members and activists for making this strike a grand success.


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Forum of unions and Associations Punjab Circle served Spontaneous Joint notice for agitation dated 21.06.2017 at SSA and circle level against the allotment of illegal assets of BSNL to DOT by CGMT Punjab :

Dear Comrades recently Circle management allotted accommodation to  DOT-TERM cell ignoring all instructions presidential orders and instructions from CMD/Dir(HR) on the subject. The space earmarked to the term cell and CCA is already allotted to the concerned. The present building, which is being allotted to DOT/TERMs cell is the property of BSNL hence cannot be allotted to any department. So observe that the allotment is arbitrary, illegal  and  request cancellation of the same. We also observe that the management is also taking decision on HR issues without consulting / redressing the Association/unions concern.

The united forum of unions and Associations  requested CGMT Punjab Sh.MS Dhillon  to cancel the allotment orders otherwise forum will  be mpelled to organize massive lunch hour demonstration on 21-06-2017 at SSAs and Circle level which can be further intensify. We still hope that Management will take serious note of the matter and settle the same.All the district secretaries/office bearers and grass root level Executives are requested to hold Joint meetings of union to s and Associations  at SSA level to  make the agitation programme a grand success protect  the Assets of BSNL Punjab circle.

Comrades tomorrow ie 21-06-2017 our firebrand and beloved leader Com M S Adasul Dy GS SNEA alongwith Com Jasvir Singh Jt Secy North Com Balbir Singh CS BSNLEU will address Lunch hour gathering against Illegally giving away of BSNL land and buildings to TERM CELL against all rules and regulations Comrades your bread and butter is at stake join hands come together and strike down the sinister designs of management all the comrades of Chandigarh region are requested to join the Agitation in full strength in front of circle office

<<<View Copy of Joint Notice >

CS SNEA Punjab served notice against the indifferent and Vindictive attitude of CGMT Punjab Circle towards representative Association of Executives in BSNL and illegal allotment of BSNL Assests located in Chandigarh to DOT by CGMT Punjab :

Com Amarjit  Singh CS SNEA Punjab served notice to CGMT Punjab Sh.MS Dhillon  against the repressive measures, vindictive actions against and indifferent attitude towards SNEA representative Association of Executives and Clandestine transfer of District Secretary SNEA RTTC Rajpura Branch    and illegal action of CGMT Punjab to allot buildings and plots to DOT term Cell and CCA Punjab which is clear Violation of presidential orders /directions from CMD BSNL .

The Association requested CGMT Punjab to cancel transfer orders of District Secretary RTTC Rajpura within 24 Hours otherwise immediate trade union action will be initiated against the indifferent and vindictive attitude of CGMT Punjab Circle .All the district secretaries/office bearers and grass root level Executives are requested to reach Chandigarh in mass on short notice to restore the prestige of Association and safeguard the Assets of BSNL Punjab Circle   <<<Click Here to View Copy of Notice>>>


  •  BSNO CO has called for fresh VC in respect of the JTOs included in the All India Eligibility List circulated on 20.2.2015 under seniority cum fitness quota  << View letter>>
  •  BSNO CO has called for fresh VC in respect of the successful candidates of the LDCE for promotion to SDE(T) grade held on 21.6.2015 .  <<<View letter>>>

    All the district secretaries of SNEA Punjab Circle are requested to pursue with SSA Heads and send VC under both the quotas to to Circle office Chandigarh on immediate basis . 



Human Chain protest demonstration held throughout Punjab against non implementation of third pay reversion with 15% fitment by the Government;


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Felicitation of Com Amarjit Singh CS on his superannuation by SNEA Mohali Branch;

On dated 17-11-2017 general body meeting of SNEA Mohali Branch held the general body meeting.The the meeting  was attended by Com Amarjit Singh CS,Com VS Brar   president Chandigarh SSA ,Com Amarjit Singh Branch Secretary Mohali and all other members office bearers of SNEA Mohali attended the meeting .Com Amarjit Singh Branch Secretary Mohali extended congratulations to Com Amarjit Singh CS SNEA and appreciated the  role of com Amarjit Singh in strengthening SNEA in Punjab Circle  and told the house that  as a legend the achievements as in unparalleled and will always be remembered for generations to come .

Felicitation of Com Amarjit Singh by SNEA Mohali Branch

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Com Amarjit Singh Circle secretary in his address thanked all the comrades of Mohali and thanked them for their support during his tenure as CS and advised them to strengthen the bond of unity.

At the end  elections of the Mohali Branch was held and  house unanimously elected the  the branch body. The detail is as under:-
Sr. No. Post Name of Elected Executive
1 President Com. Rajiv Garg
2. Branch Secretary Com. Amarjit Singh
3. Vice President 1. Com. K. S. Saini
2. Com. Harjit Garg
4. Astt. Branch Secretary 1. Com. Vinod Sharma
2. Com. Harjot Rikki
5. Cashier Com. Aastha Diwan
6 Organising Secretary Com. Amritpal Singh
Executive Members:

1. Com. S.K. Puri
2. Com. R.S. Virdi
3. Com. Ashwani Kumar
4. Com. Pankaj Dhir
5. Com. Sukhwinder Kaur

At the end Com Amarjit Singh Branch Secretary extended vote of thanks to all the comrades for attending the meting .