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 On  two days token strike, more than two lakhs BSNL comrades throughout India have shown tremendous, historical unity and marvellous response to call “Save Nation Save BSNL” given by Forum of BSNL Unions & Associations. Comrades registered their protest by staying out of Office and by holding demonstrations out of offices and registered their protest by holding demonstrations against anti PSU, anti BSNL strategies of DoT & Govt of India. Each and every comrade from all SSAs of Punjab Telecom Circle, Circle Office, Chandigarh SSA ,Ropar,Hoshiarpur ,Ludhiana ,Jalandhar,Amritsar,Sangrur,Bathinda , ITPC ,RTTC Rajpura,Patiala,Frezepur,Pathonkot SSAs  etc have shown solid unity and have shown of their commitment & determination towards the resolution demands raised by Forum Except FNTO all the unions and and Associations  participated in strike ,CGMT Punjab Circle office was locked in Punjab Circle,In Amritsar SSA participation of strike was 100% all the executives and Non Exceutives  Participated in strike hats off to com of Amrisar SSA.

This was possible due to strong initiatives by all District Secretaries, Circle/District Office Bearers & activist of all Unions/Associations throughout Punjab Circle . Response was so concrete that all CSCs, all Telephone Exchanges, all the Offices except few offices opened only for sending strike reports remained locked/closed throughout day. In many of the officers no single employee/officer was present even to give report of officers & staff in strike, which shows participation of comrades.  The official figures of participation in the strike is about 92.22% and remaining 7.88% are the only officers who are not members of any participant association or Blacksheeps and in whole struggle  only work done by them is sending two reports on participation in strike some officials from very few SSAs were seen under unwanted fear of two days salary cut or seen to maintain internal disputes and in shameless attempt some of them shown presence both at office as well as in strike Comrades Beware of Such Black sheeps

Comrades, impact of strike is visible to all and DoT which has kept mum for last six months has now called Forum leaders for discussions on demands on 27/04/2015. All comrades should continue their struggle in future programme   in same unity, more devotion/dedication and more active participation. Impact of strike is also seen from the facts that first time in history of strikes, the media has taken note of this strike by BSNL comrades and many of leading News Papers, TV Media have given news of this total strike and its impact on Telecom services.

          SNEA (I) Punjab Circle  Conveys thanks to all the comrades, District Secretaries, Circle/District Office Bearers, prominent leaders & activists of all  Unions & Associations in Punjab Circle  Circle, who have actively participated in Full Day strike with total dedication and without any fear of salary cut in mind.. Keep it up comrades; BSNL is in need of your committed support.

                               Com Amarjit Singh CS SNEA(I) Punjab and Convener forum of

                                                      Unions and Association  Punjab circle

Our Unity Zindabad, BSNL Zindabad,United Forum Zindabad

Glimpses of protest in front of CGMT office Chandigarh

Jalandhar  SSA

Patiala SSA

Ludhiana  SSA

Sangrur SSA

Hosharpur SSA



The two days “Stay out strike by abstaining from duty will be from 00 Hrs of 21st to 24 Hrs of 22nd April, 2015”.Forum has to conduct demonstration infront of all Circle, SSA HQs and all major stations on both days. All employees should participate in the two days “stay out strike ” to “SAVE BSNL, SAVE NATION “.

Meeting with CMD BSNL on strike issue;


CMD  met the office-bearers of the unions and associations which have given a two days strike call on 21st and 22nd April 2015 on a charter of demands mainly in respect of revival of BSNL GS attended the meeting along with other union leaders ,CMD conveyed the status on various issues and said that most of the issues required to be addressed by the DoT/Government and hence wanted us to meet Secretary, DoT. Secretary, DoT is on foreign visit and is likely to return on Monday.  Comrades as most of the issues relates to Govt,all district and Branches circle office bearers  are requested to actively mobilise for the strike so that the strike on the two days is total.

<<Click Here to view status on various issues >>

BSNL Unlimited Landline Plans

Landline customers can now make free calls during 2100 hrs to 0700 hrs to landline or mobile of any network in India.  This will definitely help in retention of landline customers. All our comrades are requested to give wide publicity of this special offer among  the public and adding more and more landline customers in BSNL.

Farewell to Shri G.S Julka, Ex-CGMT Punjab circle and welcome to Shri Ramesh Chander Hooda new CGMT Punjab;


SNEA(I) Punjab Circle is going to organized a farewell party to the Ex-CGMT Punjab Shri  G.S Julka  and welcome party to the Shri Ramesh Chander Hooda new CGMT Punjab Circle  on dated 25.04.2015 at Hotel Orbit Industrial Area Phase-II Chandigarh, all the district Secretaries of SNEA(I) PB alongwith minimum five members are cordially invited to  attend the event at  5:30 PM Sharp .

                                                              CS Punjab Circle


Strike on 21st, 22nd April, 2015.

Massive preparations to be made in the next few days by door to door campaign and conducting combined meeting of Forum at all the exchanges/locations. The employees on leave should cancel their leave and join duty on 21st and 22nd to participate in the strike.

Since settlement of issues going to decide the future of BSNL and the employees, 100% participation and success of the strike only will compel the Govt to start negotiations and settlement of issues in the coming days.