Lunch &Closing hour demonstration on 12.08.2015 at BSNLCO, Circle/SSA HQs.


All Circle/SSA and Branch Secretaries are requested to hold massive demonstration today protesting against the Cabinet decision to form a separate subsidiary Tower Company. Comrades, this will start disintegration of our company. This may end up in strategic sale, disinvestment of the subsidiary etc. This is one segment which is growing very fast without much investment and giving huge profit to BSNL. If the growing segment is detached from BSNL, then how revival of BSNL is possible? If the real issue is tower sharing and monetizing, it can be done very well without forming a subsidiary.

If we are allowing subsidiary tower company today, then we are allowing dividing the company into pieces. Tomorrow it will be another subsidiary for land assets, and then it will be another subsidiary for OF network and so on. FINALLY WHAT REMAINS WITH BSNL WILL BE JUST THE LOSS MAKING LANDLINE SECTOR AND 2.4 LAKH EMPLOYEES! Can we allow that to happen?