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 Congratulations !!!:


 Joint Committee recommendations on the agenda of a) CPSU Cadre hierarchy and b)first TBP uniformly after 4 years to remove the anomaly is signed by all the Committee members. We thank Sri MohammedAshraf Khan, Chairman of the Jt Committee to complete the task in time.

  • The Joint Committee was reconstituted with new Chairman after SNEA agitation in April – May, 2015 and our discussions with CMD, DIR (HR) and ED (Fin) on 06.05.2015. The Committee has given time up to 15.08.2015.
  •  The 3rd agenda of first TBP after 4 years also become part of the Joint Committee agenda as a result of our agitation. EarlierJt Committee could not do anything in this regard.
  • Ultimately our struggle for that last two years, from February, 2014 onwards demanding finalization of standard pay scales of E2, E3 replacing E1A and E2A, implementation of CPSU cadre hierarchy and first TBP uniformly after 4 years are getting positive recommendations from the Joint Committee, a very positive and bold step towards the total resolution of the issue.
  •  Our efforts to get the proposal of E1A and E2A scales rejected by DoT and DPE was the turning point in the struggle.
  • The report will be submitted to CMD, BSNL on 05.10.2015, after his return from tour.
  • As expected, two committee members from official side, Smt. Madhu Arora, GM (Estt) and Smt. Smitha Choudhary, GM (EF) given dissent note. While GM (Estt) given some alternate suggestions at least, GM (EF) completely disagree with all the positive recommendations which benefits the company as well as the Executives.

The main recommendations are:

  1. JTO to SDE and equivalent eligibility shall be 5 years of regular service in the grade and a benchmark to be kept as Good and not more than one Average. For SC/ST candidates two Average may be allowed.
  2. SDE to Sr SDE and equivalent eligibility shall be 5 years of regular service in the grade and benchmark to be kept as Good and not more than one Average. For SC/ST candidates two Average may be allowed.
  3. Sr SDE to DE and equivalent eligibility shall be 5 years of regular service in the grade and benchmark to be kept as Good and not more than one Average. For SC/ST candidates two Average may be allowed.
  4. DE to DGM promotion will be restricted to the availability of posts. The balance DEs may be promoted as Jt DGM (parking Lot). DE to DGM and equivalent eligibility shall be 5 years of regular service as DE and bench mark to be kept as Very Good and not more than one Good. For SC/ST candidates not more than two Good.
  5. DGM to JAG- SG and equivalent may be promoted in the grade of E6 in 5 years as per existing time bound promotion scheme with the bench mark of Very Good and not more than one Good.
  6. The bench marks in above (c) & (d) are same as in Schedule -II of existing CPC as per Group ARRs.
  7. There are some UPSC recruited DEs or equivalent of 1995 batch etc as on today. All UPSC recruits of all batches may be promoted en-bloc to DGM if they meet the bench mark. The executives already promoted to higher post on post based promotion will stand senior en-bloc.

Agenda No.3: To examine the implementation of first time bound promotion uniformly after four years w.e.f. 01.10.2000:Committee is of the view that after the recommendation given above for CPSU cadre hierarchy, this issue gets resolved partially. As per recommendation already given for Agenda 1 in the third meeting of committee on 09.07.2015, the minimum service required for up gradation from E2 to E3 as proposed in (a) above is 5 years.

To address the anomaly, the committee recommends that first pay scale up gradation will be given in maximum of five years instead of six years, notionally w.e.f. 01.10.2000. However, existing provision of first time bound promotion after reaching minimum of net higher scales in four years shall remain unaffected.

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Notice for programme of Trade Union Actions

District  Secretary  Amritsar SSA Com Jaswinder Singh served notice to GMTD Amritsar  on issues of untimely transfers, arbitrary and pick and choose transfers/postings and cancellation of all transfer orders violating established norms/transfer policies, to issue look after promotion orders of DE by  exclusively giving them the charge of DEs and to stop intentional discrimination of  SNEA office Bearers the association has requested to resolve the HR issues before 08-10-2015 otherwise Association will be compelled to start Agitation

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Update on JTO to SDE Promotion court cases:


  • JTO to SDE Promotion case at Hon CAT, Chandigarh which stayed the promotions in 67% quota with reservation was scheduled to be heard on 21.09.2015, but posted to 09.10.2015.
  • BSNL filed an application to club all the similar cases where stay order is issued by the Hon CAT, JTO to SDE LDCE case, JAO to AO promotion, AO to CAO promotion etc. It is expected that on 09.10.2015, Hon CAT will decide on clubbing the cases and hearing it together.
  • Meanwhile BSNL CO decided to seek legal opinion from the Attorney General or Solicitor General of India on this constitutional issue.
    In the Ernakulam case, BSNL CO is replying to the queries made by the BSNL lawyer, by next week. Necessary information is collected by Pers section from all other sections.
  • The case at Hon PCAT against promotion to EE (Civil/Electrical/Arch) wings is listed for 27.09.2015. The clarification issued by BSNLCO and the approval of the same in the Board meeting on 28.08.2015 will be appraised to the Hon PCAT.

Message from General Secretary


My dear comrades,

I am indeed humbled by the enormous support extended to me by the Representative Council of the XXIX AIC at Jaipur and unanimously electing me once again to lead the greatest and strongest Executives Association in the country. Yes, Comrades, it is indeed a proud privilege for me and the entire set of new CHQ office-bearers to gain your unqualified and unanimous confidence. I bow down my head before all the valiant, determined, committed and courageous comrades of this proud organization, the Sanchar Nigam Executives Association. It adds to my strength, our strength that the AIC unanimously decided to nominate our great leader Com G. L. Jogi as our Chairman to guide us and inspire us in future also. The AIC also decided to give special emphasis and focus on issues related to Finance and Accounts and nominated an officer from the Finance and Accounts wing as Advisor.

In the recent past we were able to make significant breakthroughs  on various issues, the major among them being the ITS issue, BWA spectrum refund, expansion of BSNL in MPLS, Phase VII GSM, NGN, ERP, Wi-Fi hotspots, MLLN eqpt. etc. On the cadre issues also substantial achievements have been worked out by ensuring promotions in different cadres. It stands to our credit that, perhaps, for the first time, promotions have been made current wherever Courts have not interfered with the promotions. Other major achievements are 78.2% IDA merger, recruitment to JTO cadre in 50% Dept quota, amendments in SDE RR and JTO RR, enhancing the quota from 50% to 75% in DE promotion ending adhocism, amendments of BSNLMS RR for Civil/Elect. Standard pay scales of E2, E3…., Time Bound functional promotion or CPSU cadre hierarchy, 30% superannuaion benefits, first TBP uniformly after 4 years etc are progressing in the positive direction. Everyone knows and understands that these are no mean achievements worked out within a short time frame. I must acknowledge that these could not have been achieved without the total, unqualified and active support of all the Circles. Yes, leaders and comrades, we bank only on your complete involvement, your undivided commitment, your never-say-die spirit, your unmitigated energy, your full-throated support.  Indeed that is the message that we draw from Jaipur, which sounded the bugles of unity, which gave the clarion call for oneness. We believe that this oneness should not and cannot be limited to within the Association alone but has to cross the barriers and spread to the entire Executive community and even beyond.

We have emerged  stronger  and more united in the AIC. In fact this was the very message, the message of unity, that had given to the AIC through the GS report. I am sure it gladdens the hearts of all well meaning comrades throughout the country. This message of unity has worked wonders during the agitation of 1990. It worked miracles in the unification of the Executive cadres through the formation of the Sanchar Nigam Executives Association in 2003 at Kanyakumari. And I know pretty well that this shall not end here. The experience from the past, the examples set by our illustrious predecessors, all teach us that the unity that we dream for does not end here. It has to go on until every single Executive in BSNL comes under a single roof, under a single umbrella. Therefore, deriving greater strength out of this strong message of unity, I pledge to stand by and along with this great dream of unity.

We have a plethora of agenda before us. But our immediate attention and focus goes to the most difficult, but not impossible, task before us. Making BSNL profitable by 2017, before the 3rd PRC submits its recommendations, is our short term mission and vision. We know pretty well that it is a Herculean task to wipe out the loss of about 7,000 crores. But nothing is impossible and nothing is insurmountable. The employees of BSNL with the best talent and huge experience do not have the least of doubts in their strength. We have demonstrated it on several occasions in the most adverse conditions. We know, for sure, that the efforts we are going to put in the next two years, is going to decide our future, with the 3rd PRC in the offing. Our promotions, perks, medical facilities, pension revision, everything depends on the performance during the next two years. We already missed the Performance Related Pay (PRP) during 2nd PRC itself. If we miss the bus at the 3rd PRC in 2017, we may be missing it forever with remote hopes of another chance only after 10 years in 2027. So, as it stands today, Comrades, it is “perform or perish”. Yes, it is “do or die”. But we all know that we have come to this bridge several times before. And we have crossed it at all times. We are extremely hopeful that the Management will extend its most valuable hands by addressing the issues of development and profitability, which we have already highlighted and will be highlighting at appropriate times.

Other major issues at hand are further follow up on the already worked out E2, E3 pay scales till its finality, CPSU cadre hierarchy, 30% superannuation benefits and membership verification. Positive recommendations worked out by us through the Joint Committee on all these issues viz. E2, E3 pay scales, CPSU cadre hierarchy and first TBP uniformly after 5 years are to be pursued with equal vigour in the BSNL Board and the DoT to get the issue resolved once and for all before the next PRC. It will be a great challenge for the CHQ to introduce a performance based mechanism like CPSU cadre hierarchy in BSNL where thousands of Executives are on higher pay scales. It calls for great vision and threadbare analysis at every step, at every level. The pensionary benefits and social security to the BSNL direct recruits are to be addressed comprehensively even at the expense of some risk in negotiations. To introduce the mechanism without further delay is our priority, that also with maximum amount of contribution.

As far as the Verification process is concerned, the shortcomings in the recognition rules will have to be got rectified. And the process, Comrades, has to go on unhampered to completely come to terms with the vision of unity and greater strength. Fragmentation of any sort will only aid and abet the designs of the Management. It shall never contribute to the strength and bargaining power of the Executives and employees. Any unwitting stand on the issue will only contribute to cutting at the roots of the very dream of unity to which we are committed like never before.

Therefore, Comrades, let us take Jaipur as a significant signpost. Not that we are taking any deviation but that we are going ahead with added strength, greater commitment and undying determination to attack and achieve the goals set at Jaipur. Comrades, such bold dreams can never come to you on a platter. But you will have to build it brick by brick, stone by stone, which means hard work, sweat and even bloodshed. I know you are ready for it. I shall not fail you, we shall not fail you. The die is cast. Let us go hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder till we reach the shores of our dream.


XXIX All India Conference of SNEA held at Jaipur, Rajasthan on 05th, 06th, 07th and 08th Sept, 2015. Detailed discussions held on the following agenda in the AIC and various decisions were taken.


  1. a)

    Promotions in various streams, amendments to different RRs and seniority related issues.

AIC deliberated on the status of various DPCs from JTO to SDE, SDE to DE, DE to DGM, SDE(C/E) to EE(C/E), JAO to AO, AO to CAO, SDE(TF) to AGM(TF), LDCE from JTO to SDE etc and court cases at Ernakulum and Chandigarh affecting various DPCs. In the AIC, it is decided to take all the possible steps to get the stay vacated from Hon Kerala High Court on JTO to SDE promotions. Similarly all efforts may be taken to get the stay vacated from Hon Chandigarh Tribunal on various promotions so that JTO to SDE, JAO to AO, JTO to SDE (LDCE), AO to CAO promotions can be completed. SDE to DE promotion is under process. JTO(TF) to SDE(TF) LDCE to be conducted early by finalizing the syllabus. DE to DGM promotions are to be expedited once the seniority list 1 to 5 is finalised as per Hon Supreme Court order.

Amendments in SDE RR 2002 and BSNLMS RR 2009 for Civil/Elect wing are approved by the BSNL Board on 28.08.2015. By the new SDE RR amendment, interpolating seniority in the ration 2:1 on vacancy year basis, the seniority issue between seniority quota and LDCE quota promotions will be resolved for the future promotions. Amendments in JTO RR and BSNLMS RR for enhancing the quota from existing 50% to 75% for the Accounts wing pending before the BSNL Board are to be pursued vigorously.

Revision of seniority list no 1 to 5 based on Hon SC judgment is underway. The expert Committee is examining the consequential benefits to be extended to the SDEs. Revision of seniority lists 6 & 7 as per Hon SC order based on date of joining is completed. It is a fact that in the revised list, quota also not able to maintain. As decided in Bhopal CWC and Nanded AIC, Association never recognised “Date of joining” as the criteria to decide the seniority, the seniority and subsequent promotions will be based on the recruitment year or vacancy year for which the recruitment or promotion took place. Association will maintain the same stand. In the same line, Association defended the JTO to SDE case at Chennai and Ernakulam. The seniority dispute in list no 6 and 7 and in the seniority of the SDEs in the subsequent promotions will be addressed in the CPSU cadre hierarchy or by suitable mechanisms where the promotions will be linked with recruitment year or vacancy year for which the recruitment or promotion took place.

  1. b)Discussion on E2, E3 pay scales, Implementation of CPSU cadre hierarchy and first TB promotions uniformly after 4 years to address anomaly.

The Joint Committee reconstituted on 08.05.2015 after the agitation of SNEA in April-May, 2015. The Jt Committee finalised the recommendations on standard pay scales. The committee recommended to replace the intermediary pay scales of E1A and E2A with E2 and E3 scales w.e.f 01.01.2007, without cascading effect. The AIC appreciated very much the efforts taken by SNEA to reconstitute the committee and getting a very positive recommendation from the Joint Committee within short time.

The Jt Committee came up with a road map for implementation of CPSU cadre hierarchy upto DE/CAO level. The details are to be worked out. The bench mark tightened with “Good” as bench mark for promotions upto DE/CAO level. Promotion to DGM posts will be based on availability of posts. Promotions from DE(E4) scale to DGM(E5) scale and DGM(E5) scale to SG JAG(E6) will continue.

Discussion on first TBP uniformly after 4 years w.e.f 01.10.2000 to address the anomaly is to be discussed in the Joint Committee. This has become part of agenda only because of the agitation by SNEA in April-May, 2015. AIC decided to pursue the matter vigorously in the Joint Committee for a logical conclusion.

  1. c) 30% superannuation benefits for the BSNL Recruited employees.

Significant improvement observed when CMD mentioned in the AIC proposing an increase in the contribution from 3% to 6%, taking the total contribution to above 24%. However AIC observed that all efforts are to be made to get the full 30% contribution from BSNL as it is the only social security measure available for the BSNL recruits. The scheme has to be implemented without further delay after maximum negotiations with the BSNL Management.

On Full pension option for the EPF, Assn will pursue with management. Legal options also will be explored to get the option changed to “full pension option”.

  1. d) Struggle by Kerala & ETR Comrades.

The AIC took serious note of the struggle going on in Kerala Circle for the last 16 months against the CGMT, facing massive charges of corruption. His intentions are to destroy the healthy working atmosphere in Kerala Circle to help private operators, by dismantling the monitoring mechanisms which made Kerala Circle a role model for other Circles. AIC condemned the action of some Associations openly supporting the CGMT who unleashed series of vindictive actions against the employees and trade unions when corruption charges are taken up. AIC unanimously resolved to actively support the struggle of Kerala Comrades led by SNEA and BSNLEU and may launch trade union actions at All India level to restore normalcy and prestige of the Circle, by shifting the CGMT and also to safeguard the trade union rights.

AIC appreciated the struggle by ETR/Bihar comrades against the vindictive attitude of DGM/ETR. The commitment given by the management during the agitation to be honored.

  1. e) Civil/Electrical /Accounts wing related issues.

AIC appreciated the efforts of CHQ to bring uniformity in promotions to EE cadre in Civil/Electrical etc wings by the clarification dated 16.07.2015 and Board decision on 28.08.2015.

The issue of notional fixation of E1A and E2A scales w.e.f 01.10.2000 for JTOs and SDEs in Civil/Elect/Arch etc wings at par with JAOs to be pursued to bring parity in pay scales.

AIC appreciated the singular efforts of SNEA to end Adhocism in DE promotion and enhancing the quota from 50% to 75%. However Adhocism still continuing in Accounts/Civil/Elect wings and the regular quota continues as 50%. AIC decided to take lead in resolving the issue for Accounts/Civil/Elect wings by suitable amendments in the BSNLMS RR to end adhocism and increase the quota from 50% to 75% as SNEA done for Telecom Engg wing.

  1. f) Rule 8 & Tenure transfers.

Relieving of Executives from Tenure Circles on completion of tenure period is a genuine problem. It is to be taken up with management on priority. In the AIC, it is suggested to relive the substitutes from the non tenure circles, immediately on issue of transfer order.

Rule 8 transfer from various Circles delayed for years together especially from WB, Karnataka, Kol TD, tenure Circles etc. The AIC strongly felt that the Rule 8 transfer of JTOs after completion of 5 years should be dealt on priority by utilizing the officiating JTOs getting regularized shortly or by JTO recruitment.

Special JTO recruitment to tenure circles and Circles having acute shortage to be taken up with the management. This will be feasible once new JTO RR is notified.

  1. g) Reversion of JTOs in Assam/UP(West) Circles.

AIC decided to take all possible organizational and legal actions to avoid reversion from JTO cadre in Assam and UP(West) Circles.