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In pursuance of the relevant provisions of the constitution of SNEA(I) the CEC of SNEA(I), Punjab is hereby notified to be held at Ludhiana on 28.01.16 at 1030Hrs.The CGMT Punjab will adress the House at 2:30PM .All the All Dist Secretaries/CWC members/CEC members are requested to attend the meeting well in time .The Venue of the meeting is


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CWC meeting at Kolkata on 08th, 09th February, 2016.

Dear CSs, CWC members —,

The CWC is notified just after 5 months after the AIC due to some pressing issues like delay in implementation of Joint Committee recommendations, constitution of 3rd PRC and deliberations with PRC, abnormal delay in promoptions mainly due to court cases, Committee report on officiating pay fixation legitimising the illegal BSNL orders, withdrawal of trade union facilities in the name of verification etc.

In the Kolkata CWC, serious deliberations are to be made and important decisions are to be taken on the following issues:

  1. Strategies to increase the revenue and accelerate the growth to make the company profitable to ensure the benefit of 3rd PRC w.e.f 01.01.2017.
  2. Implementation of Joint Committee recommendations submitted on 07.10.2015 on implementation of Standard pay scales, CPSU Cadre Hierarchy and uniform first TBP — course of action in case management not taking a decision on the matter by the time of CWC.

The 3rd PRC will be constituted shortly. But the pay scales of about 30000 Executives working in the basic cadres of JTO/JAO and SDE/AO equivalent cadre not decided so far. Then how the revision of pay scales of these cadres will be deliberated in the PRC?

Practically all promotions in almost all the wings upto DE/CAO are stayed by the Hon CAT, Chandigargh. An alternative mechanism is implementation of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy. But management not started seriously working on it so far eventhough sufficient inputs given by the Assn!

  1. Deadlock on promotions in almost all the cadres, Implementation of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy in the given situation where Executives are working lower post but on higher pay scales —- suggestions from the cadres.
  2. Pay fixation and pay protection on officiating promotion during DoT/BSNL period and got regular promotion as SDE/AO/DE/CAO/EE after 01.10.2000 as per rules. About 15,000 Executives will face reduction of pay by one or two increments and recovery of pay to the tune of lakhs of rupees in case the Committee report is accepted by the management, legitimising the illegal orders issues by BSNL Co without the approval of the competent authority, ie. BSNL Board. — strategies to counter the illegal order and protect the interest of our comrades.
  3. Membership verification — restoration of trade union facilities and deduction of subscription from salary.
  4. Other important issues

All Circles are requested to deliberate these issues in detail by convening CEC meetings and reach Kolkata with specific strategies and action plan.    

                                   General Secretary



 Resounding initiative to get closer to the hearts of the users to improve service quality and user interface – spectacular success of this drive will sound revival bugles.  

Recognizing the huge significance of the impact that well knit and closely coordinated efforts of the Trade Unions and Management can have on turning around the Company, Trade Unions responded in equal measure and in the most befitting manner to series of recent business decisions of the management, to bolster growth of the Company, by swiftly deciding, after serious deliberations, to observe for 100 days “SERVICE WITH A SMILE” initiative from 1st January, 2016. The objective of the initiative obviously is get close to the hearts of our esteemed users to understand the critical issues of quality of service and customer interface that often trouble them and have impeded growth like anything. Management and the workforce, moving on the same wavelength in a congenial atmosphere, where mutual trust prevails, can truly create miracles in bringing the Company out of the present turmoil. It is only question of both the sides trying to understand this critical and hard reality and holding on to it in a sustained manner, not breaking the thread.

Forum of Associations/Unions, fully conscious of the miracles that improvements in quality of services and customer interface can have on the growth of the Company, decided to urge upon its workforce to lay very strong emphasis on bringing about drastic changes in these strategic areas.

Management naturally reciprocated to this initiative of the Trade Unions overwhelmingly and decided that this initiative will be inaugurated simultaneously at BSNLCO, Circle and SSA HQ by CMD, respective CGM and SSA heads. This initiative assumes greatest significance when viewed in the context of the fact that 3rd PRC is virtually at our doorsteps and how crucial it is for us to bridge and finally wipe out the losses. The whole idea of this drive is to give a push to the positive growth trajectory we are witnessing since the last one year and fully consolidate on it. Our entire focus has to be on following salient features of 100 days “SWAS” drive;

(1) Vigorous marketing of Mobile, Broadband and Landline connections.

(2) Ensure Fault Free service.

(3) Reconnection of Broadband and Landline connections.

(4)Special focus on Enterprise Business, Leased line, CUG  and 3G customers.

(5) Special focus on MNP.

Politely and patiently listening to the woes of the customers naturally leads to improving customer care and customer interaction. Addressing the complaints related to billing, indoor, eternal etc. at a single point, instead of making users to run from pillar to post, reducing the disconnection rate from the all India average of 0.8% to 0.4% per month, ie min 0.4% per month, visiting premises of the  disconnected/migrated customers etc.

Success of this initiative will go a long way in consolidating the upward growth that we are registering of late and in gradually bridging up the accumulated losses so as to eventually wipe them out. Let us not, not even one of us, even for a moment, lose sight of 3rd PRC which is hardly a year from now. How decisive and crucial getting eligible to 3rd PRC is for all of us needs not to be at all reiterated. Not getting 3rd PRC will not only be devastating for us but will herald doom of what we proudly and fondly call “Prestigious National Telecom Institution”, meant to cater to the crucial communication needs of our fellow Countrymen and the Nation as a whole.    

All DSs/office bearers all comrades of SNEA Punjab are requested to make concerted efforts and  make strategy  in consultation with other unions and Association and the management  to make SWAS as successful event to ensure our carrier growth and to maintain financial viability of  our beloved company( BSNL)