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DPE has released a new compendium of its guidelines for administrative Ministries/Departments and Central Public Sector Enterprises. Previous compendium was issued in the year 2006. The latest Compendium in all comprises of total 320 guidelines in respect of General Management, Policy Planning, Management Policy, Wage Policy, Memorandum of Understanding, Corporate Social Responsibility, Permanent Machinery of Arbitration, Voluntary Retirement Scheme and Counselling, Retraining & Redeployment Scheme. This compendium has been made available in the right column of this page permanently under the heading ‘DPE Compendium’.
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Circle Secretary Met CGMT Punjab Circle:


CS Com Amarjit  Singh Met CGMT Punjab  GM(Admin)Chd  and DGM(Admin)Chd was also present in the meeting  CS  held discussion on the following important issues:

  1. The CS requested to the CGMT to direct the concerned authorities not to issue transfer orders till  march  and also   follow  the  provision made in the transfer Policy while issuing transfer orders further Minimum transfer on need basis should be issued as huge financial  implication  is involved for giving TA/TP. The CGMT assured to look into the matter.
  2.    To Sympathetically  consider the request for cancellation of  transfer orders in respect of some   some Executives of Ludhiana and Chandigarh  SSA  on  Compelling Medical ground on them like( Heart Surgery etc.)  ,CGMT assured to consider these cases.

In addition to above their was also fruitful discussion on service related issues  and CS assured the CGMT Punjab to extend full cooperation in this regard. 


Court case at Ernakulum on JTO to SDE promotion -Filing of Reply:

Based on the input given by BSNLCO, the draft reply to be filed in the Hon HC has been prepared by the lawyer and sent to BSNLCO for vetting. GS met GM(Pers) and discussed the matter. GM(Pers) informed that the reply has been received on Friday evening and by tomorrow, it will be send back to KRL Circle after vetting and reply will be filed this week itself. On DGM promotion, GM(Pers) assured that efforts are being made to issue the promotion orders at the earliest as per the new SDE seniority list 1 to 17 as old 1 to 5 seniority list cannot be operated now. The issue of 147 officers will be decided soon as per the present seniority list.

CGMT Punjab circle gave congratulations all SSA Heads unions and Associations due to positive trend of growth in punjab circle as no negative point was observed for Punjab Circle in recent HOCC meeting at New delhi;

Worthy CGMT sent this Text message to our CS

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” Congratulations all SSA Heads in Circle It is a matter of great satisfaction that no negative point was observed for Punjab Circle related to CFA, CM, EB, Finance & others. I greatly appreciate the efforts made by GM CFA, CM MKTG, EB, NOFN GM F, Sr GM CMTS, GM NC, All SSA Heads & their team, All unions & associations for taking great pains to bring improvements in their respective fields & expect them to continue their best efforts in future also. There is always a scope for    improvement.”.   

We are very thankfully to the CGMT for positive gesture it gives Hughes motivation to the work force and at  the same time our CS assured to extend full cooperation on over all initiatives being taken by the CGMT ,he further requested the CGMT to direct the concerned authorities to focus on Wi-Fi HOT SPOT project right from the beginning phase to make it grand success.




Glimpse of CWC meeting of SNEA held at Kolkata from 08-02-2016 to 09-02-2016 from Punjab circle ,Com Amarjit Singh CS,Com Jagtar Singh CWC Member and Com Raj Kumar DET Hoshiarpur actively participated in the deliberations during the meet detail will be uploaded shortly

Minutes of CEC of SNEAI held at Ludhiana on 28.01.2016:


 The Circle Executive Committee(CEC) of SNEA (I) Punjab Circle was held on 28.01.2016 at” Lodhi Club Ferozepur Road Ludhiana.The CEC was attended by Com Amarjit Singh CS ,Com Gurpreet Sing Circle President ,Com Jasvir Singh Joint Secretary North ,Com Jagtar Singh CWC member,Com Joginder Pal Circle Treasurer and all the District Secretaries and CEC Members attended the meeting. The CGMT Punjab Circle Sh.R.C Hooda was the chief guest of this function and he graced the occasion at 3.00PM

 The CEC started with welcome address by  Com Gurpreet Singh Circle president welcomed all the participants and told house that due to efforts made by CGMT Punjab and cooperation extended by all of us the Punjab Circle is showing Positive trend in all the segments   he requested the participants to give specific inputs to further improve the quality of service the following issues were discussed in detail as per Agenda.

Com Amarjit Singh Circle Secretary welcomed the CGMT Punjab Circle for sparing his precious time for attending this CEC and praised for his valuable contribution in turning around Punjab Circle  and ensured his full cooperation in overall devolvement activities in the circle after that Felicitation Ceremony was conducted Com Gurpreet Singh CP,Com Amarjit Singh Honoured the CGMT with Bouquets and Com Jasvir Singh Joint Secretary North&Com Jagtar Singh CWC member presented him Memento  


Circle Secretary Report:

Com Amarjit Singh CS welcomed all the participants and explained to the house various Association activities he told the house that in recently held AIC of SNEA at Jaipur Com Jasvir Singh was unanimously elected as Joint Secretary North  and the CEC gave standing ovation joint secretary North  the CS further told the house that  SNATTA Punjab has always shown firm affiliation to SNEA (I) and only due to such devoted support SNEA (I) PB could add all TTAs newly promoted JTOs to SNEA (I) force throughout Punjab Circle Circle. Due to timely feedback from then SNATTA comrades and present SNEA comrade, we are successful in getting issues settled in respect of many TTA/JTO comrades ranging from different issues related to conduction of LDCE,

timely JTO training for all LDCE passed TTAs, special batch for JTO Phase & Phase II training at diff rent training centers due to efforts of SNEA(I) almost all the new JTOs(TTA to JTO) has been posted in their parent SSA and maximum no of these JTOs has joined our Association. He further explained the house that the regular promotion in the cadre of DEs/JTO/JAG is held up due to various court cases and association is making full efforts to resolve the issue at various levels in addition to this he told the house that pay anomaly case and JTO(T) to SDE promotion cases will be raised in the coming CWC meeting at Kolkata  and he further told the house that SNEA is   fully  committed to ensure holding LICE examination from TTA to JTO  on due  dates  and  we will take all  necessary actions, to ensure  holding of examination on scheduled date,he further advised all the members to to be united in addition to above he explained that issues related  to Amritsar SSA is settled down due to timely intervention of CGMT Punjab Circle and he thanked the GMTD Amritsar and CGMT Punjab circle for showing positive gesture in this regard.

At the end CS told the house that CGMT Punjab circle is working very hard to turnaround the Punjab Circle from red Zone to making it profitable Circle  and he ensured full cooperation from SNEA for development activities in the circle .

Com Jagtar Singh CWC Member:

Com Jagtar Singh CWC members in his address welcomed the CGMT for attending the CEC meeting and he told that SWAS is good initiative taken by forum of unions and associations and endorsed by our CMD and this is good example of participating type management strategy of the Company the SWAS is important for the employees as they have to get their third PRC and from company’s point of view it is also important in terms of profitability he requested the CGMT to ensure full thrust from the management for implementation of SWAS he further raised following queries to the CGMT on behalf of SNEA Punjab circle:-

1.Their is frequent failure in Broadband/GSM/Wimax core network resulting in poor QOS and loss of revenue and disconnection of connections in all the segments and he also told the house that whenever we raised the issue with CGMT he took swift action to restore the services related to core N/W he   thanked the CGMT for the same and also requested to make core team at circle level to monitoring at circle level to escalate the issue related   to failure of Core Network .

  1. There should be some clear-cut Policy regarding manning of unmanned Exchanges due  to huge retirements of Non Executives.

3.Regarding direct reporting of JTO/SDEs to AGM ,he raised the issue of orders issued by circle office regarding direct reporting of JTO/SDE directly reporting to AGM/DET which are creating confusion among staff and also it has operational challenges and requested the CGMT to clarify this issue.

He further told the house that our CMD/DIR(HR)/DIR(CFA)/DIR(FIN) and other officers are framing good policies to make this company profitable  and good leadership always bring good results as leadership is mean of direction leaders set directions and means to follow them ,leadership is to inspire individuals to achieve set goals it is gaining their commitment and motivating them to achieve our common objective that is profitability of the company and we are proud that we have good leadership at circle and under the leadership of our CGMT we definitely bring the Punjab circle to new height in term of Business.

Com Jasvir Singh Joint Secretary North :

Com  Jasvir Singh Joint Secretary North  in his address appealed the members to work hard to bring  the BSNL to profit making company he also appreciated the  initiatives taken by the CMD BSNlL  from time to time  which has created hues motivation and confidence among the BSNL work force  recently further he explained the  100 days programmed  initiated by the forum of unions and Association  and this program  is  endorsed by Our CMD on first January 2016 the salient   features of the program  SWAS are  ;

1) Vigorous marketing of Mobile, Broadband and Landline connections.

(2) Ensure Fault Free service.

(3) Reconnection of Broadband and Landline connections.

(4)Special focus on Enterprise Business, Leased line, CUG  and 3G customers.

(5) Special focus on MNP.

Politely and patiently listening to the woes of the customers naturally leads to improving customer care and customer interaction. Addressing the complaints related to billing, indoor, eternal etc. at a single point, instead of making users to run from pillar to post, reducing the disconnection rate from the all India average of 0.8% to 0.4% per month, ie min 0.4% per month, visiting premises of the  disconnected/migrated customers etc.

Success of this initiative will go a long way in consolidating the upward growth that we are registering of late and in gradually bridging up the accumulated losses so as to eventually wipe them out. Let us not, not even one of us, even for a moment, lose sight of 3rd PRC which is hardly a year from now. How decisive and crucial getting eligible to 3rd PRC is for all of us needs not to be at all reiterated. Not getting 3rd PRC will not only be devastating for us but will herald doom of what we proudly and fondly call “Prestigious National Telecom Institution”, meant to cater to the crucial communication needs of our fellow Countrymen and the Nation as a whole.

He further requested the CGMT to ensure proper monitoring at JAG  level for proper implementation of BSNL policies

In concluding his speech Com Jasvir Singh  appealed  all the members  and  all  DSs/office bearers all comrades of SNEA Punjab are requested to make concerted efforts and  make strategy  in consultation with other unions and Association and the management  to make SWAS as successful event to ensure our carrier growth and to maintain financial viability of  our beloved company( BSNL)



Adress by The CGMT :

Shri R.C Hooda , CGMT, BSNL, Punjab Circle  in his address told that  in his first posting he was posted in Nort East Circle and he has worked different circles in the country through out his carrier and every assignment has new experience ,he further told the house that for smooth functioning of the organization sometimes Administration has to hard decisions and Associations should cooperate for the same in the interest of the company further explained that when he joined Punjab Circle six months ago he felt indifferently about functioning of circle and after that he visited all the SSA to know the work culture and he felt that all are very good workers and focused on critical points to improve the efficiency and he is personally monitoring CFA/CM/EB/HRM/NOFN on daily basis as per schedule and given directions to SSA heads to monitor the working at SSA level .The CGMT also impressed that there is increase in Revenue due involvement of management and Associations /unions he further told that in recently HOCC meeting at New Delhi no negative point in respect of Punjab circle was discussed further he told that CMD is personaly monitoring progress of the company personally and due to concerted efforts BSNL was in operating profit in last financial year and we have miles to go to overcome the accumulated  losses of the company and we all together can achieve this target.

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The CGMT  in detail elaborated SSA wise  exact position  of CFA/CM/EB/NOFN verticals in terms of growth, Revenue ,Negative Trends in each SSA in order to show the exact position of Punjab Circle and Goals to be achieved to make it profitable circle he further told to the house that transmission equipment will be shortly available in circle and all the SSA prepare their estimate as per transmission plan as per actual requirement in SSA,150KM OFC cable has been procured and in addition to this  efforts are being made to procure 1600KM OFC.

In replying to the query of Direct reporting of JTO/SDEs to AGM CGMT told that it has to be implemented very intelligently where there is actual shortage of Executives and no in mass orders are to be issued in this regard he further told that work among DGMs will be redistributed to ensure proper Monitoring at JAG level  and unmanned exchanges should be clubbed for proper maintenance and manning them.

In Concluding his speech he thanked the Com Amarjit Singh CS SNEA for inviting him to this CEC and appealed to all the members to make concerted efforts to improve the BSNL services and achieving the  set targets to make it profitable Circle during question Hour Com Jagmohinder  Sing ACS,Com Harpreet Singh DS Hoshiarpur,Com Rajesh DS RTTC Rajpur,Com Hardinder Singh CWC Member  and other comrades  raised queries and at the end CGMT very patiently  replied all the queries raised by members during question hour



The following District Secretaries took parts in the deliberations:

District Secretary Ludhiana :

Com Harjinder Singh intimated the house that inter circle transfer orders in respect of JTO(T) under Rule-8 are  not issued by circle office and requested to the CS to take the issue with circle office as no of JTOs are waiting for their transfer orders he also raised the issue of shortage of staff ,he further raised the recent amendment in transfer policy regarding soft tenure in the same circle.

 District Secretary Amritsar :

Com Pawan Kumar DP thanked the circle secretary for settlement of various issues related to Amritsar SSA  as Comrades from Amritsar SSA was on agitation.

District Secretary Chandigarh SSA :

Com Pritipal Singh raised the issue of early issuances of JTO(T) to SDE(T) orders ,resolution of pay Anomoly and pay protection cases at CHQ level he further pointed out to publish escalation matrix in respect of CDR/ERP/NGN projects.

District Secretary Hoshiarpur SSA :

Com Harpreet Singh told the house that in Manali CWC there was an opportunity of unification of SNEA(I) and AIBSNLEA but due to unavoidable circumstances Association could not succeed in the proposed merger however he pleaded for strengthening the united forum ,he further raised the issue of streamlining the outdoor plant maintenance tender ,shortage of store and overloading of BNG Jalandhar resulting in slow speed of Broadband and outsourcing of broadband maintenance work should be avoided and he further raised the issue to simplify of BSNLMRS scheme at  par of defense Services medical scheme .

 District president Jalandhar SSA :

Com Ramesh   raised the issue of shortage of day to day maintenance material like Dropwire,EPBT Set ,Modems etc.He further raised the issue of  anomalies in look after arrangement in various cadres and he pleaded  that LA orders should be issued from circle office and he further raised the issue of  shortage of TTAs and for making strategy for manning the unmanned exchanges in addition to this he raised the doubt about improper functioning of CHQ body  and he suggested the efforts should  be made  at all levels  to resolve the court cases with mutual consent and regarding holding of circle conference of SNEA he suggested that we should conduct circle conference at the earliest.

District Secretary NTR Jalandhar : Com Rakesh Mahjan raised the issue of directly recruited JTOs directly reporting to DEs and he requested the CS to resolve this issue.

District Secretary RTTC Rajpura :

Com Rajesh mentioned that BSNLs HR strategy is not cleared in some case BSNL is following central Govt. of India guideline and some cases BSNL guideline which is creating complex situation in the company he further raised the issue of BSNL instruction in respect of looking after arrangement in which employee is forced to accept the looking after arrangement and Executives are reverted Back to their parent cadre whenever management wants he mentioned that BSNL should give regular promotion to the Executives instead of look after arrangement. He further requested the CS to pursue for posting of qualified staff in RTTC Rajpur in IT section for imparting training to engineering students in which RTTC can earn good revenue

District Secretary Ropar SSA :

Com G. S Garewal  raised the issue of poor business strategy prevailing in BSNL he mentioned that BSNL is installing state of the art Technology in BSNL like CDR/ERP etc., but its strategy for implementation of these projects is very poor by adopting such technology we should have increased our customer base but reverse is happening in BSNL this is due to lack of proper HR policy of the company he further mentioned that there is acute shortage of Executives in addition to this he raised the issue of  making arrangement for online payment of electricity bill at the earliest.

District Secretary Pathankot SSA:

Com Kapil raised the issue that lot of comrades are waiting for hard tenure posting he further raised the issue of  on line payment of electricity Bills and all the tenders should be carried out at circle office .

District Secretary Patiala SSA :

Com Charanjiv Lal raised the issue of inordinate delay of JTO(T) to SDE(T) under 67% seniority cum fitness quota and requested the delegates to raise this issue in CWC at Kolkata   for early resolution of the issue further he pleaded for strengthening of the united forum.

District Secretary Ferozepur SSA:

Com Srinivasan Raised the issue that before circle conference the district conferences of all the SSAs should be done then decide circle conference further he raised the issue  of inordinate delay of JTO(T) to SDE(T) under 67% seniority cum fitness quota and requested the delegates to raise this issue in CWC at Kolkata  and he told that there is general feeling that CHQ is deliberately not resolving the JTO to SDE promotion issue .

District Secretary Chandigarh Circle office:

 Com D.V kaushal in his address apprise the house about various activities of the Association  and told the house that there is depression among members due to non resolution of JTO to SDE promotion issue and pleaded the house to impress upon the CHQ to early resolve the issue

 Resolutions passed:

After prolonged deliberations CEC unanimously passed the following resolutions :

1.The CEC unanimously  passed resolution to extend the tenure of Circle body till conduct of member verification process in the interest of Association and after that circle conference will be held for conducting election.

2.As per provision made in the constitution CEC unanimously Co-Opted Three  CWC members from Ludhiana,Chandigarh and Jalandhar .The following members were co-opted as CWC members :

A.Com Harinder Singh CWC Member from Ludhiana SSA.

B.Com Vivek Ahjua CWC Member from Chandigarh SSA.

C.One CWC member will be co-opted from Jalandhar SSA as district secretary will communicate his name after genral body meeting of Jalandhar SSA.

In addition to above one post of CWC member is kept reserved for LICE passed JTO(TTA to JTO new members ) and one member from these JTOs will be co-opted when new JTOs will will give one name unanimously to the Circle Secretary .   

At the end vote of thanks was extended by Com Gurpreet Singh Circle president and delicious  Lunch was served .






BSNL Examination calender:


BSNL CO published the Calendar of different Examinations to be held for Direct Recruitments /Departmental Promotions to be held during Year 2016-17.  <Read detail>

  • This is good initiative and it will be definitely one positive step towards timely recruitment of fresh talent from market as well as for giving scope to the in-house talent by timely conduction of different departmental examinations for fast track promotions of working staff & officers.
  • Let us hope that BSNL management keep keen watch on this schedule and see that this schedule is followed without any manmade hurdles.
  • In many of cases, this schedule is disturbed due to failure of Legal Cell of BSNL in dealing with different court cases and if legal cell shows it’s at least 50% efficiency and use 50% of talent available in BSNL, then there should not be any issue in conduction of all these outsider/departmental examinations as per schedule otherwise this calendar of examinations will be just one of the formality completed by BSNL and such good initiative will be in vain.
  • Concerned comrades, eligible for different departmental/outsider examinations may take note of the tentative dates of different examinations and start preparations for grand and first attempt success for fast track promotions in BSNL.