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Meeting with Shri N. Sivasailam, Addl Secretary, DoT on 28.07.2016: GS, CHQ President and Chairman met Addl Secretary, DoT and held discussions on the following issues:


a) Approval of E2, E3, — pay scales replacing non standard pay scales of E1A and E2A:

As suggested by CMD in the meeting on 21.07.2016, Assn explained the background of the issue once again to Addl Sec. E1A and E2A pay scales are not approved by DoT being non standard pay scales. The presidential orders for these two scales not issued by DoT, which is part of 2nd PRC. Addl Sec again started with E1 and E2 replacing E1A and E2A and proposing measures to protest the pay or extending pay equivalent to E1A by any means. By sending the proposal of E2, E3, — E7 by BSNL, the little scope for considering E1A to E2 and E2A to E3 also reduced, Addl Sec told us. Addl Sec is of the view that it has to be referred to DPE even without recommendation as there is no justification for E4 to E7 or it can be examined at the time of 3rd PRC. Assn explained that E1A and E2A are rejected by DoT and DPE and hence there is no need to send it again to DPE. Reduction of pay scales to E1 and E2 is nothing but demotion which cannot be accepted. Further Assn pointed out that replacement scales for E1A and E2A are part of 2nd PRC and DoT should consider it separately. In that case, according to Addl Sec, BSNL should have taken it separately, not linking with other scales. Finally after lot of discussion, Addl Sec agreed to consider E2 and E3 and replacement of E1A and E2A with E2 and E3 will be recommended to DPE with the BSNL proposal.

b) Superannuation benefit to BSNL direct rect employees:

The stand of DoT on this issue also not positive even though DoT didn’t have any financial implications. The thinking in DoT is that even this fund is not required. Assn explained to Addl Sec about the DPE orders in this regard and BSNL rects are not covered by any pension schemes other than this. Addl Sec assured settle it positively.

DoT is very negative in settling both the issues, at all levels as expected. Assn is trying its level best to settle the issues through discussion, without industrial unrest. However, the developments are not at all positive. All organizational preparedness is to be maintained to launch any struggle at short notice.

c)Double fixation as per the provisions of EPP:

EPP provides one additional increment on post based promotion from same scale to same scale. This has been objected by DoT pension cell recently. Assn explained the background and told Addl Sec that this provision is part of EPP and EPP order is issued after the approval of DoT. So DoT also cannot make objections now. Addl Sec informed that DoT not objected Additional increment on post based promotion but BSNL treating it as Advance increment instead of Additional increment and allowing option and change of DNI. This is not allowed, DNI will remain the same as given at the time of scale upgradation. The recent DoT order is wrongly interpreted and assured that it will be corrected. He immediately given instructions to the concerned officers to correct the order.



‘In order to stream line and reduce the time limit in CPC process, henceforth, the Competent Authority has decided, whenever CPCs will be convened by the corporate office, physical copies of APARs are not to be forwarded to Pers. sections any more. Instead, circles will be forwarding duly filled up Screening Committee report ( in the Proforma as enclosed) to the Pers. Section in Corporate Office for the list of executives as communicated by this office, which in turn will form the basis of CPC at the Corporate Level’<<<View copy of guidelines>>>

Approval of standard pay scales of  E2, E3 for the JTO / JAOs recruited after 01.01.2007, replacing E1A and E2A:


A)  As assured by CMD yesterday, CMD met Secretary / DOT and Additional Secretary / DOT yesterday itself and discussed about E2, E3,…..etc pay scale issue. CMD told both Secretary / DOT and Additional Secretary / DOT  that the presidential orders for replacement scales of E1A and  E2A is not issued by DOT so far, hence E2, E3 issue has to be processed on priority.

b) 30% Superannuation issue is under process in DoT and moving forward.  

JTO to SDE promotion case at Ernakulam

newJTO to SDE promotion case at Ernakulam: The conference with the Sr lawyer is fixed for 25-26, July, 2016 at New Delhi. Most probably, the case will be listed for next week, in the weekly list.

JTO VC pending from AS, BR, CHG, CTD, GUJ, HR, MH, NE II, NTR, OR, PB, RAJ and UPW Circles as on 21.07.16.


The Grand General body meeting of Patiala SSA held on 18.07.2016:

The grand General  body meeting Meeting of SNEA, Patiala SSA  was held 18th July, 2016 at Parbhat Parwna Hall Baradari Garden Patiala . Com Amarjit Singh CS Punjab , Com Jasvir Singh Joint Secretary North,Com Gurpreet Singh CP ,Com Jagmohinder ACS ,Com Harinder Singh DS&CWC Member Ludhina,Com Jagtar Singh CWC Member   and more than 80 members from the Patiala SSA  participated with full of enthusiasm and made it a grand success. Com Gurpreet Singh , Circle President presided the meeting .

Com Charanjeeve Lal , District  Secretary Patiala SSA presented a report  and various activities of the association in Patiala SSA. As per DS report, SNEA will emerge as the majority Association in Patiala SSA   with comfortable margin

Com Gurpreet Singh CP in his address appealed to all the members and office bearers  to formulate strategies for 1st membership verification and becoming number one Association in Punjab Circle   and start serious preparations in this regard.. Since the majority Assn is going to decide the future of BSNL as well as the Executives, all out efforts are required to get maximum votes for thumping majority.

 Com  Jasvir Singh Joint Secretary North ,  Addressed the House and focused   on recent developments in HR issues like:

  1. Constitution of 3rd PRC & implementation w.e.f. 01.01.2017 etc.
  2. Replacement of E1A and E2A scales with E2 and E3 scales w.e.f  01.01.2007 with five promotions and the efforts for up gradation of E3 to E6 scales to E4 to E7.
  3. Promotions in different cadres:
  4. 30% superannuation benefit
  5. CPSU Cadre Hierarchy replacing the existing two tier promotion, delinking seniority and availability of posts, as per Khan Committee recommendations.
  6. E1A/E2A for Civil/Elect/Arch/TF/PA/PS etc notionally from 01.10.2000. For the first time, mgt agreed to our demand in the meeting held on 17.05.2016. The proposal has gone to MC. However MC sought some information from other ministries which is not relevant in the case and SNEA strongly protesting the said action.The revised dates given by the BSNL Management is up to Aug-2016 for all our issues including this. We are further pursuing the matter.
  7. Officiating pay fixation etc.

The most important task ahead for SNEA is the constitution of 3rd PRC and its implementation. SNEA started the struggle in the platform of NCOA and launched series of agitation programmes since November, 2015 demanding 3rd PRC constitution. Finally 3rd PRC constituted on 09.06.2016. It is our responsibility to ensure that 3rd PRC is fully implemented in BSNL. For this we have to struggle to delink the profitability from PRC implementation. Simultaneously we have to ensure that pension revision also becoming part of 3rd PRC. These are the major challenges before us.

The biggest challenge before us is to get the standard pay scales of E2 and E3 in replacement of E1A and E2A, for the entry level cadres of JTO/JAO and SDE/AO implemented immediately as 3rd PRC is constituted. Otherwise the pay revision for the entire BSNL Executives will be jeopardised, simply due to this one reason alone. Keeping the future of JTO/JAOs recruited after 2007 and the 3rd PRC in mind, SNEA for the last few years, struggling to get the standard pay scales of E2, E3 implemented in BSNL replacing E1A and E2A. The initial proposal of E1A and E2A got rejected by DoT and DPE due to the efforts of SNEA in July, 2014. We met the officers in DoT and DPE including the Secretary/DPE in this regard. The agitation in April/May, 2015 by SNEA, resulted in the reconstitution of the Joint Committee. SNEA was behind all these developments and finally Jt Committee come out with sweeping recommendations which will change the pay scales and promotional avenues of the Executives in BSNL.

He further told the house that SNEA will emerge as the majority Association in BSNL    with comfortable margin and explained the House to formulate various strategies in the forthcoming verification process.

Com Amarjit Singh CS,  Explained the success story of  Punjab  Circle under the dynamic leadership of CGMT , Punjab  and expressed  gratitude to the CGMT for his serious efforts for making Punjab circle a vibrant  circle in terms of Business .Com CS in detail explained the various activities of Punjab Circle and told the house that during his tenure he tried his best to address all the grievances  of executive in Punjab irrespective  of their Association  he further told the house that whenever any executive of any Association (AIBSNLEA,AIGETOA etc .) came in his office he tried  address his grievance without asking him to become member of SNEA further he in detail explain various incidence in this regard . Com CS  in his address appealed to all the members and office bearers  to formulate strategies for 1st membership verification and becoming number one Association in Punjab Circle   and start serious preparations in this regard.. Since the majority Assn is going to decide the future of BSNL as well as the Executives, all out efforts are required to get maximum votes for thumping majority.

He also explained the House regarding stalemate in JTO to SDE promotion in 67% seniority cum fitness quota  on 02.05.2012, Hon CAT, Chennai dismissed the petition filed by some Associations and individuals demanding finalization of AIEL based on the basis of date of joining. SNEA(I) impleaded in the case against the prayer. BSNL Corporate Office published All India Eligibility list of JTOs on 11.05.2012 for JTO to SDE promotion for the vacancy years 2009-10, 2010-11 and 2011-12 covering all JTOs upto 2001 rect year and ST candidates upto 2005 rect year. On 30.10.2012, revised All India Eligibility List of JTOs was published after incorporating the corrections. Some other group challenged the All India Eligibility list in the Hon CAT Ernakulam demanding interpolation of JTOs from dept and direct quotas in the ration 1:1 from 1995 onwards and date of joining instead of training centre marks as the criterion to decide the seniority. The Assn impleaded in the court case at Hon CAT Ernakulam filed by some individuals which restrained BSNL from conducting any DPC related work other than preparatory work for JTO to SDE promotion vide order dated 18.04.2013. Another OA was also filed with almost similar plea. The stay/injection was continued as Hon Division Bench was not sitting for months together. In the meanwhile the Association requested for initiating DPC work for the next two more vacancy years, 2012-13 and 2013-14. Accordingly on 17.09.2014, BSNL called the ACR and assessment reports of two more years 2010-11 and 2011-12 for the JTOs of 1998, 1999, 2001 and later recruits. The petition filed by SNEA(I) in the Hon CAT for urgent hearing of the case came up for arguments on 04.03.2014 and final arguments started on 09.04.2014. After arguments, the judgment was pronounced on 16.01.2015 dismissing both the OAs. The judgment copy was received on 22.01.2015. Immediately after that, the Assn pursued the conduct of DPC and approval of the same, vacancy year-wise. Competent authority accorded approval on 29.01.2015 for conducting the DPC for the vacancy years from 2009-10 to 2013-14 for 6112 vacancies and the formal DPC started. However on 02.02.2015, by an interim order, Hon Ernakulam High Court stayed the conduct of the DPC and issue of promotion order on the appeal filed. Our lawyer and BSNL lawyer strongly opposed granting of stay. We filed application for vacation of stay and on our strong pleading, Hon HC decided to hear the case on merit and dispose off the appeal after the vacation. Against the interim stay order of Hon Kerala High Court, Assn filed SLP in the Hon Supreme Court in the first week of May, 2015 praying for vacation of stay on promotions and urgent hearing. However Hon SC declined to hear the case on urgent basis and posted the matter to 01.07.2015. Meanwhile the final hearing started in the Hon Kerala High Court, immediately after the vacation and continued on 20.07.15, 23.07.15, 27.07.15, 29.07.15 and 05.08.15. In the meantime another case was filed and clubbed with this on 05.08.2015 in which another plea challenging the seniority of JTOs of 2001 recruitment year in which 500 officiating JTOs are regularised each year and now shown against supernumerary posts was under question. This issue was not agitated earlier in the Hon CAT or no reply was filed, so BSNL sought time for detailed reply. Now, the case is posted after Onam vacation and is expected to come up for hearing in the first week of Sept. 2015. Meanwhile all the preparatory work for all the vacancies have been completed by BSNL and the promotion orders can be issued in a reasonable time once the judgment is pronounced. GS along with CS Kerala Circle met Senior Lawyer Shri. O.V. Radhakrishnan, the lawyer defending our case in the Hon.CAT and High Court at Cochin twice on 19.01.2014 and 13.06.2015 and had detailed discussions on the matter to vacate the interim direction. Even though all the preparatory works are completed, we could not do justice to our basic cadre of JTO in promotions due to the impending and prolonged court cases.

 In another development Hon Chandigarh CAT stayed the JTO to SDE promotion under 67% seniority quota on 21.07.2015 without implementing the Hon Supreme Court direction in Nagaraj case where the Hon court had directed to ascertain backwardness and shortage before providing reservations in promotion. Earlier JAO to AO promotion, AO to CAO promotion and JTO to SDE promotion under LDCE quota are stayed by the Hon Court. Now the case is coming for hearing on 18.09.2015. This case may have far reaching consequences on all promotions as it is based on a Supreme Court judgment. The present status is that after persuasion  BSNL has deputed one Senior lawyer from Delhi and we are expecting final hearing in the month of July 2016

 Com Jagtar Singh CWC Member  in address in detail explained the issue of standard pay scales he told the house that it  is the sole responsibility of SNEA to get the Khan committee recommendations implemented in true spirit, without dilution, which are in the larger interest of the cadre. Lot of negative forces are working to undermine the Khan Committee recommendations. Strategically we delinked E2, E3 from E4, — E7 upgradation as E4, — E7 upgradation is equivalent to another mini wage revision and DoT may take longer time to decide  on that. Due to Union Cabinet decision on MTNL pay scales, it may have to go to the cabinet itself. Others deliberately taken up this issue to derail E2, E3 and to deny the benefits to 2007 and 2008 JTOs and JTO/JAOs recruited after that. SNEA demanding E2, E3 scales with five existing promotions, each promotion after every 5 years, some are struggling to see that the promotions are reduced from five to four by abolishing SDE or Sr SDE grades. They want to create confusion in the mgt, make anomalies and recoveries and anarchy in the company. The ultimate aim is to dump Khan Committee recommendations (inspite of being part of that) as it is formed due to singular efforts of SNEA. If SDE or Sr SDE grade is abolished, the Khan committee recommendations becomes redundant and CPSU cadre Hierarchy and 1st TBP after 4-5 years will not be implemented by the management. When they questioned Khan Committee recommendations, even mgmt.  started talking about another Committee. New Committee means another 3 to 4 years!

Sensing the danger of dumping the Khan Committee recommendations by the management, SNEA compelled to start the agitation. Sensing the urgency of the situation, Mgt started serious discussions with the Assn on various issues on 11.05.16 followed by 17.05.16. After thorough discussions with CMD, DIR(HR) and whole HR team, some concrete decisions are taken to settle all the important HR issues in a time bound manner. Our one day Dharna protected the Khan Committee recommendations. Otherwise, the selfish motives and petty interests would have buried the recommendations by this time and mgt also would have happily gone ahead with E1+5 increments, E2, E3, — E6 scales, no CPSU Hierarchy, no 1st TBP etc etc.

Com Jagmohinder ACS in address told the house that he BSNL recruited JTO and  is member of this association from last 16 years further he told that he has full faith in the visionary leadership of SNEA and this is the only Association  in BSNl which can safe guard the interest of all the exceutives in BSNL either BSNL recruited or absorbed in BSNL in addition to this he explained the house that SNEA is taking various issues of BSNL recruited executive like ,30% superannuation benefits ,Standard pay scales,CPSU cader Hiearchy,EPF related issues etc .He appealed the House to make their concerted efforts to so that SNEA emerge as no Association in Punjab Circle.

Com Harinder Singh District Secretary Ludhiana  and CWC member SNEA explained the various issues like JTO to SDE  priomotion,Standard Pay scales ,30% superannuation benefits etc and told that association is making all out efforts to resolve these issue and told that SNEA is no 1 Association in Punjab and under the dynamic leadership of  Punjab circle we will win this election with comfortable majority .

Com Jagjit Singh JTO Patiala raised the various cadre  issues of  recently passed JTOs like New proposed designation of JTOs ,date of joining issue of Patiala Comrades CS secretary assured to address all the issues at appropriate level

At the end Com Nelam Raj Mehmi District president assured the house the SNEA will no 1 Association in Patiala and appealed all the members to make concerted efforts to achieve this target at the end he extended vote of thanks to all the participants.