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Lunch Hour demonstration held throughout Punjab Circle on 23.08.2016


United Forum of Executives Associations comprising SNEA, AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA held lunch hour demonstration at  Circle/SSA HQs in Punjab Circle demanding:

1. Immediate replacement of intermediary pay scales of E1-A and E2-A by standard pay scales of E2 and E3 for JTO and SDE equivalent cadres w.e.f 01.01.2007 as per the recommendation of the Joint Committee.

2. Extending 30% Superannuation benefit to BSNL recruited Employees as per the recommendation of 2nd PRC.

3. Implementation of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy and first Time Bound Promotion as per the recommendation of Joint committee.

Executives in large numbers participated in the demonstration with huge enthusiasm.

At Circle office Chandigarh  UF leaders of SNEA  Com CS Amarjit Singh, Com Raj Kumar DS Chandigarh SSA ,Com  D.V Kaushal DS Circle office Chandigarh, Com Varinder Singh Barar President Chandigarh SSA ,Com Vivek Ahuja CWC Member SNEA, Com Ajay Kashwan ACS AIBSNLEA ,Com Santosh Kumar President AIGETOA ,Com Kuldeep Ram CP AIBSNLEA   more than 200 comrades of UF participated in demonstration held at Circle office Chandigarh Com Jasvir Singh joint secretary North ,Com Gurpreet Singh Circle President  addressed  the gathering at Ludhiana  all the District Secretaries and members of UF participated in agitation in their respective SSAs. UF leaders demanded the settlement of all the issues immediately and sought the intervention of CMD and DIR(HR) in order to get the proposals cleared in DoT.

It will be a prolonged struggle as the issues are not so simple. So UF called upon all the Executives to gear up for a prolonged battle to get these issues settled, maintaining unity at all levels. Even though the CAT, Chandigargh judgment on pay scales is a very positive development, where BSNL admitted E2, E3 pay scales recommendation, our members should not become complacent as Hon courts don’t have the jurisdiction on such matters other than giving direction for implementation of standard pay scales. Our struggle only will lead to E2, E3 pay scales.



On dated 20/08/2016 Circle Secretary Met GM(Admin)Punjab   ,DGM(Admin)&AGM(Admin) was also present in meeting  ,CS discussed regarding the  results of LICE held for the posts of JTOs and JAOs have been declared recently and considerable number of candidates from Punjab  Circle have passed the examination. At present our Circle is facing acute shortage of both JTOs and JAOs and as a result the development activities of the circle are severely affected. We humbly requested GM(Admin) that necessary steps may be initiated to impart training to the qualified candidates at the earliest and efforts may be initiated to arrange the training at RTTC, Rajpura . Moreover, if the training is started immediately they may be able to join their new post before 1-1-2017 and they may become eligible to enjoy the benefits of 3rd PRC right from 1.1.2017 in the Executive cadre. In this regard GM(Admin) told that in respect of JTOs preparatory work will be completed up to 31.8.2016 and candidates will be deputed for training at the earliest and case of JAOs preparatory work will be completed up to  15/09/2016 and after that JAOs will be deputed for training ,CS requested to expedites the preparatory work in case of JAOs also ,GM(Admin) assured to do the needful further  all the district secretaries of SNEA Punjab circle are also requested to meet the SSA heads  send the required information information pertaining to LIC passed JAOs and JTOs  so that they may deputed for training at the earliest.


History, status and vision of SNEA on E2, E3 Pay Scales for JTO, SDE and equivalent Cadres and e arnest Appeal from SNEA to “All the Stake Holders” to join hands for a conclusive fight on E2, E3 Pay scales in the coming days


Comrades, today the basic cadres, JTO and SDE equivalent are under threat of demotion. These prestigious cadres got higher pay scales and recognition through continuous struggles for the last three decades, since 1984. The JTO cadre is having the history of struggles and the Association also got transformed after each struggle from erstwhile JETA(I) to JTOA(I) to TEOA(I) to SNEA.

During DoT era, cadre based Associations was the concept.  During 1980s, the pay scales of JE (Jr Engineer and now JTO), was less than that of JAOs and even selection grade PIs. Through continuous struggles for three years from 1984 to 1987, JEs redesignated as JTOs and the pay scale revised from 425-15-700 to 550 – — (revised scale of 1400-40-2700 to 1640-60-2900). The agitation was so terrific, Union Cabinet forced to decide the pay scales of JTO Cadre in DoT. The Assn also renamed from JETA(I) to JTOA(I).

During V Central Pay commission (CPC), through continuous struggle and interaction with CPC, JTOA(I) (SNEA) achieved further recognition by one more upward revision of pay scales from 5500-150-9000(pre-revised 1640-60-2900) to Rs.6500-200-10500 (pre-revised 2000- –) w.e.from 1st January 1996. As a natural process, upgradation of pay scales of SDE took place from 6500-200-10500 to 7500-250-12000 due to upward revision of pay scale of JTO. Assn also renamed from JTOA(I) to TEOA(I), eligible to enroll all JTOs and officers promoted from JTO cadre.

After formation of BSNL, the Group B Gazetted status given us recognition in the way of absorption as an Executive in BSNL. All other similar cadres absorbed in BSNL as Non Executives. During absorption process, TEOA(SNEA) was the only Assn demanded terms and conditions for absorption in BSNL/MTNL like a) pay scales, b) Promotion policy and c) Fitment formula for an informed choice. We would like to mention here that all other Sister Organizations gave their consent to BSNL Management that they are ready to get absorbed in BSNL with an Adhoc payment of Rs.2000/-. TEOA(SNEA) fought the matter organizationally and legally in Court of Law and compelled BSNL Management to declare Terms and Conditions before Absorption. Management offered E1, E2, — E6 Pay scales to JTO, SDE, Sr SDE, DE, DGM and SG DGM equivalent grades. TEOA(SNEA) demanded E2 scale for JTO, E3 for SDE, —-E7 scale for SG DGM. TEOA(SNEA) single handedly fought again organizationally in 2002-03 by Nationwide struggle. BSNL management finally agreed for E1A, E2A, — E6 for JTO, SDE, — equivalent grades in 2003. Even though management was decided to extend only E1 pay scales for the BSNL recruits, our agitation forced them to extend E1A scales for all, absorbees as well as new BSNL recruits. Here we would like to mention that Pay scale of JTO / SDE is concern of SNEA (Erstwhile known as TEOA, JTOA, and JETA) since decades and by lot of struggle we have achieved results also.

2nd PRC given us another opportunity to demand for E2, E3 — pay scales which was our original demand since formation of BSNL. A joint committee was formed in 2012 after the joint agitation of United Forum but it was practically defunct.  E1A and E2A are the only two pay scales where the presidential orders are not issued by DoT. All other pay scales, E3 to E9, presidential orders are issued by DoT in 2009 and implemented in BSNL. More importantly these are the entry level pay scales of the basic cadres of JTO/JAO and SDE/AO. Terms of reference of the Joint Committee was limited to replacement of E1A and E2A scales by E2 and E3. SNEA is sincerely trying for E2, E3 keeping the larger interest of the cadre as well as the interest of the JTO/JAOs recruited after 01.01.2007. Mgt was decided to demote the cadres of JTO/JAO and SDE/AO by reducing the pay scales from E1A to E1 and E2A to E2. The demand of E2 scale from 01.10.2000, cascading effect etc from some sections was suiting the mgt which want to crush our legitimate demand of E2, E3 scales replacing E1A and E2A. When others were not serious on the issue, SNEA alone started organizational actions since February, 2014. During the agitations mgt again referred E1A and E2A scales to DoT and DPE for approval. By our timely intervention, DPE and DoT rejected the proposal in July, 2014. Only SNEA was pursuing this matter with DoT and DPE on a day to day basis to get the proposal rejected. If E1A and E2A scales were approved by DoT/DPE, then there is no scope for E2, E3 pay scales! Again SNEA launched agitation in Sept, 2014 and April-May, 2015 which resulted in the reconstitution of the Joint Committee with a dynamic absorbed officer as its new Chairman. Further CMD directed the Jt Committee to meet regularly atleast once in a fortnight and submit the recommendations in 3 months time. Our vigil and continuous efforts in the Jt Committee resulted in a very positive and sweeping recommendation from the Jt Committee, which recommended replacement of intermediary pay scales of E1A and E2A with standard pay scales of E2 and E3 w.e.f 01.01.2007. Unfortunately, after signing the committee recommendation by all the three Assns, there was change in view in some sections. In the name of cascading effect etc they tried their level best, in connivance with the mgt, to derail the issue. We told one and all including Management that E2 to E7 is the demand of SNEA since absorption but E2 and E3 proposal should be separate from E4 to E7 as we are in immediate need of finalization of E2, E3 pay scales before 3rd PRC. Simultaneously the assured five TB promotions between 4 to 6 years, which we achieved in 2002 through sustained struggle, should not be disturbed. Knowing very well that DoT will not agree for a mini wage revision in the name of cascading effect just ahead of 3rd PRC, some sections compelled BSNL mgt to send a mini wage revision proposal to DoT. As assured to the Assn in the meeting with CMD and DIR(HR) on 17.05.2016, the MC approved the pay scale proposal in two parts 1) E1A to E2, E2A to E3 and 2) E3 to E4, –, E6 to E7 and the proposals sent to DoT directly. The second part will be an uphill task as these scales are already approved by DoT in 2009 and the proposal is like another wage revision as all the scales are getting upgraded. It may take more time as it may have to go to Union Cabinet due to MTNL issue, which is not an easy task. Knowing all these facts, our friends tried for a single proposal from E2, E3 to E7.

As we afraid, DoT rejected the combined proposal of E2, —- E7 citing huge financial implications. DoT didn’t examine the first part of the proposal from E1A to E2 and E2A to E3 in isolation. DoT even suggested to refer the matter to 3rd PRC where as the issue has to be dealt by BSNL and DPE. We will oppose this tooth and nail. Now all the Associations understood what is feasible and realistic and joined together demanding immediate approval of E2, E3 scales without disturbing the five TB promotions already we are having. If the promotions are disturbed, Jt Committee recommendation and implementation of CPSU Hierarchy also will be jeopardised. All are joined together with this single agenda. Strong organizational actions will be starting soon. We are committed to ensure that our basic cadres of JTO/JAO and SDE/AO are not demoted. We are committed to see that our young comrades recruited after 01.01.2007 who are the committed soldiers of SNEA are getting E2, E3 scales with 5 promotions which the seniors are getting now.

The demand of E2, E3 is alive today, only due to the struggle of SNEA since 2014. It will be a natural process to get Sr SDE/Sr AO scale shifting from E3 to E4, then E4 to E5 — E6 to E7, atleast during 3rd PRC implementation. If E2, E3 not settled now, before 3rd PRC, there is no scope for E2, E3, — E7 as it will automatically end up in E1+5 increments, E2, E3, — E6 forever, which management is trying to implement. Before 3rd PRC, atleast E2, E3 should be settled. At any cost, we should not allow demotion to happen. Once E2, E3 pay scales are approved, the demand of pay parity of Rs 22820/- for 2007 and 2008 batch can be strongly pursued.

Comrades, our immediate aim is to get the approval of E2, E3 pay scales replacing the intermediary pay scales of E1A and E2A. E1A and E2A are the two pay scales, presidential orders are not issued so far. So, it is part of 2nd PRC and should settle before 3rd PRC. Whatever glory our predecessors earned for these cadres through various struggles, we should not allow that to fade. Now all the Assns joined together with this minimum demand. We will keep the five TB promotions intact, so that it will automatically lead to E2, E3, — E7 in the coming days.


Notice for trade union action;


Forum of BSNL Executive Associations comprising SNEA, AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA served notice for organizational actions protesting against the inordinate delay in implementation of a) standard pay scales of E2 and E3 for JTO, SDE and equivalent cadres, b) 30% superannuation benefit for BSNL Recruited Employees and c) implementation of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy and first TBP.


1. Immediate replacement of intermediary pay scales of E1-A and E2-A by standard pay scales of E2 and E3 for JTO and SDE equivalent cadres w.e.f 01.01.2007 as per the recommendation of the Joint Committee.

2. Extending 30% Superannuation benefit to BSNL recruited Employees as per the recommendation of 2nd PRC.

3. Implementation of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy and first Time Bound Promotion as per the recommendation of Joint committee.

Organizational actions and schedule:

1. “Lunch/Closing Hour Demonstrations” at BSNLCO/Circle/SSA Headquarters and other major Centres on 23rd August, 2016.

2. Full day Dharna at BSNL CO/Circle/SSA Headquarters on 06th & 07th September, 2016.

3.“Day Long Hunger Fast” at BSNL CO/Circle/SSA headquarters on 27th, 28th and 29th September, 2016.

<<United Forum Notice for Trade Union Actions>> 


1.Circle office  Chandigarh modified  transfer and posting orders in respect of lady executives as per discussion held with Association on dated 02/08/2016 in respect of agenda served by the Association  <<<View copy of orders >>> ,we are very thankful to the circle  office Administration for their  positive gesture.

2. Circle office Chandigarh issued reminder to collect  the feedback from SSAs in respect of various staff grievance agenda items <<<View Letter>>> ,All the district secretaries are requested to pursue the matter and arrange to send the required information at the earliest please