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Mass demonstrations will be held all over the country at Corporate,Circle and SSA head quarters by the united forum of executives and non executives unions &associations on 27.10.2016, protesting against Government move to get approval of Cabinet for formation of subsdiary tower company. All District Secretaries ,office bearers of SNEA Punjab Circle  are requested to mobilise for a massive protest, duly co-ordinating with the other unions and associations.

Tour programme of Com A.A Khan president , Com G.L Jogi Chairman SNEA in Chandigarh and Bathinda SSAs of Punjab Circle;


22.10.26: General Body meeting of SNEA Chandigarh  region was conducted in grand manner. Com A.A Khan , president, Com G.L Jogi Chairman SNEA , Com Jasvir Singh joint secretary North , Com Amarjit Singh CS, Com Gurpreet Singh Circle president , Com Jagtar Singh, Com. Vivek Ahjua & Com Harinder Singh CWC Members,Com Jagmohinder Singh ACS & District Secretary Hoshiarpur, Com Rajkumar DS Chandigarh SSA ,Com DV Kaushal DS circle office Chandigarh , Veteran Com Vinod Kumar  from Chandigarh attended and addressed the meeting. The meeting was presided by Com Gurpreet Singh  CP SNEA  Punjab and large no of comrades from  tricity Chandigarh region  participated in meeting and  had a very good interactive session with CHQ leaders.

23.10.26: General Body meeting of SNEA Bathinda SSA   was conducted in grand manner. Com A.A Khan , president, Com G.L Jogi Chairman SNEA , Com Jasvir Singh joint secretary North , Com Amarjit Singh CS, Com Gurpreet Singh circle president ,  Com Harinder Singh CWC Members, ,Com Tara Singh DS Bathinda SSA  , Com Ashwani Kumar DP ,Hans Raj Sharma District Cashier ,Com Gian  Singh circle organising Secretary Veteran Com Vinod Kumar  from Chandigarh attended and addressed the meeting. The meeting was presided by Com Ashwani Kumar   DP and  large no of comrades from  Bathinda   SSA  participated in meeting in big way  and   Executives had a very good interactive session with CHQ leaders in addition to this Com Amit Mittal Circle president NFTE(Recently LIC passed JAOs in Punjab Circle)  also attended the meeting as special guest in his address he thanked the SNEA  leadership especially Com Amarjit Singh CS regrading tireless efforts made for deputing JAOs for Phase-1 Induction training at RTTC RAJPURA  and told the house that SNEA is only Association which can safeguard the interest of executives fraternity in BSNL.

In all the above meetings CHQ leaders  elaborately explained all the developments at Head quarters in respect of Organization BSNL, issues of the executives like, standard pay scales, CPSU cadre Hierarchy, 30% SAB to BSNL recruitees, position of various DPCs, need for membership verification, why every executive of BSNL should support SNEA by enumerating various struggles for the last three decades in uplifting the cadre of JTO/SDE, future plans of SNEA etc. He also explained how SNEA has been struggling since formation of BSNL in respect of issues concerning to viability of BSNL. He appealed to all the executives to support SNEA to strenghten BSNL.

In all the meetings Com AA Khan  clarified the doubts raised by the members. Executives of BSNL irrespective of Associations, participated in the deliberations and clarified their doubts in the interactive sessions with GS. Members waited patiently wherever meetings were delayed. The DS/DPs of respective districts and Circle office bearers took lot of initiatives and mobilized the members very enthusiastically.

We extend our sincere and heartfelt thanks to our beloved Com. G.L Jogi  and Com A.A Khan CHQ president ,Com Arvind Pal Dahiya ,Com Jasvir Singh Joint Secretary North for their extensive and tightly scheduled tour program at Punjab Circle Circle from 4ith to 8ith september & 23th October to 24th October 2016. During the period they had attended the general body meetings at Ropar,Hoshiarpur,Pathankot,Amritsar ,Jalandhar ,Patiala ,Chandigarh&Bathinda SSAs respectively and the leftover SSAs will be covered in their next tour in coming days . CHQ Leaders tour had created a great momentum among our members and we assure to CHQ that we will keep and extend this momentum among all Executive’s in Punjab Circle .  Once again we thank our CHQ leadership and at same time also Sincere thanks to all District Secretaries,CWC members  and their team members all the members of Punjab circle for the extensive preparations made to conduct the  Tour programme in an excellent manner.


Strengthen SNEA Strengthen BSNL;

Circle Secretary met GM(Finance)Punjab Circle:


On dated 17.10.2016 Circle Secretary met GM(Finance)Punjab circle and discussed the following issues:

1.CS Pointed out anomaly in pay fixation of departmental JAOs in Ludhiana and Jalandhar SSAs the issue was discussed in detail GM(Finance) assured to address this issue at the earliest.

2.CS pleaded to give look after arrangement  from JAOs to AOs keeping in view shortage of Aos in Punjab Circle  in this regard GM(Finance) assured to  issue the orders at the earliest .

we are very thankful to GM(Finance) for this  positive gesture



Congratulation ! SNEA’s consistent efforts yielded result in getting released JAOs Phase-1 Induction training orders:


Establishment branch of circle office Chandigarh issued orders for JAOs Induction Training for Phase-I   (4 Weeks) for Departmental Candidates Against LICE For Promotion to the Grade Of JAO Under 40%   Quota  the training will start  from 24.10.2016   in respect of  82 candidates in three batches one Batch at Ghaziabad  and two batches at RTTC Rajpura  SNEA Punjab circle was consistently involved in this case we are very thankful to CGMT Punjab,GM(Admin),Establishment Section & Concerned officers for issuing training orders of JAOs well in time.————–>View circle office orders

View Orders Ghaziabad(Batch II)

View orders RTTC Rajpura(Batch I)

View orders RTTC Rajpura (Batch II)


Audited accounts of BSNL for the year 2015-16 approved by BSNL Board yesterday:

It is a moment of great satisfaction for all the employees as BSNL is growing under great challenges. Still we could improve the revenue also. SWAS programmes giving life to BSNL in terms of growth, quality of service and revenue.
· After 2009-10, highest Revenue. Total Revenue 32,918 crores (Last year it was 28,648 crores).
· Highest operational revenue. Revenue from Operation is 28,449 crores comparing to 27,242 crores of last year.
· Increase in revenue from operations by 4.43%.
· Total revenue increased by 15% mainly due to interest on Income Tax refund, Amount write back etc.
· Losses reduced by 53%, from Rs 8234 crores to 3880 Crores.
· EBITA—3854 crores against 672 crores of last year. This hike in profit is mainly because of the 3400 Crores on Interest on IT refund and Amount write back.
Actual increase in revenue from operations will be 3854-3400=454 Crores.
· Employees Expenditure slightly reduced from 54.3% to 54.08%.
· Admin expenditure increased slightly from 39.9% to 40%.
· Least debt Telecom company. BSNL is having only 2500 Crores.

Update on JAOs and JTOs Training in Punjab Circle :


1.JAO Phase-I training :

 As per request made by delegation of recently passed JAOs from different SSAs of Punjab and our continuous persuasion with  GM(Admin) Punjab ,CGMT Punjab Circle & SNEA CHQ the Finance wing of BSNLCO  has taken timely action especially Shri Sunil Kumar GM FP,  NATFM has given the schedule for training of JAOs in various RTTCs throughout India almost all the JAOs from Punjab Circle  has been deputed for training at RTTC Rajpura  . We sincerely thank the Finance wing and all the concerned Officers involved in this process and especially thankful to CGMT Punjab circle further letter will be endorsed to all concerned SSA Heads in couple of days. We wish all the JAOs to complete the training successfully. View Letter copy.    View Allotment.


During recent tour programme(Ropar,Hoshiarpur,Pathankot,Amritsar ,Jalandhar&Patiala SSAs)of SNEA CHQ leaders in context of membership verification  the delegation of recently LIC passed  JTOs  met Com Amarjit Singh CS SNEA Punjab and requested to intervene to review the vacancy position in the cader of JTOs as per latest BSNL and DOPT guidelines thhe CS held detail discussion with the effected candidates and told that he is in constant touch with circle office Administration to review the vacancy position and if any anomaly is found that will be corrected