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Guidelines regarding prevention of sexual harassment of women at the workplace:


‘It should be ensured that the aggrieved women are not victimized in connection with the complaints filed by them. For a period of five years after a decision in a proven case of sexual harassment, a watch should be kept to ensure that she is not subjected to vendetta. She should not be posted under the Respondent, or any other person where there may be a reasonable ground to believe that she may be subjected to harassment on this account. In case of any victimization the complainant may submit a representation to the Secretary in the case of Ministries/Departments and Head of the Organization in other cases.’   Read More from DoP&T letter

Congratulations to all the Comrades:

As assured to SNEA on 22.12.2016, the decision to form a Committee to examine the pay parity issue in a time bound manner come out. As reported on 22.12.2016, the Minutes of the meeting held on 22.12.2016 with DIR(HR) on pay Parity of Rs 22820/- for post 2007 recruited JTO/JAOs issued today, as per the provisions of the Recognition Rules.… View Copy of the letter.
This is another positive development and break through after the membership verification on 07.12.2016 where the Recognised Association can negotiate with the management on various HR issues. This shows that BSNL Management is also very keen to resolve the issues very quickly and responding very positively to our genuine demands.
Earlier BSNL acted very fast on revised E2, E3 pay scales proposal and revised proposal got the approval of the MC within a week.

Online Declaration Form for deduction of monthly subscription form salary:

Grant of the facility of deduction of subscription to SNEA, the Recognised Representative Association in BSNL and general instructions governing deduction of monthly subscription<<View SR Cell order copy>>

Com Amarjit Singh SDE(VAS)Mohali  designed google form regarding declaration of monthly subscription from salary all the district secretaries are requested arrange to fill online subscription form of each members the database of each SSA will be stored at Chandigarh and  the same  is being monitored by Circle Secretary this will also facilitate us to collect the Mobile no,email etc for future use<<<Click here to view online form>>>



In response to letter written by SNEA representative association to CGMT in respect of ambiguity in calculation of vacancies in the cadre of JTOs in Punjab circle & as per discussion held between CGMT and CS SNEA today evening CGMT agreed to review the whole case and to rectify the ambiguity and directed GM(Admin) to held discussion with the Association most probably on Monday .Comrades this is very big breakthrough to address the stalemate in JE to JTO LICE  promotion in Punjab circle as 272 JEs are eagerly waiting for their promotion due less no of vacancies which has resulted in in court case if ambiguity in calculation of vacancies is corrected there are chances of increase in vacancies and all JEs will be promoted if effected candidates agree to withdraw court Case. we are very thankful to CGMT Punjab for his positive gesture.

Circle Secretary writes to CGMT Punjab Circle regarding ambiguity in Calculation of vacancies in the cadre of JTO in Punjab Circle:

As per request made by delegation of JEs from different SSAs of Punjab circle  ,Circle Secretary SNEA has written letter  to CGMT Punjab Circle regarding review the recalculation of  of Vacancies in the cadre of JTO  due to wrong method of calculation adopted by BSNLPunjab circle .Due to which 272 LICE passed JEs are suffering and waiting for their promotion due to less number  of vacancies. Some candidates filed court case in Hon Chandigarh CAT. SNEA as a representative  Association of Executives will make concerted efforts to address the anomaly   and also included this item as point umber one in Agenda item submitted to CGMT Punjab circle <<<Click here to view Letter>>>

Circle Secretary writes to CGMT Punjab Circle :

Circle Secretary SNEA Com Amarjit Singh  met CGMT Punjab circle  today and submitted Agenda regarding various staff issues ,Rule-8 transfers etc . of executives in Punjab the case of recalculation of vacancies in the cadre of JTOs in  Punjab circle is included as no one point in Agenda item along with this CS also submitted letter to CGMT on the important  issues.<<<Click here to view to Copy of Agenda>>>
1.Regarding  Exemption of BSNL staff from election duty.
2.Representation of JEs to LICE  passed JTOs regarding ambiguities in calculation of vacancies in the cadre of JTOs as indifferent method  adopted by Punjab circle

JTO to SDE promotion case at Hon Ernakulum High Court:

 The case will be listed for final hearing in the end of first week of January, 2017 after Christmas vacation from 21.12.16. The exact dates will be known today. In the last hearing, the case was delisted and it will be heard by the regular bench where the senior judge of the previous judge sitting now, instead of constituting the special bench.


Grant of the facility of deduction of subscription to SNEA, the Recognised Representative Association in BSNL and general instructions governing deduction of monthly subscription….<<<View SR Cell order copy>>>.All the District Secretaries ,office bearers,activists are requested to have personal approach in your District Circle and complete the activity before 31.12.2016 as no other Association has got such approval  and this is appropriate time to show our strength