AGM HR Circle office Chandigarh endorsed the BSNL CO promotion orders from JTO to SDE under LDCE Quota in respect of 60 SDE s pertaining to Punjab Circle we congratulates all these JTOs on their long awaited SDE promotions and conveys all of them best wishes for new assignment as SDEs <view orders >
• As per this letter, SSA’S /Unit’s may allow the executives to join on the higher post on promotion after obtaining the necessary undertaking in the prescribed Format (copy enclosed), as per the direction of Hon’ble CAT Chandigarh Judgement in OA No.060/00133/2015. lf any executive fails to submit his undertaking he may not be allowed to join to higher post on promotion. Such under takings  duly counter signed by the concerned DGM (Admn/HR) of concerned SSA unit may be forwarded to this office immediately and latest by 29.05.2018. Further posting orders can be modified as per the requiremenU vacancies in the SSAs/Units.

• Vigilance clearance has been issued as “granted” by GM (vigilance) as on date of declaration of resulti.e 21.05.2016 and current date. However, it may be ensured that No disciplinary /vigilance case is pending against promoting officers.

  • The leave if any, requested by the executives, who is/are under transfer shall not
    be allowed. However, in case any executive desires leave, he can apply for leave to the Competent Authority only after joining the assigned place of posting and the respective competent authority will sanction leave, if it is considered justified, in the normal course.
    • Though there is unrest among all JTOs about delayed SDE promotions, these LDCE passed candidates got posting order after wait of about two years and till the JTOs under SCF quota who are seniors and waiting for their SDE promotions for last 15-20 years have not got posting order in view of court case which will be decided on 30/05/2018.
    • Though it was quiet possible to issue both the LDCE & SCF quota together as demanded by majority of the executives and mainly by SNEA, as we represent majority of executives in BSNL and SNEA has to take care of all and not that of particular group as being done by some associations, due to certain issues on part of management the LDCE orders are issued just some days advance and this has created mass unrest among SCF quota JTO and some individuals have starting expressing feelings against each other, which is not at all correct and good for future and unity of executives in BSNL.
    It is most important that though LDCE orders are issued early, the seniority of the SCF JTOs will be maintained as it is and there is no base in fear factor created by some groups about loss of seniority and same is clearly visible from the undertaking from the concerned LDCE passed JTOs.
    • It was quiet possible for management to maintain equilibrium, but it seems that just for gap of 3-4 working days, scope is given for unrest /disputes among executives both LDCE as well SCF category and mass unrest has been seen among the executives of BSNL about such actions of the management.
    • SNEA Punjab Circle appeals all comrades not to come in trap of groupisim as LDCE or SCF created by certain groups and some officers in the management and be united with firm assurance that SNEA will strongly pursue for issuing promotion orders of SCF quota JTO also and everybody will get justice and it is just time of some days.