Congratulations!!!Historical month in the History of BSNL/DOT and long awaited promotions issued:

Congratulations!!!!  This is the historic month in the history  for BSNL/DOT first time 12000 promotions in month and  about 7027 in single day  executives from all disciplines are promoted from one cadre to another and it is moment of joy for all.

Although some Associations due to there vested interest created environment of huge Chaos  among Executives against SNEA but Our CHQ team under the dynamic leadership of Com Sebastian  broken the shackles and didn’t get deviated from there goal and fully discharged the duty of representative Association   from last fortnight,  SNEA leaders from Districts, Circles to CHQ were on the job from collection of APRs to updating of data of VCs and with result of such collective unidirectional works today promotion orders are issued for JAO to AO 2226 post,  SDE to AGM Telecom 4254 posts ( 806 APR missing cases are part of this DPC) , JTO to SDE TF 32 posts, SDE to AGM TF 13 posts, DGM Adhoc to DGM Regular in Finance wing 49 posts,  SDE E to EEE 125 post, SDE C to EE (C) 138 ,JTO(C) to SDE(C) 84  and thus 7027 officers from Account, Telecom, Electrical and Telecom Factory are promoted in single day, This is in addition to the 5122 JTOs promoted in recent past under LDCE (1987) as well as SCF Quota (3139) and thus history is created by promotion of about 12000 officers within fortnight including left out cases and Electrical Civil wing promotions issued earlier in BSNL.

1. JAO to AO Promotions 2226 posts <<<>>>

2. SDE to AGM Telecom Promotions Total 4254 posts (Including 804 unaccessed cases due to missing APRs) 

 Order I  3450  posts  <<<>>>       List I  <<<>>>   List II <<<>>>  List III <<<>>>

 Order II  for 129 Posts <<<>>>

3. JTO TF to SDE TF Promotions  32 posts <<<>>>

4.  SDE to AGM TF  Promotions 13 posts  <<<>>>

5.  DGM Adhoc to DGM Regular Finance Promotions 49 posts  <<<>>>

6. SDE E to EE E Promotions 125 post  <<<>>>

 7.SDE C to EE  C Promotions 84 post<<<[Order] >>>

   8. SDE C to EE C Promotions 138 post<<<[Part 1]    [Part 2] >>>

This is result of sincere and concerted efforts taken by all the District Secretaries, Circle Office Bearers, and CHQ Office Bearers of SNEA in support of SNEA active comrades all over the India who have taken strong initiatives for updation of the data in ERP for on line VCs, collection of missing APRs including the APRs of current year. Special thanks to Com. K. Sebastin GS SNEA, Com. A. A. Khan President SNEA CHQ, Com. P. P. Rao, AGS SNEA CHQ, Com. A. P. Dahiya JS Central SNEA CHQ, Com Das CS BSNL CO and his entire team at BSNL Corporate Office for their devoted  efforts to complete DPC and get order issued covering all SDEs in seniority  list no 5,6,7 and 8 in part.

As a DOBs of SNEA Punjab aand all the officers dealing with APRs & VCs for the tireless efforts they have taken over the last 15 days for sending APRs, updating VC data in ERP.

 Special thanks to Com. G. L. Jogi, Chairman SNEA CHQ, for his directions to go ahead with DPCs and  remained guiding light for  SNEA CHQ for getting all these DPCs done and getting promotions orders issued in historic and time bound manner.

Long Live SNEA  Long Live BSNL Strengthen SNEA Strengthen BSNL