Malpropaganda by SEWA against SNEA and reality behind the issue :

Some malpropaganda is going on in the social media in the name of SEWA BSNL that SNEA is opposing SC/ST reservation. If the news is spread by the knowledge of SEWA leadership, SNEA condemn that. SNEA always stood for the welfare of the SC/ST comrades and for their rights, not just by circulating speculations in the social media, but by action. However we did not endorse the activities of SEWA leaders to the extent of threatening management for getting promotion to some of their top leaders in the name of roster. This we had seen in 2010 when GS of another Assn making all types of objections in SDE to DE promotions till his name gets included in the list by extending the list by few hundreds. If the method of applying roster in SDE to DE promotion is wrong, then why they did not made the same demand for JTO to SDE promotion in SCF and LDCE quota? Why such demand not raised in earlier promotions, till date? If the SDE roster is not correct according to them, why they kept silent so far? SNEA CHQ is fully involved from the day one for the smooth conduction of the DPC by facilitating it by arranging VC, missing assessment reports, other particulars etc. Last one week we are dedicated for the missing cases mainly from list 8 where the SC/ST comrades are involved. All our CSs are in regular touch with the CHQ on hourly basis for the missing cases reported. We are not seen any activists from other Assns for facilitating the DPC except some people reaching the DPC / Pers section in the evening to collect the information and order copy. Now the DPC is conducted and everything is clear for another 83 SDEs of list 8 belongs to SC/ST and 26 from list 5, 6 & 7 and awaiting the approval of DIR (HR).