Meeting with Shri Anupam Shrivatava, CMD/BSNL on 19.07.2018: GS, AGS and CS/MH met CMD, BSNL and held discussions on the following issues:

CHQ New:

1. DoT decision to seek the guidance of DPE regarding replacement of E1A and e2A scales by E2, E3 scales w.e.f 01.01.2007.

As per the opinion of Dept of Expenditure, DoT referred the matter to DPE for guidance. However facts are suppressed by DoT in the letter to DPE. DoT informed DPE that E1 and E2 scales are approved by DoT on 28.03.2017 as E1 and E2 scales are the pay scales approved by DoT for the fresh BSNL direct rects from 2001 onwards and E1A and E2A scales are not applicable for them. E1A and E2A scales are special dispensation for the DoT officers getting absorbed in BSNL, in order to facilitate the smooth absorption. BSNL wrongly implemented E1A and E2A scales for the BSNL direct rects from 2001 onwards. In order to avoid the pay loss, revised E1A and E2A scales temporarily extended upto 28.03.2017 for the purpose of pay protection. So DoT decision is correct. However BSNL is not agreeing to the DoT order and requested for review the decision and approve E2 and E3 scales. But BSNL financial condition is very poor now to give upgraded pay scales of E2 and E3, DoT told DPE.

We requested CMD to depute some senior officers to DPE to explain the issue in detail as DoT has given wrong feed back to DPE to justify their action by notifying lower pay scales. The following facts are to be explained to DPE: 1) E1 and E2 scales were never implemented in BSNL, 2) BSNL did not recommended E1 and E2 scales, 3) DoT has to act on BSNL recommendation of E2 and E3 scales, 4) the affordability is to be decided based on PBT of 2007-08, not on current situation. CMD assured to speak to Secretary/DPE and Addl Secretary/DPE in this regard and depute some senior officers to DPE.

2. Implementation of parity in promotion/uniform promotional avenues for all the Executives.

We once again congratulated CMD, DIR(HR) and the BSNL management for completing all the promotions before the target date of 30.06.2018. About 6000 Executives promoted on a single day, 29.06.2018 and the total promotions in BSNL will be a record, more than 12000 in one month time. CMD reciprocated by complementing the role of SNEA in completing the task in the shortest time. CMD told that he got full confidence after the meeting with SNEA on 20.06.2018 that the promotions can be completed by 30.06.2018. With that confidence, he cleared the proposal for promotions with specific direction in file that all the promotions should be completed by 30.06.2018, CMD informed. For this CMD directed Pers Cell to do something out of Box as suggested by SNEA. This cutoff date was fixed as 30.06.2018 for implementing the CPSU Hierarchy w.e.f 01.07.2018 approved by the Board, CMD informed. CMD and DIR(HR) is committed to implement the CPSU Hierarchy w.e.f 01.07.2018, it is a BSNL Board decision, we cannot deviate from that, CMD informed. We fought within the Board for the approval tooth and nail, CMD informed. The approval of CPSU Hierarchy given enough space to give the promotions, otherwise such drastic decisions could not have taken, CMD informed.

While thanking  CMD, DIR(HR), GM(Pers) and others, GS told that this impossible task was made possible by the team efforts of Management, Pers /BW/EW/Arch etc cell, the committed work force in DPC section which worked 48 hours day and night continuously to complete the target on 29.06.2018, the CHQ leaders of SNEA at Delhi and the CSs of various Circles who arranged the screening committee reports, VC and missing data etc to the DPC section to facilitate the DPC. CMD once again told that he is aware of the role played by SNEA and got the full information from down the level and with this confidence only, he assured to complete the DPCs by 30.06.2018.

CMD very much appreciated our demand for parity in promotions and assured us that he fully support this demand. The demand is very much justified, CMD informed us. We explained the huge disparity created by the recent promotions and resentment among the senior comrades. Telecom Enng side, the backbone of the company is demoralized, humiliated and deprived due promotions. The Executives in other streams also equally hurt. All are demanding parity at par with Finance stream. CMD told that full parity in post based promotions may not be 100% possible, 1 or 2 years difference may continue. We once again made our stand very clear that our demand is nothing less than parity in promotions in equivalent cadres in all the streams. We requested to clear the proposal for AO to CAO promotions and other proposal from various streams to bring full parity. CMD is non committal on this proposal but reassured that he stands for parity. Further we requested to consider the promotion of AOs of 2003 and 2005 batch who are unnecessarily made victims which he assured to discuss with DIR(HR) and do the needful. The JTO to SDE promotions going on is to be speeded up.

We requested the personal intervention of CMD to difuse the situation and take concrete decisions and necessary steps to promote the remaining Executives urgently to bring full parity and uniformity in promotions. CMD assured to discuss the matter with DIR(HR) also and take decision at the earliest, in a couple of days.

CMD pointed out the shortage in various Circles and all should agree to fill up the shortages before resorting to any further promotions. We suggested, filling up of all the existing vacancies in the Circles and remaining Executives can be considered for posting outside as per the shortage.

3. DGM(T) promotions in the vacant posts and increasing the DGM posts so that all the AGMs promoted in 2013/ 2014 and completed the qualifying service can be promoted. All of them completed more than 30 years of service. Now 650 to 700 DGM posts are vacant. If another 800 posts are increased temporarily till approval of HR plan, all can be promoted together. Already there is a proposal in the HR plan to increase the DGM posts. Due to the delay in approval of HR plan, AGMs are suffering. CMD assured to do the needful by discussing the options with DIR(HR).