Status of promotions;

On JTO to SDE promotion, Pers section almost completed the calculation of SDE vacancies upto 31.03.2018 and the SC/ST roster as on 01.01.2016, 01.01.2017 and 01.01.2018. As per the Pers section, the SDE vacancy is about 4929 under SCF quota and 2627 under LDCE quota as on 30.06.2018 (subject to minor changes).

The gradation list particulars sought by BSNLCO based on date of appointment/promotion as per Hon Ernakulam HC order, received from good number of Circles and management is examining both the gradation lists based on training Centre marks and date of appointment. The lists are called from the Circles to study the impact and produce before the court along with the appeal. The AIEL published by BSNL for 2001 rect based on training Centre marks was quashed by the Hon HC. So a final decision to appeal against the order or to implement the same will be decided shortly based on the data received from Circles. 
The promotion is getting delayed only due to the Ernakulam HC order quashing the method of fixation of inter-se seniority among direct rects based on training Centre marks. AIGETOA and its activists prayed for 1) 1:1 ratio between promotes and DRs from 1995 rect year onwards which was turned down by the Hon HC and 2) date of joining  as the criteria to decide the inter-se seniority but Hon HC ordered date of appointment. If BSNL decides to appeal, then promotion will be delayed. If it is implemented it may be challenged by many as their seniority will be affected, then also promotion will be delayed, this is the situation we reached.
After spending 8 years in the court, losing everything and sacrificing the future of thousands of JTOs, now AIGETOA leaders are agreeable for training Centre marks, according to the management. In that case the best option will be to file the appeal simultaneously by both BSNL and AIGETOA with the same prayer to restore the training Centre marks as the criteria which will save much time. The present Circle gradation lists can be operated without any change also for the preparation of AIEL. Let better sense prevail.

According to our rough calculation more than 18,500 Executives are now eligible for promotion to the grade of Manager (SDE), Sr Manager (SR SDE), AGM or Jt DGM grades. AO to CAO promotion case is posted to 07.09.18 but mgt is trying to prepone the same. The demand for parity and uniformity in promotions by upgradation of posts for promotion to AGM/CAO/EE equivalent cadres and SDE equivalent cadres in different wings is not considered by the management so far even though they agreed for parity. At the same time notification of Uniform Time Bound Promotion Policy w.e.f 01.07.2018 also not did so far, irrespective of several assurances. By this the promotions in the future will become a nightmare for the BSNL Executives. We are pursuing both issues at the highest level of DIR(HR) and CMD/BSNL. Both are given us positive assurances but result is not visible so far. The contempt cases at both Ernakulam and Chandigarh also delaying the decisions.

If management is not taking a decision in a time bound manner for bringing parity and uniformity in promotions, we may be forced to launch organizational actions along with other pressing HR issues in the near future and we have to make organizational preparations for that at the ground level. CSs, SSA Secretaries and Branch Secretaries start to work in that direction. It will be a tough decision in the prevailing condition of BSNL but we cannot ignore our career growth also.