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Hold powerful lunch hour demonstrations on 15.09.2017, opposing Union Cabinet’s decision to form Subsidiary Tower Company;

As all of you are aware, the Union Cabinet has taken decision yesterday, to form a Subsidiary Tower Company. This decision, if implemented, will ruin BSNL. It’s 70,000 mobile towers would be snatched away. Without it’s mobile towers, BSNL will become more or less a skeleton. It is the duty of each and every Non-Executive and Executive, to stop the formation of the Subsidiary Tower Company. As a first step against formation of Subsidiary Tower Company, powerful lunch hour demonstrations would be conducted throughout the country on 15.09.2017. All unions and associations are participating in this programme. All the  District secretaries of SNEA Punjab Circle are requested to coordinate with all the other unions and Associations and to organise the programme very effectively. Future Programme will be decided Next week《《《《 Click Here to view  Cabinet’s  decision 》》》 

Availability of option for fixation of pay on promotion from the Date of Next Increment (DNI) in the lower post and method of fixation of pay from DNI, if opted for, in context of CCS (RP) Rules, 2016

‘After due consideration in this matter, the President is pleased to decide as follows: (i) FR 22(I)(a)(1) holds good with regard to availability of option clause for pay fixation, to a Government Servant holding a post, other than a tenure post, in a substantive or temporary or officiating capacity, who is promoted or appointed in a substantive, temporary or officiating capacity, as the case may be, subject to the fulfillment of the eligibility conditions as prescribed in the relevant Recruitment Rules, to another post carrying duties or responsibilities of greater importance than those attaching to the post held by him/her. Such Government Servant may opt to have his/her pay fixed from the Date of his/her Next Increment (either 15t July or 1st January, as the case may be) accruing in the Level of the post from which he/she is promoted, except in cases of appointment on deputation basis to an ex-cadre post or on direct recruitment basis or appointment/promotion on ad-hoc basis.

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Meeting with Worthy CGMT Punjab and GM (A/HR) Punjab:

1.Introductory meeting held with CGMT Punjab Sh.SK Gupta:
Today delegation of SNEA Comprising of Com Amarjit Singh CS ,Com Gurpreet Singh CP ,Com Jasvir Singh Joint secretary North ,Com Jagtar Singh &Com Harinder Singh CWC members ,Com Simarjit Singh Thiara VP,Com Satwider Singh DP HSP held meeting with CGMT Punjab and welcome him for taking over the charge of Punjab Telecom circle we told the CGMT that strategic mangers can change the organization and requested him to formulate strategies to improve the service and CGMT asked Association representatives to work as change agent and cooperate with mgmt to give quality of services to customers and increase the revenue we assured CGMT that improving services and increase revenue is our first priority and gave him some examples that how the Association committed to protect financial viability of BSNL at end both Mgmt and association made commitment  to work in tandem to improve BSNL services .We are very thankful to CGMT Punjab and assure him that SNEA will extend full support to protect interest of BSNL.

Introductory meeting

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2.Meeting with Sh.VK Garg GM (Admin/HR)Punjab Circle:
We thanked GM (A) for issuing promotion orders in respect of 241 LICE passed JTOs ,Rule-8 transfe orders to diffrent circles and considering request transfer orders of Excecutives further we also requested him to consider some pending request transfer cases and he assured to do the needfull,we are very thanfull to GM (Admin/HR) for positive gesture.


Meeting with worthy CGMT Punjab Circle;

Today Com Amarjit Singh CS  Held meeting with CGMT Punjab Circle and welcome  him on behalf of representatives Association  of Excecutives  and assured him to extended Co-operation in overall development  of Punjab Circle ,CS requested CGMT to conduct introductory meeting with SNEA body CGMT immediately  fixed meeting tomorrow  dated 08.09.2017 at 11AM

Congratulations!!!!!Punjab Circle issued Posting orders of LICE passed JTOs;

Posting of LICE passed JTOs is Historical Landamrk in the History of SNEA Punjab under the dynamic leadership of Com Amarjit Singh CS SNEA Punjab Circle Comrades  with  the consistent efforts of SNEA, Punjab Circle issued Posting Orders of 241  JTO after successful completion of four weeks field Training    for promotion from group group “C” to grade of JTO(T) under 50% quota for the Vacancy year 2013-14   held on 22.05.2016 in Punjab Telecom Circle .

The  promotion and posting of these JTOs was a Hurricane task as some candidates filed Court Case in Honrable Chandigarh  CAT against reservation in promotion and only Soloution was to increase no of vacancies Com Vivek Ahjua and Com Jagtar Singh  CWC  members along with Com Amarjit Singh CS  member made  concerted efforts and done lot of Hard work for settlement of the issue and  for ensuring promotion to these promoted JTOs  initially there was ambiguity  of vacancy calculation SNEA took this case in Agenda meeting held with CGMT Punjab Circle and issue of Vacancy Calculation was settled with the intervention of CHQ then after that SNEA as representative Associations of executives made all out efforts for seat allotment in different training centers  yesterday Com Amarjit Singh held meeting with GM(Admin)Punjab Circle regarding Posting of these JTOs in same SSA as far as Possible and also consider request transfer cases of the JTOs  and today Punjab Circle issued  posting orders with the intervention of Association  .

We extend our heartiest Congratulations to all the JTOs and welcome them in executive fraternity   and the same very thankful to   circle office Administration and our special thanks to CGMT Punjab Sh. S.K Gupta ,Ex-CGMT Punjab Sh.MS Dhillon GM(A)Punjab Circle  and AGM Admin Punjab and all other officers involved in settlement of the issue .

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Sh.MS Dhillon worthy CGMT Punjab Circle retired on Superannuation;

Shri M.S Dhillon , CGM BSNL Punjab Telecom circle , retired on superannuation on 31th March 2017 he served the department for 36 years .He was a very intellectual and daring officers and worked as  CGMT Punjab Circle for last one years .He was officer having Human touch and a quick decision making officer he addressed almost all the HR issues raised by SNEA a representative
Association of Executives from time to time ,some of the major HR issues wee ambiguity in calculation of vacancies in the cadre of JTO and 272 LICE passed JTOs got promoted despite no of court cases on various grounds .


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Sh.MS Dhillon also approved 158 Rule-8 transfer cases with the intervention of Association and orders for Rule-8 transfer orders  were issued except  few circles and  during his tenure Punjab circle also became profit making circle in addition to this he addressed all the request transfer and other HR issues raised by Association from time to time .

West extend best Wishes and Greetings to Shri M.S Dhillon for a happy, prosperous &Healthy retired life.

Shri SK Gupta Ex-CGMT HP Circle has joined as new CGMT Punjab Circle. we wholeheartedly welcome new CGMT Punjab and assure him full cooperation in improving the Telecom services in the circle .

Gist of Meeting with Sh.M.S  Dhillon worthy CGMT Punjab Circle:

Today Com.  Amarjit  Singh Circle Secretary  SNEA held meeting with CGMT Punjab and held discussion with    on the following  HR issue;

1.Immunity from transfer case of Sh.Charnjeeve Lal District Secretary SNEA Patiala:
The case was discussed in detail and worthy  CGMT told that case has been approved orders will be issued.

2.Pending request transfer cases in the Cadre of JTO/JAO/AO/SDE/DEs:
Circle Secretary impressed upon worthy  CGMT Punjab to consider the pending request transfers cases CGMT told that all the pending request orders will be issued in couple of days.

At the end CS thanked worthy CGMT Punjab for his positive gesture