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Project OJAS Launched by CMD BSNL:

Shri. Anupam Shrivastav, CMD BSNL writes DO letter to all Circle Heads for effective implementation of “Project Ojas” elaborating the objective and road map of the project to achieve the Circle wise targets to save expenditure on Electricity.  Letter <<<>>>

  •  The overall target of BSNL throughout India is to save Rs. 45296.91 Lakh of BSNL and Punjab  Circle is having target of Rs.2802.36 Lakh under this Project Ojas.

  •   This DO letter specially underlines the efforts taken by Maharashtra Circle on Energy Conservation front and e-Bass (Electrical Bill Analysis & Scheduling Software), the in-house Software developed by Maharashtra Circle. 

BSNL CO Called option for Posting in Hard Tenure Stations :

AGM Pers II BSNL CO writes Circle Heads calling  for options from SDEs for working at All India hard Tenure Stations and NON Tenure Stations having shortage of SDEs.  Letter <<<>>>

  •         The All India Hard Tenure Stations for which options are being called are A&N, AS, NE-I, NE-II, J&K, NETF, ETR, ETP Circles and Non-Tenure Circles are GUJ & CTD Circles.
  •       The options are not available for SDEs already working in these Circles as well as Bihar, West Bengal, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh Circles, and Soft Tenure Stations at different Circles. 

  •   Options are to be submitted to respective CGMs and last date of submission of options is 15/09/2018.


Glimpse of District Conference Of Jalandhar SSA held on 07.08.2018 detail will be uploaded Shortly:


Meeting with Smt Sujata T Ray, DIR(HR)/BSNL: GS, President, AGS and Jt Sec(C) met DIR(HR) on 09.08.2018 and held discussions on various issues in the presence of GM(Pers), GM(Estt) and GM(SR):


  1. a) Deputing senior officers to DPE to presnt the facts to DPE regarding the clarifications sought by DoT from DPE on approval of Standard Pay scales of E2 and E3 replacing the intermediary pay scales of E1A and E2A w.e.f 01.01.2007 for all the post 2007 rects including the fresh rects: DoT presented wrong informations to DPE on the issue. In order to justify their decision on lowering the pay scales from E1A to E1 and E2A to E2 in the presidential order issued on 28.03.2017, they informed DPE that BSNL wrongly implemented E1A and E2A pay scales after the formation of BSNL to fresh BSNL direct rects. This is illegal. E1A and E2A scales are only a special dispensation for the Executives absorbed from DoT into BSNL to facilitate absorption. We had submitted a copy of the reference made by DOT to DPE for her kind information. Since wrong informations are given by DoT to DPE, BSNL has to strongly present the facts before the DPE so that DPE can take a correct stand. We explained the detailed discussion we had with Advisor/DPE twice on the matter.

GM(Estt) informed about the discussions he had with this Association and opined that the DoT reference is very much negative. BSNL has to present the facts before the DPE. A para-wise response will be made on the subject to present before the DPE. After detailed discussion, DIR(HR) assured that next week, GM(Estt) will meet the concerned officers in DPE for explaining the facts to them.

  1. b) Notification of CPSU Hierarchy w.e.f 01.07.2018: DIR(HR) reiterated that it will be notified w.e.f 01.07.2018 as already announced, it is a BSNL Board decision and it has to be implemented, there is no other options. The issue of financial implications and reservation issue are examined by two committees and the committee report received by DIR today. DIR(HR) sought one week time to go through the report and taking further actions to notify it.  We informed her about the assurance of CMD, BSNL that the moment file reaches him, he will approve its notification.

We further requested to protect the interests of the JTOs and AOs where DPC is initiated before 01.07.2018 for the existing vacancies but could not complete before 01.07.18. They may be given notional promotion from 29.06.2018 along with others to protect their seniority at par with others and the pay fixation benefit if any, we suggested.

  1. c) Bringing Parity and Uniformity in all future promotions: DIR(HR) informed that BSNL management will follow the principle of parity in all the future promotions. As first stage the possibility to bring parity upto 2005 is under examination and will be discussed with CMD. As of now there is no vacancy to promote, except in SDE(T) and CAO cadres. Now management is only focusing on the contempt petition at Ernakulam and Chandigarh and after that only it can concentrate on further promotions. AIEL preparation is stalled by your own friends, then how we can promote JTO to SDE, DIR asked. We explained that the case was filed not by SNEA, it was done by AIGETOA activists and they are only filed the contempt petition also. SNEA all along supported the BSNL stand in the courts. She suggested to ask them to withdraw the case, on which we informed DIR that already we told them several times, which is the easiest way to promote the JTOs. In Chandigarh case also SNEA is not supporting the case and we publically told this and our stand is very clear, reservation should be given in promotions as per the interim order of Hon SC. But some leaders for the sake of their own promotion, forced BSNL to give excess promotions beyond the scope of the interim order of the Hon SC which is to be reexamined. This drama they had played only in SDE to DE promotions because the so called leaders are also getting AGM promotions. Similar stand they did not taken in the case of JTO(T/C/E/Arch/TF) to SDE(T/C/E/Arch/TF) or JAO to AO promotion or SDE(C/E/Arch/TF) to EE(C/E/Arch/TF) promotion. CMD and BSNL management is very much disturbed on the contempt petition, DIR told. BSNL is filing review petition in the Hon HC against the order quashing the method of fixation of inter-se seniority from training centre marks to date of appointment which will unsettle a settled procedure followed by DoT and BSNL. It will expedite the preparation of AIEL, GM(Pers) informed.

On bringing parity by upgradation of posts, DIR(HR) is non committal and informed that upgrdation may not be possible in future but doors are not closed for ever.

  1. d) DE to DGM promotions: We requested to find a solution to the deadlock situation due to the court order on catch up rule. If 600 DGM posts are created which is almost proposed in the HR plan, all the dispute over the catch up rule can be overcome by giving promotions to all. Meanwhile the DPC for all the eligible DEs to be completed and the panel can be made ready, we suggested. DIR(HR) is very positive and told us to give some time as entire management is busy on the contempt petitions.  
  2. e) Circle break for Soft tenure: DIR(HR) informed that the proposal is already in her office. OSD to DIR(HR) told that it reached more than one month back. In fact the proposal has sent by the Pers section by the end of May. DIR(HR) assured that decision will be taken very shortly as per the assurance.

The Decisions taken in the AUAB Meeting held on 02.08.2018:

A meeting of the All Unions and Associations of BSNL (AUAB) was held yesterday, the 02-08-2018, at BSNL MS office. The meeting was presided over by Com.K.Sebastin, GS, SNEA. The meeting as attended by:

BSNLEU: Com.P.Abhimanyu,GS, Com.Balbir Singh, President, Com.Swapan Chakraborty, Dy.GS and Com.Chellappa, AGS.
NFTE: Com.Chandeswar Singh,GS, Com. K.S.Sheshadri, Dy.GS, Com.A.Rajamouli, Treasurer and Com.K.Natarajan, CS,TN.
SNEA: Com.K.Sebastin, GS and Com.A.A.Khan, President.
AIBSNLEA: Com.Prahlad Rai GS and Com.S.Sivakumar, President.
AIGETOA: Com.Ravi Shil Verma,GS, Com. Wasi Ahmed, Dy.GS and Com.Bashisth Gupta, Advisor.
BSNLMS: Com.Suresh Kumar, GS, Com.Mallikarjuna, President.
ATM BSNL: Com.Revti Prasad, AGS.
TEPU: Com.J.Vijayakuamr,Dy.GS.
BSNL OA: Com.H.P.Singh, Dy.GS.

After detailed discussion, the following decisions are taken unanimously.

(1) The meeting unanimously disagreed with the letter written by the GS, FNTO and the GS,SEWA BSNL, to the Secretary DOT and CMD BSNL, withdrawing from the agitation called on by the AUAB, and also informing that their scanned signatures were used in the notice for the agitation, without their consent. Further the meeting suggested that, the GS, FNTO and GS,SEWA BSNL should come to the meeting of AUAB for expressing their views.

(2) The meeting reviewed the demonstration held on 11-07-2018, the three day Relay Hunger Strike held from 24th to 26th July 2018, as well as the meeting held between the AUAB and the Hon’ble MoSC(I/C), on 01-08-2018 and expressed it’s satisfaction. The meeting decided to write to the Secretary DOT, expressing dissatisfaction that, despite efforts were taken by the AUAB, to hold a meeting with her, the Secretary DoT, has not met the AUAB, not even once in the past 5 months. The meeting also decided to seek a meeting with the Secretary DoT immediately, and decided to give call for the next phase of agitation, in case the meeting does not materialise.

(3) The meeting finalised the text of the letter, addressed to the CMD, BSNL, demanding implementation of austerity measures for the top officers of the company.

(4) The meeting finalised the text of the letter, addressed to CMD, BSNL, demanding implementation of 30% Superannuation benefits to the Directly Recruited employees within a time frame. It was also decided that, if no positive result comes, then this demand should be placed in the charter of demands for the next phase of the struggle.

(5) The meeting decided to write letters to the CMD BSNL, against purchasing obsolete and unnecessary equipments, against the indiscreet engagement of retired officers as consultants and against the huge expenditure being incurred for AMCs. The meeting decided to demand a meeting with CMD BSNL on these issues, in the presence of other Directors.

(6) As regards, the decision of the AUAB to launch the movement of ‘BSNL at your door steps, it was decided to suggest to the CMD BSNL, for holding an inaugural function at the Corporate office, Circle and SSA levels, jointly by the Management and the AUAB.

(7) It was decided to write a letter to the CMD BSNL, demanding to immediately arrange a meeting between AUAB and the Secretary DoT.

(8) Next meeting of AUAB will be held at 15:00 hrs. on 23-08-2018 at BSNL MS Office to review the progress on various demands and to decide future course of action.

Circle secretary SNEA Punjab circle writes to CGMT Punjab  for Grant of Special casual leave  to all the circle office bearers,CWC Members,District Secretaries and Circle Executive Committee(CEC)  Members of SNEA Punjab Circle .
The CEC  is Scheduled to be held  on dated 14.08.2018 at 11.00AM the Venue of CEC is Hotel LE BARRON opposite Punjab Agriculture University     Ludhiana
  all the CEC  Members are requested to attend the meeting well in time,lCom AA Khan  CHQ president ,Com K.Sebestian GS SNEA , Com GL Jogi Chairman SNEA and Com Jasvir Singh Joint Secretary North will address the CEC  Meeting

<<<Click Here to View Notice>>> 

<<<Click here to View Sanction Letter for  Special Casual Leave  for attending CEC Meeting>>>

AGM Pers II BSNL CO New Delhi calls for stay particulars of SDEs/DE for posting substitute for considering requests from SDEs/DEs on completion of two years Hard Tenure at All India Hard tenure Stations:

 View Letter <<<>>>

  1. Stay Particulars of only 25 SDEs and 25 DEs, who are having longest stay in the Circle is to be sent to Personal Cell BSNL CO.
  2. The data is called only from male candidates with age less than 55 years as on 31/03/2019 and not 2018.
  3. The data of female candidates is to be excluded from the list because as the transfer policy posting to tenure stations for female executives in optional.
  4. Stay is to be counted from entry in JTO Cadre by the said executive.
  5. The data of working period at tenure/Soft tenure if any is to be included in the report.
  6. These names will be used for posting substitute to all India Soft Tenure Stations.
  7. The last date for submission of long stay list by Circles is 03/08/2018


The BSNL Board decision for Parity and Uniform Functional promotion avenues in all the streams is to reach its logical conclusion. One of impossible tasks made possible by the excellent team work by BSNL management and the Association. 10,676 Executives promoted in a month, the first direct impact of CPSU Hierarchy which given the management the flexibility to upgrade posts. Another 18,500 Executives are waiting for promotion to different grades.
It was really impossible or simply we cannot imagine to complete the DPC for all the vacancies in all the cadres in all the streams, except SDE(T) and CAO, within a record time of 10 days and issue the promotion orders for 10,676 Executives on 29.06.2018, one day before the target date of 30.06.2018. It was an excellent team work by BSNL management and the Association to accomplish the uphill task. We demonstrated it earlier on 15.06.2018, by issuing JTO to SDE promotion orders in just one week. This established that BSNL management and the trade unions together can do wonders. This success story is to be replicated in the field units also.
Having said that, the next phase to bring parity and uniformity in the promotional avenues for the Executives of various streams is not an easy task. Management started wavering as in the case of E2 and E3 pay scales and vested interests are playing into the gallery for obvious reasons. It is our sole responsibility as the Recognised Executives Association to ensure that the demand for parity in promotion is not a onetime measure and not chocking the promotional avenue for the Executives in future. We want to make it very clear to the BSNL management and to our members that promotion is possible in the future only by delinking the promotions from availability of posts.
The classic example of standard pay scale proposal is infront of us. When we raised the limited demand of E2 and E3 scales replacing the intermediary pay scale of E1A and E2A, vested interests tried to sabotage it by raising the demand of cascading effect. Management also played its role in this regard. Ultimately even E2 and E3 scales not settled so far, leave the cascading effect and upgradation of other scales. If E2 and E3 scales had settled earlier, now we could have tried for the upgradation of remaining scales along with the 3rdPRC.
Our demand for parity and uniformity in promotions should not become a non starter because it will end the future career growth of our Executives. The HR plan is to be finalised sooner or later, which will take away the existing promotional avenues. When the total number of sanctioned post is reviewed based on the actual assets, the total number of posts will be drastically reduced. Today the sanctioned post is based on the assets during the year 2004. Even the recent promotions may become excess and there will be supernumerary SDE/AO/DE/EEs also in the near future. The HR plan and review of posts based on the current assets is stopped by us for the last 4 years, since 2014, pending finalization of Uniform Time Bound Functional Promotion policy.
SNEA had shown the courage to demand parity in all the promotions in equivalent cadres. Naturally some section of Executives as well as the management becomes suspicious as they felt that it is against their interest. But our genuine demand was for equal treatment, no more discrimination and humiliation. It is not a mere demand, we meant business. SNEA will wholeheartedly welcome any initiative by management to give more promotions, without discrimination. We earnestly request the management to take immediate steps to bring parity in promotions by whatever the method it deems fit.
The Uniform Time Bound Functional Promotion policy is to be implemented w.e.f 01.07.2018 for the rest of the Executives to get promotion to Manager, Sr Manager, AGM and Jt DGM grades and for ensuring continuous promotional avenues in the future also. In the absence of the new Uniform Time Bound Functional Promotion policy, the Executives cannot imagine a promotion in the near future.
Management is not coming out openly, what they are going to do. It seems that they are very much happy with the promotions already taken place. As usual, some vested interests also supporting this behind the curtains. We cannot wait for long. Our demand for parity and uniform promotional avenues for all the Executives in different streams and to give promotion to all the eligible Executives, numbering about 18,500 to Manager, Sr Manger, AGM and Jt DGM grades is to be materialized without anymore delay. We have to make all organizational preparedness to launch organizational programs at short notice, latest by middle of August if management fails to maintain its assurances given to us time and again. The proposal for up gradation of posts and notification of Uniform Time Bound Functional Promotion policy is the two issues which we cannot wait for long time. Let us gear up for achieving that goal.

Status of promotions;

On JTO to SDE promotion, Pers section almost completed the calculation of SDE vacancies upto 31.03.2018 and the SC/ST roster as on 01.01.2016, 01.01.2017 and 01.01.2018. As per the Pers section, the SDE vacancy is about 4929 under SCF quota and 2627 under LDCE quota as on 30.06.2018 (subject to minor changes).

The gradation list particulars sought by BSNLCO based on date of appointment/promotion as per Hon Ernakulam HC order, received from good number of Circles and management is examining both the gradation lists based on training Centre marks and date of appointment. The lists are called from the Circles to study the impact and produce before the court along with the appeal. The AIEL published by BSNL for 2001 rect based on training Centre marks was quashed by the Hon HC. So a final decision to appeal against the order or to implement the same will be decided shortly based on the data received from Circles. 
The promotion is getting delayed only due to the Ernakulam HC order quashing the method of fixation of inter-se seniority among direct rects based on training Centre marks. AIGETOA and its activists prayed for 1) 1:1 ratio between promotes and DRs from 1995 rect year onwards which was turned down by the Hon HC and 2) date of joining  as the criteria to decide the inter-se seniority but Hon HC ordered date of appointment. If BSNL decides to appeal, then promotion will be delayed. If it is implemented it may be challenged by many as their seniority will be affected, then also promotion will be delayed, this is the situation we reached.
After spending 8 years in the court, losing everything and sacrificing the future of thousands of JTOs, now AIGETOA leaders are agreeable for training Centre marks, according to the management. In that case the best option will be to file the appeal simultaneously by both BSNL and AIGETOA with the same prayer to restore the training Centre marks as the criteria which will save much time. The present Circle gradation lists can be operated without any change also for the preparation of AIEL. Let better sense prevail.

According to our rough calculation more than 18,500 Executives are now eligible for promotion to the grade of Manager (SDE), Sr Manager (SR SDE), AGM or Jt DGM grades. AO to CAO promotion case is posted to 07.09.18 but mgt is trying to prepone the same. The demand for parity and uniformity in promotions by upgradation of posts for promotion to AGM/CAO/EE equivalent cadres and SDE equivalent cadres in different wings is not considered by the management so far even though they agreed for parity. At the same time notification of Uniform Time Bound Promotion Policy w.e.f 01.07.2018 also not did so far, irrespective of several assurances. By this the promotions in the future will become a nightmare for the BSNL Executives. We are pursuing both issues at the highest level of DIR(HR) and CMD/BSNL. Both are given us positive assurances but result is not visible so far. The contempt cases at both Ernakulam and Chandigarh also delaying the decisions.

If management is not taking a decision in a time bound manner for bringing parity and uniformity in promotions, we may be forced to launch organizational actions along with other pressing HR issues in the near future and we have to make organizational preparations for that at the ground level. CSs, SSA Secretaries and Branch Secretaries start to work in that direction. It will be a tough decision in the prevailing condition of BSNL but we cannot ignore our career growth also.